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Zhu SiSi’s Probing

“Hm…” Long YuTian furrowed his eyebrows and just nodded his head, kissing Zhu SiSi’s forehead.

Zhu SiSi paid attention each and every one of Long YuTian’s detailed expression. In the past, when she mentioned Qian DuoDuo, he held a face of disdain. But today, he held a heavy face on.

Ever since Qian DuoDuo married into the third WangFu, she and Long YuTian had only met twice a month. Although he was still as nice as he was to her in the past, invisibly, Zhu SiSi felt that between his eyebrows, he seemed to be feeling tangled…

That type of feeling of tangle, could it be for Qian DuoDuo?

Zhu SiSi bit her lips and carefully probed: “Yu, recently for a while, I have been thinking. I love you not for your wealth or status, not because you are able to give me the title of a WangFei or the entire world. I just love you for yourself, without any other motives. Therefore, I don’t care that I am not able to be your WangFei. Even if it’s the status of a mistress or even a maid, as long as I can stay by your side, I will be satisfied. Yu, do you understand my heart?”

Long YuTian watched as Zhu SiSi revealed an expression of accepting a compromise and couldn’t bear with it in her heart even more. Even his tone became warm and gentle: “Silly, how can I bear to let you be a mistress or a maid? This Wang had promised to give you the best so I will do so…It’s just that SiSi, Qian DuoDuo is naturally crafty and arrogant and really hard to get along with. In the future when you move into the third WangFu, you have to bear with her and not argue with her. If she bullied you, tell this Wang. This Wang will give you justice, okay?”

Once Zhu SiSi heard Long YuTian’s promise, her heart felt more at peace. She buried herself in his arms and nodded her head, obediently: “Yu, I will always listen to you…”

Long YuTian let out a sigh of relief. What a great woman who is knowledgeable and knows the reasoning. She is also good looking and intelligent. In the future, she will definitely be able to be the mother of the world.

However, when he mentioned Qian DuoDuo, he couldn’t help to have a headache. Even the title of Zheng Fei [1] wasn’t able to keep her so why would she appreciate the position of a Ce Fei? [2]

However…Qian DuoDuo was his woman. This was the truth that can’t be denied. She wanted him to divorce her so that she can visit the world, go dream then!

Zhu SiSi felt Long YuTian’s slight sigh and her expression changed within his arms. The anxiousness at the bottom of her eyes flashed over. She weakly opened her mouth: “However, like this, would sister Duo Er feel wronged? If she doesn’t feel like it, I can become the Ce Fei to serve her.”

“No, you don’t need to worry. Qian DuoDuo already agreed with this Wang and wanted to give up the title of the Zheng Fei herself so that I can marry you…” As he said up to here, Long YuTian thought back to the frequent times that Qian DuoDuo had mentioned about divorcing. If she really took the crown of ‘the first talented girl’ then would she ask father Emperor about divorcing him within the faces of the civil and military officials?

Long YuTian couldn’t help to shake and hurriedly looked towards Zhu SiSi: “SiSi, father Emperor’s birthday this year is not like the past ones. Each country’s ambassadors will be here and you need to work hard for this Wang and take the first place. Do you understand?”

Zhu SiSi heard this and nodded her head quickly.

She didn’t need Long YuTian to say this since she would use any methods she could to win the crown anyway. This time, she will definitely not lose to Qian DuoDuo. She needed to let that woman know that she – Zhu SiSi is the only woman who is worthy of Long YuTian!

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

While Long YuTian and Zhu SiSi were having their own thoughts there, those ladies and young misses from official’s family were all brought into the royal palace’s royal garden to enjoy the view and flowers.


Zheng Fei [1] – Part of the rankings of women in the Chinese imperial harem where Zheng Fei is higher in position than Ce Fei.

Ce Fei [2] – Part of the rankings of women in the Chinese imperial harem where Zheng Fei is lower in position than Ce Fei. This means that the Cei Fei has to salute to the Zheng Fei since her status higher within the system.

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