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Mu Wan went for an X-ray scan, and the result was that the glass did not pierce her heart or injure her internally, merely surface injury. But because she was injured in such a dangerous place, she had to be hospitalized for observation.

Liu Qianxiu handled the wound for her, said what to pay attention to, and then went to treat other patients. Mu Wan was sent to the surgical inpatient department by the nurse, and Lin Wei went to the ward with her.

Yesterday it was Mu Wan who sat beside the patient's bed. Now it was Lin Wei who sat beside her bed.

As soon as Lin Wei sat down, her legs folded, and her eyes sharply looked at Mu Wan, she said, “Do you know Taoist Priest Liu from somewhere?”

Mu Wan leaned on the bedplate, the wound had been treated with anesthetics, so there was no pain, but a little itchy. She moved her shoulders and said, “If I knew him, could I not tell you?”

Lin Wei still believed in her, but when she remembered Liu Qianxiu’s usually indifference and how he praised for the beauty of her birthmark, Lin Wei still felt it was incredible. She reached out and touched her chin and asked, “Did you forget it?”

Mu Wan said, “Is Taoist Priest Liu the kind of face that is easily forgotten?”

No, Lin Wei can remember him for a lifetime just from the first time she met him.

“Then he just likes you.” Lin Wei rounded up in conclusion, “Taoist Priest Liu is only interested in what he likes. He praised you for your good looking birthmark.”

Regarding Lin Wei's blind analysis, Mu Wan did not think it was so. She recalled vividly Liu Qianxiu’s deep and clear eyes in her mind and said, “How can cultivators be moved so easily? Maybe bamboo-leaf birthmarks are rare, or maybe they are of special significance to Taoists. Taoists sometimes are very mysterious.”

Compared with her analysis, Mu Wan's analysis seems more convincing. Lin Wei looked up at Mu Wan. Her face had gradually recovered, not as pale as she had seen her in the bathroom this morning. She lives by herself and can only calls her in case of an emergency. Fortunately, she didn’t injure her vital organs this time. Otherwise, even if the ambulance arrived early, it might be too late.

Lin Wei was a little scared at this thought. She leaned back and said, “But when I did the hospitalization procedure for you, the little nurse said it was the first time she ever saw saw Dr. Liu praise someone, she said that you were special. Look at how you just met him yesterday and went to the emergency room today and it was him who treated you. You two have a good relationship. A doctor’s income is good. It’s about the same as your 18-Line actress. You two are very talented and well matched."

Mu Wan listened to Lin Wei’s analysis. Her legs always felt uncomfortable on rainy days. She put one leg on the bed and said, “You’ll come up with our children’s names in a moment.”

Mu Wan was joking, with a weak tone and lack of interest. Lin Wei sighed in her heart and said, “don't tell me that you are going to spend your whole life alone?”

Lin Wei and Mu Wan were high school friends. Lin Wei moved for her college entrance examination. She studied in Summer City in high school and had a class with Mu Wan. Mu Wan was beautiful, and the boys who chased could fill a long line. But Mu Wan had never been in love when she graduated from high school.

After entering the university, she moved out of the Mu family, and she was busy filming all day to earn tuition and living expenses, without talking about it. She had never seen her father, and the Mu family treated her as an outsider. In fact, since the year when her mother died, Mu Wan had already been living alone.

“It depends.” Mu Wan lived alone and had plenty of free time to think about life. As such, she had her own standards on life. “A person can live comfortably alone. If there are people who make me live more comfortably, I would be willing to live with him.”

“Then Taoist Priest Liu is not bad ah.” Lin Wei saw a glimmer of hope.

When Mu Wan saw this, she asked, “Are you afraid that I will stick to you when I feel lonely, so you just want to push me out?”

“Have you ever felt lonely?” Lin Wei asked, scratched her head after asking, her eyes were a bit dark, and said, “You really should have tried it with someone, or have a cat, then you will know if you are not afraid of loneliness, just because you are used to being alone.”

Mu Wan knew that Lin Wei was worried about her, but she didn’t want to be so depressed about her life. She turned the topic aside and asked, “Do you have any clothes to wear?”

Looking at Mu Wan in her sick clothes, Lin Wei had not yet stepped out of her moody thoughts and asked, “Why?”

“I have a dinner party tonight. I can’t get out in this dress.” Mu Wan said.

Lin Wei’s face turned dark: “Do you want to die?”

"It’s okay, I took a chest X-ray; it's just a skin injury.” Mu Wan said, “The last time there was the one at the restaurant, I can't miss it this time.”

“Then you tell your agent you are in the emergency room today and almost died. You can't go.” Lin Wei said.

“No, I received a notice this week. How can I repay my mortgage without filming?” Mu Wan said.

