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Senior Concubine Lin Arrives

She looked clearly at the man in front of her, the violet robe, the gold headband, and the surrounding carvings on the pillar with many beautiful women on it.

Qian DuoDuo then had violently snapped out of her trance. As it turned out she was at the royal palace within the Shen Cheng Country.

As it turned out, the person she was provoking was the third Wangye in the royal court ‘Long YuTian…’ not the boyfriend that would her pamper her endlessly in Shanghai.

“Just what happened over here?” A woman’s voice floated from behind everyone’s back.

They all turned around to see Senior Concubine Lin arriving under the maids’ escort with gorgeous clothes on.

“Salutations to the mother concubine!”

“Salutations to Senior Concubine Lin!”

Everyone saluted toward her.

“Hm…” Senior Concubine Lin faintly responded and the almond eyes swept through everyone then placed the final gaze on Qian DuoDuo’s body: “I heard that someone was stirring up trouble in the royal garden so I specially came over to see this. You guys say, what happened?”

Long YiTian had no idea that this would’ve startled his mother concubine. Actually, from the start, he had noticed Zhu SiSi who was within his third brother’s embrace who held a battered look. He knew it must be because she had gotten into a fight with Qian DuoDuo.

Mother concubine wasn’t satisfied with this daughter-in-law and plus she had been pulling the prime minister over to her side so she naturally would be helping Zhu SiSi. Now due to this, wouldn’t Qian DuoDuo be in a dangerous position now?

Long YiTian hurriedly stood in front of Qian DuoDuo, protecting her. He tried explaining to Senior Concubine Lin: “Mother concubine, you are misunderstanding this. Third brother and I are both here. Who dared to stir up trouble ah? Well look right now, we are getting ready to attend the palace banquet.”

As he exclaimed this, Long YiTian pulled on Qian DuoDuo’s arm and got ready to run away with her first.

However, when Senior Concubine Lin came over this time, she came fully prepared. Especially the Imperial Concubine Hui who was by her side, how could she easily let her go when she randomly had suffered from Qian DuoDuo’s insult and shame?

From the corner of her eyes, she stared at Qian DuoDuo, tugging at the corner of her lips: “Sister Senior Concubine, the person I was talking to you about who had insulted this sister is the woman by the fourth Wangye’s side. You look, she had stirred up trouble in the entire royal garden to the point where chickens were flying and dogs were hopping around. She is basically ignoring your dignity here. Oh, right. You look at young miss Zhu…”

When Imperial Concubine Hui talked about herself, she hadn’t forgotten to involve Zhu SiSi as well to pull out another ally.

Senior Concubine Lin had followed her gaze over to Zhu SiSi based on her words to notice that her hairs were now scattered apart from the chasing and she weakly leaned against Long YuTian’s shoulder. She was wiping her tears whilst still crying. The corner of her lips was swollen making it easily known that someone had touched her.

“SiSi, what happened to your face? Tell me who bullied you. I will definitely bring justice back to you!”

Senior Concubine Lin’s expression turned a little serious and harsh. Whilst she stated this, she hadn’t forgotten to glance at Qian DuoDuo.

Her own son doesn’t like her and plus add onto that Qian Yun Er had stolen the Emperor’s favor from her, Senior Concubine Lin naturally won’t place the ‘daughter-in-law’ in her eyes. From the start, she had been pinpointing against her.

“Senior Concubine, please calm down. SiSi is very good and hadn’t suffered from any grievances. All affairs will prosper only when the family is in harmony. Please don’t look into this anymore.”

Zhu SiSi bent her body and the more Senior Concubine Lin wanted to support her, the more she needed to act like the perfect wife who was taking the bigger picture into consideration in front of Long YuTian’s face.

She wanted to pull everyone’s heart within the royal family to her side. Therefore, when she is married into the WangFu, wouldn’ it be an easy thing to go against Qian DuoDuo?

Just as expected, Long YiTian gave a grateful smile towards Zhu SiSi and got ready to leave with Qian DuoDuo.

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