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The So-Called Rules of the Palace

“SiSi, I know that you are a kind woman who considers the bigger picture. However, this is the royal palace. It is not a place where a shrew in the marketplace can behave atrociously. I am the Senior Concubine so I definitely need to enforce the laws and handle according to the rules of the palace. Otherwise, one day, wouldn’t she be climbing onto my head!”

Senior Concubine Lin’s harsh voice sounded and arrogantly cast a side glance at Qian DuoDuo, opening her mouth: “Qian DuoDuo, you come over here!”

Qian DuoDuo looked over and how did she not know that this Senior Concubine Lin was standing by her son and Zhu SiSi’s side to display her strength.

However, it’s just that one took on the role of being the better person and the other, the opposite.

The difference in space-time she had just encountered had already passed right now. The entire person became indifferent and she walked over to Senior Concubine Lin, slightly paying her respects to her but she stared at her fearlessly.

“Salutations to the Senior Concubine Lin.”

“Hm, Qian DuoDuo, I am going to ask you. I heard that you, someone of a lower status had offended one of higher status – Imperial Concubine Hui and then before you had placed your hands on the young miss of the prime minister, Zhu SiSi. Was there actually this event?”

“Yes…” Qian DuoDuo directly answered then smiled weirdly, continuing to say: “So what?”

“What do you mean so what?!” Senior Concubine Lin’s voice obviously turned much more serious now: “You don’t place your seniors into your eyes and ignored the palace rules. You also offended your superiors and now you still aren’t changing yourself despite the repeated abomination. You dared to openly provoke me. You have such bravery ah!”

Qian DuoDuo saw as Senior Concubine Lin’s attitude was unyielding and didn’t even ask anything about her before placing these crimes all on her head which led her to despise her. She had even more confidence now.

“The words that Senior Concubine Lin had said really made me baffled. If you were to talk about offending your superiors then I want to ask Imperial Concubine Hui. Imperial Concubine Yun and you are both Imperial Concubines so you guys are at the same level. Who gave you the permission to be able to publicly humiliate her and slap her? This event is because Imperial Concubine Yun wasn’t going to argue with you that it flipped over a page. If this situation went to the Emperor’s ears, do you think you could be considered as offending your superiors?”

Imperial Concubine Hui had no idea that Qian DuoDuo would’ve mentioned this. At that moment, she was startled.

“And before Senior Concubine Lin had mentioned about the rules in the palace. Well, I want to ask which one of the palace’s rules allowed for the young miss of the prime minister to seduce my husband, the third Wangye? You guys look. Right now, our young miss Zhu is still delicately leaning on my husband’s chest. While I, being the third WangFei, was just protecting my family and my own husband. This had became not changing myself despite repeated abomination?”

The words that Qian DuoDuo exclaimed were full of mockery. When she mentioned her husband, she felt disgusted within her heart. However, in order to return herself justice, she still clenched her teeth while saying more.

Well, on the other hand, Zhu SiSi’s originally proud face had turned dark a lot all of a sudden. The title of the third WangFei was stolen, this was her heart’s pain forever!

This woman still dared to talk big about her seducing the third Wangye?

She clenched her teeth, glaring at Qian DuoDuo but wasn’t able to say anything. She lowered her head, pushing at Long YuTian’s chest as though suffering from grievances.

Long YuTian lowered his head to look at Zhu SiSi’s pitiful look and how the bottom of her eyes revealed a sense of complaint and anger. He knew in his heart that it was him who betrayed her which led him to not to want to let her go, even more, pulling her against his embrace.

Qian DuoDuo who stood to the side watched this, detached. An unknown part of her heart had slowly shattered.

“Qian DuoDuo, don’t think that just because you have a lot of fallacious reasoning and know how to talk that I will let you go. Today, I will properly discipline you and let you know what is seniors and juniors!”

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