Lin Wei: “…”

Mu Wan did not wear Linwei’s clothes. She went home wearing only her clothes, and then changed into a red cotton dress. The dress was loose so it would not stick to the wound. She was just administered the anaesthetic for the night. Her left shoulder was useless and she was powerless.

Miyu was sent by Li Nan. As the most popular artist under his command, Li Nan followed Miyu’s journey almost all the way. She was thirty years old and well-maintained, but one can see some age due to wearing too much makeup and staying up late to shoot movies all the year round. But the star can see that Mu Wan is not the same age and is only twenty-six years old. She was very beautiful.

Seeing the two coming, Mu Wan greeted hello and said, “Sister Yu, Big boss.”

Miyu wore sunglasses. She had a certain popularity and thus needed a little camouflage when she comes out. Hearing Mu Wan’s greeting, her eyes swept over her, and her expression could not be seen under dark glasses.

Li Nan found something wrong with Mu Wan’s left arm and asked, “What’s wrong with your arm?”

“A little hurt.” Mu Wan answered.

“Ok.” Li Nan’s tone was flat. He looked at Miyu and said to Mu Wan, “Miyu has a play to shoot tonight. Zhang Dao likes to drink. Later, you can offer him a few more drinks at the dinner table.”

Mu Wan has participated in this scene before, and she can drink a lot. It’s no problem to offer a few rounds of wine. Some of the company’s resources were recommended by Miyu after her auditions after all.

“OK, I see.” Mu Wan said.  

After speaking, the elevator arrived, Miyu took the lead in climbing up the elevator. Mu Wan followed up, the elevator door closed, and the two were silent all the way.

Miyu is the company’s most popular artist, but also her predecessor. She did not have a good temper and was a little arrogant, and did not have good contact with the other artists of the company.

When she signed in for Xinzhou Entertainment, Miyu had already been there. At that time, Miyu was in the limelight, but Mu Wan still felt her hostility towards her.

This is the case in entertainment circles, where actors, young and good-looking, succeed in 90% of the time. But Mu Wan was in the other 10 percent of that. She was not ambitious. Gradually, Miyu realized that and her hostility diminished.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, they were picked up by someone. Qingsongxuan was very big. It was decorated with Chinese style. Screen landscape painting, red lanterns hanging high. Qingsongxuan was divided into four areas and in the center was a pond. There was a pavilion on the pond with four bridges connecting it to the four districts. The environment was very elegant.

Director Zhang was in the North area, and Mu Wan followed Miyu behind the waiter in the Chinese costume and to the pavilion into the corridor of the North District.

Before turning into the North District, Mu Wan raised her eyes and swept the area, seeing a tall, straight back flashing through the corners of her eyes. She stopped unconsciously and took a closer look. The corridor on the east side was quiet and empty.

Mu Wan has been to Qingsongxuan several times, and knows that the East District is only open to VIP customers, and even rich people may not be able to go, but she just thought that figure reminded her of Liu Qianxiu.

She knows his back well. Last time when she imitated a cat and meowed the left, she saw it in the rearview mirror.

But it must be a mistake. How could Liu Qianxiu come to eat in such a place?

When they arrived at the area, it was already full house. As soon as Mi Yu entered the door, her originally taut face transformed into a blossoming flower.

Zhang Chengze was a second-rate TV drama director that Miyu had worked with him before. The Drama he is preparing this time is said to have Chen Family Entertainment's investment. It’s a solid project. Miyu came for the first female lead.

There are around twenty actors in this room. Everyone wassitting at a big table. Mu Wan glanced at them. Miyu can be considered the best grade actress of this group.

Mu Wan did not have any grade as an actress, but she sat down beside her to toast Miyu. As soon as she arrived, she first offered three glasses to the director.

After drinking, the venue became hot and busy, Mu Wan’s arms ached, her appetite was small, and she only ate two bites of food. Then she heard Director Zhang  coldly snort and scolding, “What’s great about Chen Family Entertainment? Without its investment, I can’t make a film?”

Some filmmakers and part-time workers were in harmony, and Mu Wan noticed that Miyu’s face had changed. Chen Family Entertainment, as the largest entertainment company in the entertainment industry, is top-notch in both artists and investment. Without it, investment films can indeed be made, but the quality of the films will be greatly reduced.

"Chen family just relies on the Liu family. Without Liu family, they were nothing.” A supervisor next to him said a word after toasting to Director Zhang with a glass of wine.

The venue was very big. Zhang Chengze is the leader of the circle, Miyu has a group of actresses in her circle, and there are also some crew members forming their own circle.

After helping Miyu salute Director Zhang with a few more drinks, Miyu went to answer her cell phone. Mu Wan leaned on his chair and heard the voices of several actresses who were still gossiping about Shen family.

