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To Shield One’s Shortcoming

Qian DuoDuo nodded her head: “I know, isn’t it Imperial Concubine Hui? I heard everything behind the rock garden. Her father is an important general and her sister is Long YuTian’s mother.”

“Then you are still helping me hit her?” Qian Yun Er felt unbelievable.

Qian DuoDuo turned her head around to look at her and noticed the look that she was giving to herself was strange as though she was from a fantasy story. She couldn’t help but laugh: “I don’t care who she is ah. If they dared to bully anyone from family Qian then that is unacceptable…At home, however, we want to stir up trouble and bite each other to the point our heads are bleeding, it’s still our own business when the doors are closed. Outside, could it be that I would be clapping and standing in front of others to help them bully you as well?”

No matter if it was Qian Yun Er or Qian Hao Han or even the second lady, wanting to hit or insult them were based on Qian DuoDuo’s words. If other people wanted to touch them, they first needed to ask if she agreed with it. She was someone who would shield a person’s shortcoming.

Qian DuoDuo’s words led Imperial Concubine Yun to feel ashamed at that moment but due to her pride for her faces, she still held a high position and a look of proudness: “You helped me this time but I won’t be grateful to you.”

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes at Qian Yun Er and noticed that this woman was really not cute. Although she was wild herself, sometimes she still knew to throw a tantrum and cling to someone influential. Unlike her who still tried to act cool after she suffered. However, a glimpse of warmness from the bottom of Qian Yun Er’s eyes was still detected by Qian DuoDuo.

Qian DuoDuo wasn’t someone who had nothing to do and wanted to find something to disgust herself so she pursed her lips, the words said out loud not any better than hers: “You better not be grateful to me…Otherwise, the next time I see you at the Qian’s manor, I will be embarrassed to bully you…”

Qian Yun Er clenched her teeth at Qian DuoDuo, humphing: “Stop trying to improve your glip talk. You need to quickly run otherwise when Imperial Concubine Hui comes here, you will be taught a lesson!”

“She dares to! I will beat her up till the point even her father doesn’t recognize her!” Qian DuoDuo rolled her sleeves up and her posture was quite rough and unruly.

‘Pu—-‘ Qian Yun Er chuckled. She helplessly shook her head: “Just your attitude of not knowing what your skills level is actually at, if you actually come into the palace in the future, you will end up dying here sooner or later…”

From young to now, Qian Yun Er couldn’t say how much she despised this sister. It’s just that she was pampered and spoiled from childhood so it couldn’t be helped that her eyes were above her head. Towards Qian DuoDuo, she treated her as though treating a maid.

Ever since she saw Qian DuoDuo’s shocking transformation, especially when she heard that she drove all the mistresses away from the Qian’s manor, she wondered often about what to do with her enmity with her?

Who knew she and Qian DuoDuo would actually be witnessing a scene where they forgot about former enmity.

Qian Yun Er stared at Qian DuoDuo’s side face then noticed the her now, was actually quite beautiful.

She was different in many ways, gorgeous and quick-witted, containing an inherent emotion where she was afraid of nothing which does not slightly lose to a young and vigorous man.

No wonder Cheng Wang who usually had his eyes above his head would think so highly of her.

The two people walked shoulder to shoulder together and unconsciously towards the pavilion.

A group of sweet and delicately pretty young misses crowded around in groups of threes and fives. They were reciting poems and making art, having a relaxing time.

Of them, there was a woman wearing yellow clothes that caught people’s attention. She sat properly in front of the pavilion and the fingers fiddled with the strings of a musical instrument. A melodious famous zither song called《High Mountains and Flowing  Water 》was slowly finished playing which led the surrounding people to clap.

“Young lady Zhu was definitely worth the title as the first talented lady of the capital city ah. This ‘High Mountains and Flowing Water’ was basically brought to the point of perfection.” A young lady by the side had admiringly exclaimed.

T/N: There is no chapter 129 within the raws as it was just introducing new books the author is recommending. Chapter 129 is not skipped. 

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