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Laying Down but still getting Shot

As they say, where ever there are women, there is bound to be a disturbance. Where there is a disturbance, a body of blood will definitely splash on you.

Qian DuoDuo naturally knew this reasoning. Therefore, she left the quiet pavilion a long time ago to find a peaceful rock garden for her amusement. She laid on oily green color f the grass, sleeping.

But, the harem’s show was continuous without an ending. There was always fights and arguments going on. From time to time, they would play a trick or plan an attack. It had led to Qian DuoDuo not even able to rest momentarily and that had turned into a luxurious goal.

“Brazen Imperial Concubine Yun. You have seen me and you still didn’t salute to me?” In front of the rocky mountains, a couple of maids escorted a beautiful married woman over and blocked the road of the Imperial Concubine Yun.

Imperial Concubine Yun just faintly stared at the woman in front of her then humphed from her nose, wanting to leave through the side.

“Brazen! You dared to ignore me!” The noblewoman arrogantly stated.

Along with her tender sound of giggling, the maids by her side blocked Imperial Concubine Yun’s path.

Imperial Concubine Yun walked over gracefully with her slender and supple waist towards the noblewoman and coldly humphing: “Sister Imperial Concubine Hui, you and I both hold the status of an imperial concubine. We are both at an equal footing so why should I salute to you? How come you don’t salute to me?”

Imperial Concubine Hui’s face was turning white from Imperial Concubine Yun who was ignoring her. Especially in front of the faces of servants, she couldn’t lose her face. She stubbornly went against Imperial Concubine Yun: “Equal footing? You are really not embarrassed to say so. My father had established a heroic contribution and is an important general. My cousin is Senior Concubine Lin and you are just a woman who hasn’t even been at the palace for a couple of days and you dared to climb on top of my head?”

Speaking of this, she was turning angry now. Ever since Imperial Concubine Yun came into the palace, not mentioning that the Emperor always favored her every day, he had almost forgotten the existence of her – Imperial Concubine Hui. Even Senior Concubine Lin was also unhappy with Imperial Concubine Yun. Plus, add to the fact that the Imperial Concubine Yun acted spoiled due to the Emperor’s favor, she didn’t place anyone in her eyes. Due to this, Imperial Concubine Hui was so infuriated that her teeth were itching. She made an oath to lower her acute spirit in front of the faces of the civil and military officials.

“Imperial Concubine, did you forget that the little sister of Imperial Concubine Yun from her parental home was our third Wangye’s WangFei. I heard that the first night, she was brought into the cold palace. Imperial Concubine Yun doesn’t feel good in her heart so that makes sense ah.” The maid by Imperial Concubine Hui interrupted in seeing that it was a good time and each of the words was filled with mockery.

Qian DuoDuo originally was too lazy to butt into other people’s business. What type of conduct Qian Yun Er held, she knew. If she didn’t let others discipline her acute spirit then how is she going to survive in the palace?

It’s just that as she listened to this, the topic had revolved around her now. You say – she was just having a good time absorbing the sunlight and she was laying down but still shot?

Qian DuoDuo stood up from the blanket of grasses and drooped her eyes, slowly moving closer to the group of women.

Imperial Concubine Hui gurgled and smiled enchantingly: “However as much as the third WangFei isn’t favored, she still needed to call Senior Concubine Lin, mother. Plus, Imperial Concubine Yun is also her sister so this seniority within the family was obviously smaller than us by a generation. Doesn’t she need to call me ‘maternal aunt—‘ ah?”

“Imperial Concubine Hui please conduct yourself with dignity. If it was calculated based on how you claimed it to be, then the Emperor today, would he be involved by my family’s sister and become the younger generation after you? As it turned out, Imperial Concubine Hui has never placed the Emperor in her eyes ah. No wonder the Emperor doesn’t like you.”

A flash of hatred went by within Qian Yun Er’s eyes.

She had come into the palace for a couple of months and ate a lot of grievances and obstacles from Senior Concubine Lin and Imperial Concubine Hui in public and in secret. Sometimes, she would cry to the Emperor to complain but then the Emperor would blame her for failing to grasp the bigger picture.

When speaking about this, isn’t it just because Senior Concubine Lin had two sons – the third Wangye and the fourth Wangye while Imperial Concubine Hui’s father is an important general?

However, she isn’t able to beat them in public. Winning the battle of arguing had led her heart to feel better.

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