“The Chen family merely relies on the Liu family. The   Chen Yu’s older maternal cousin, Liu Qingyuan, the eldest son of the Liu family, wields power in the Liu Family Corporation. However, Liu family's industry is very large, and there have companies all over the world. Liu family's domestic company is just one of them. And in charge of all the companies of the Liu family is the head of the Liu family, the second young master of the Liu family, Liu Qianxiu."

Hearing the name “Liu Qianxiu”, Mu Wan concentrates her subconsciously and looks back at the short-haired actress beside her.

"Liu Qianxiu and Liu Qingyuan have the same father but not the same mother. I heard that the relationship between them is not good. Liu Qianxiu's father Liu Fengmian and his mother, Mei Wanyang had an engagement but the father had an affair with Shen Yu’s aunt, Shen Chunxi. After Mei Wanyang gave birth to Liu Qianxiu, she learned that Shen Chunqi had also given  birth to Liu Qingyuan. Later, she was depressed and died of illness. Because of this, the Mei and the Liu family have a bad relationship.”

Liu Fengmian brought Shen Chunqi and Liu Qingyuan back to Liu home, while Liu Qianxiu lived with the Liu family head, Mr. Liu. In the past few years, Mr. Liu was hospitalized with a serious illness. The Mei family led people to force the emperor to abdicate (TN: idiom). Mr. Liu was willing to pass the position of the head of the family to Liu Qianxiu with only one condition: to let go of Liu Fengmian and Shen Chunqi’s family. So now, that’s the situation. Liu Fengmian and Liu Qingyuan are in charge of Liu’s company group. In fact, frankly speaking, they both work for Liu Qianxiu. Now Liu Qianxiu is the head of the Liu family and one of Xia city's four young masters."

A few actresses listened to this. Someone asked, “That Liu young master's mother could be said to have been forced to die by his father and Mrs. Shen. Will he really let them go?”

"What do you think?” The short-haired actress hummed, “I heard that Liu Fengmian sent Shen Chunqi to Australia after Liu Qianxiu took charge of the household. They should be afraid.”

Another asked, “What about Liu young master? Where is he now? It’s like he’s the most mysterious of the four young masters.”

“Yes, nobody knows where he is. He remains out of touch from the world and silently controls everything in the Liu family. Soon, it will be the old Liu's third death anniversary. As the family head, he should appear, but I don’t know if he will be photographed by the media,” the starlet said.

Several people chattered, and the topic was shifted to the Four young masters of Xia City. Everyone was somewhat hopeful, even though they were not famous, but it would be good to have a beautiful face and marry a big family.

As Mu Wan’s gradually recovered, she dropped her head slightly, her thoughts seemed to be heavy and impermeable. She looked up and said to Miyu, “Sister Yu, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

The wine was almost finished, Miyu looked at her drooping left shoulder and said lightly.

"Go ahead.”

Mu Wan washed her face in the bathroom. After washing, her head was still swarming with thoughts. Her face was hot and burning, like her left shoulder.

After the wound was treated in the morning, Liu Qianxiu told her not to drink, but she drank half a bottle in half an hour.

Drawing a paper towel, Mu Wan wiped the water on her face and walked out of the bathroom.

The bathroom was at the end of the corridor. There was no one at the corridor. The balcony was sound-proof, and the whole corridor was empty and quiet. Mu Wan leaned back on the wall of the corridor. The delicate and cold tiles were slid on the skin of her back through the thin cloth, which made Mu Wan feel a little sober.

With a heavy head, Mu Wan lowered her head and decided to stay here for a while.

The carpet on the ground was red, embroidered with red bamboo forests. Qingsongxuan is divided into four areas, east, west, north and south. The theme decor was plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, and the northern area's theme was bamboo.

Carpet embroidery was very good quality, red bamboo leaves embroidered particularly delicately, angular, like the birthmark on her chest.

It looks good.

A deep voice came to mind. Mu Wan’s head buzzed and she laughed softly.

As she laughed, a man appeared in front of Mu Wan. She had lowered her head and could only see his lower body, standing tall and long legs.

In a trance, Mu Wan smelled a faint odor of disinfectant water. She raised her heavy head and saw the person in front of her.

Liu Qianxiu stood quietly in front of Mu Wan. The patient who should have been in the observation ward was now leaning up against the wall. She was dressed in a red dress and her small white face was flushed, like ripe berries. A pair of beautiful eyes was clear, as if washed by rain, and the focused, pupils gradually contracted, like a demon cat.

She looked directly at him, her red lips curled up, her eyes crinkled, her voice was like wine brewed by bayberry, lazy, sexy, hoarse, sweet…”Miao~ Dao Priest Liu came to catch me!”

The author has something to say:

Taoist Priest Liu: Came to catch precisely this little demon.

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