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Zhu SiSi’s Scheme

“Right ah, right ah. If I have to say, this year’s title of the talented lady will once again become young lady Zhu’s possession in her pocket. We will be congratulating young lady Zhu first here now.”

The other also followed the footsteps in sweet-talking and gave a look. The daughters of the officials by the side all respectfully bowed.

For the Emperor’s birthday, Zhu SiSi had placed a lot of thoughts into it and even the strings of the zither were all personally chosen by her. It was all chosen from the tails of a Ferghana horse and created from the thickest and longest hair.

When playing the zither, it sounded like the chirping of a bird, clear and pleasant to the ears.

If this time, she was able to gain the favor of the Emperor as she wished to, plus let the other countries see her talent, she will definitely let herself become the third WangFei properly.

When the time comes, no matter how much Qian DuoDuo disliked it, she could only retreat without any other choice.

But, before that, she needed to push the waves and add to the billows.

Zhu SiSi stood and opened her mouth, weakly: “Sisters, you guys are praising me too much. Don’t you guys all have an outstanding talent? It’s just that you guys normally are letting this sister. Plus, this year is not the same as the former years. Each country’s princess will be coming to our country to congratulate the Emperor so naturally there are numerous masters as though the number of trees in a forest. Not only that, I heard that the third WangFei also came into the palace with the Wanye. I heard that she is also a talented girl.”

“Just her and she dares to compete against you? Sister ah, you have the title of the ‘First Beauty’ within the capital city but she had stolen your status as the WangFei. This sister is outraged by such injustice for you ah. If it was a woman who was educated and well-balanced with an important status, then that is fine. But I heard that Qian DuoDuo was vulgar and no one could bear with her to the point where people even dislike her.” A woman snorted while mocking her.

“Right ah, I even heard that the woman even went to stir up trouble at the Bai Hua Lou a while ago which led the faces of the third WangFu to be lost. This type of a violent woman ah, how can she deserve to be with the third Wangye ah?” The other one exclaimed in a peculiar tone and followed suit in complaining.

These were all young misses from an official’s family and don’t look at how each one of them was educated and well-balanced but when they are together, they enjoyed gossiping. Their mouths were also very poisonous and discussed the right and wrong. Plus it was the age where they will be finding their first awakening of love. They had already placed the couple of Wangyes within the royal family as their lovers in dreams.

But the third Wangye and Zhu SiSi were childhood sweethearts and innocent playmates so slowly, their interest in him fainted away.

Who knew a woman with a petty and low status had appeared out of nowhere and trampled on the third Wangye? How could their hearts be balanced?

Especially since Zhu SiSi’s methods were also considered skillful as she from time to time had roped in some young misses. She had sent gifts and drank tea with them so she had already bought their hearts.

Now whenever she mentioned Qian DuoDuo’s name, she was able to invisibly make her come to the target of multi arrows.

A flash of a sneaky smile went through the bottom of Zhu SiSi’s eyes and the tone included a tint of compromising: “Sisters, please don’t say this. No matter how bad young lady Qian is, she is still Yu’s WangFei…”

“SiSi, who doesn’t know the third Wangye’s feelings towards you? Maybe during this palace banquet, the third Wangye will beg for a decree to divorce his wife. Then, you and the third Wangye will have a glimpse of hope of being together.” Another woman who was slightly older comforted.

These words made Zhu SiSi ecstatic in her heart and she covered her mouth while smiling and blushing: “Sisters just love teasing me for fun. But if I am able to marry into the third WangFu, I will definitely say good things about you in front of the fourth Wangye’s face and help you create some opportunities.”

This lady who was slightly older was the young miss from the daughter of the ministry of revenue who had admired the fourth Wangye for a long time. However, her father was one of little status and couldn’t do much about it so she didn’t have any chance to be closer to the fourth Wangye. Now that she heard Zhu SiSi exclaim this, she immediately inquired excitedly: “Sister, are you saying the truth?”

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