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You, Wait for It!

They turned their heads side way to glance at Qian DuoDuo. She held a straight posture and under the bright sunlight, she stood to the side of Imperial Concubine Hui. The arrogant look, even the corner of her eyes hadn’t even glanced at her at all.

The black hairs on the bluish green skirt and there was only a top-notch fine jade from the sheep’s fat hanging from the belt of her waist. She was proud and indifferent but beautifully unique.

“You…You dared to hit me?!”

Imperial Concubine was confident that since she had an unordinary background and also the support of the Senior Concubine Lin, even without the Emperor’s favor, she would be able to still walk horizontally as she wished to. Even the Empress had to give her some faces. Don’t mention about being slapped. Even one strand of her hair was not touched by anyone before.

Now, she was violently slapped a couple times by a woman whom she had never heard of in front of a group of maids’ faces. Besides being stunned, the gorgeous face revealed a tint of anger.

“How would I dare to hit Imperial Concubine Hui ah?” Qian DuoDuo acted as though she had no idea what just happened. Her eyes cast over towards the group of maids who were flabbergasted and smiling: “I am teaching Imperial Concubine Hui how to slap people. See, the angle at which I am slapping it was right at the point. The strength on the wrist must be big and when the slap goes out, it has to be quick too. Plus, along with it, it must have a clear and crisp sound. Like that, your hand won’t hurt. Do you understand?”

“You…You’re a maid who should be dead right now. I will definitely tear your body limbs apart with five horses and also kill off all your relatives!” Imperial Concubine Hui was infuriated to the point where she was not able to link her words together. The skinny arm which looked as though there were no bones were now pointing towards Qian DuoDuo, shaking nonstop.

Qian DuoDuo coldly laughed. She watched as a couple of maids helped the Imperial Concubine Hui up from the ground and looked down towards her as though she was the higher one up. She was calm and composed, more like a queen: “Imperial Concubine Hui, I am doing this for your own good. Today is the Emperor’s birthday. Different countries will be coming over to congratulate and there have been huge groups of young misses coming over to the royal garden. If they had seen you shouting cuss words as though a fishwife and privately set about to insult an Imperial Concubine, who do you think will have their body limbs torn apart by the 5 horses when it comes to the point where the Emperor’s face is lost and ultimately the whole Shen Cheng Country?”

“Plus, I forgot to tell you. Before you want to kill off all the relatives, you first need to make sure you know my status. I – Qian DuoDuo, under any circumstances, don’t hide my name. I am also the WangFei of the third Wangye today. If you want to kill off my relatives, then don’t you first need to chop off your own head?”

The words that Qian DuoDuo had said gave Imperial Concubine Hui quite a shock. What a glib tongue she has. She was refuted to the point she was unable to say even one word.

Calming down and thinking of the situation, if this was really brought to the attention of the Emperor, she will definitely not be in a good spot.

But what led her to be even more surprised was Qian DuoDuo’s status. Who knew that this woman in front of her who was overbearing and stood up for Imperial Concubine Yun was actually the daughter-in-law of Senior Concubine Lin?

This time, she was blinded to the point she decided to step on her mother-in-law’s head!

Imperial Concubine Hui clenched her teeth: “Qian DuoDuo, you wait for me. Later on, I will definitely teach you a lesson!”

As she said this, Imperial Concubine Hui left the garden with a group of maids, angrily.

After Qian DuoDuo waited for them to walk off, she then let out a sigh of relief. She turned around to stare at Qian Yun Er’s half swollen face, opening her mouth: “You – this woman is quite useless. At home when plotting against me, you bare your fangs and brandish claws but you are within the harem you begin to let them bully you as they want? She is hitting you so you don’t know how to hit her back ah? You are really losing faces!”

Although the tone was reprimanding, within the words, it revealed her care towards Qian Yun Er.

Qian DuoDuo’s attitude towards her was as different as it could be from what she thought it would be. She covered her mouth and inquired, indistinct: “Do you know who you were just hitting?”

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