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Poison-Tongued DuoEr

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

Long YuTian squinted, fixing his gaze on the woman who was currently acting flirtatiously in front of him.  A melody he had never heard before was echoing in his ears. It sounded strange yet very pleasant to hear.

Unconsciously, a naughty, stubborn face appeared in his mind.

He humphed coldly. A charming, evildoer-like ray appeared in those dark green eyes of his:

"YanRan…… BenWang will let you see a play, all right?"

Finished speaking, a jade pendant actually appeared out of thin air in his hand. And then, that jade pendant seemed to be filled with tremendous strength and 'sou (whoosh)……!', flew towards the roof!

It was followed by—-

"Pilipala (crackle)……" The roof was broken into pieces.

"Aiyou (ouch) wei (hey)……" And then, a woman's complaining voice appeared. The voice was very beautiful, but it was also very rude: "Bastard! Were all of these ancient buildings built on bean-curd residue[1] ah!? Almost caused this old mother to fall to her death!"

Qian DuoDuo massaged her aching butt, grumbling and grimacing in pain. She was on the roof counting the stars. How could she suddenly fall down?

Fortunately, this building isn't too high, otherwise it would really be 'Qian meimei fell from the heaven[2]……'!

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes and got up from the ground. Suddenly, those clear eyes of hers brightened as if she had seen some kind of rare treasure. Once again, she crouched on the ground, rummaging through the pieces of broken roof tiles.

A suet jade pendant lay peacefully among the tiles, releasing soft light as if it was seducing her.

Qian DuoDuo picked it up and rubbed it against her skirt, regretfully shaking her head.

"Ze ze (tsk tsk)…… Really a fine jade… However, it's broken. Otherwise, it could definitely be sold for a good price." She was saying these words, but she still behaved very money-grubber-like, putting the jade pendant, which had been broken into two, into her purse.

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She didn't know when Long YuTian walked in front of her. He effortlessly picked up the clothes at his side and draped it over his shoulders. A pair of deep, eagle-like eyes, seeming like a sword, sharply watched Qian DuoDuo.

From the moment she fell, her mind had been placed on her butt and then at that broken-into-two jade pendant. She completely didn't put him in her eyes. No matter what, he, San WangYe, was a legendary beautiful man of Sheng Chen country! When had he ever been ignored by a woman like this? The annoying thing was, this woman was his own abandoned fei! A fei he loathed!

Don't tell me!

This is 'letting the enemy off to catch him later'[3] play again?

Long YuTian's eyes were narrowed. A dark green ray flashed in those eyes.

"Didn't expect that BenWang's WangFei actually has this kind of interest, hiding in the corner, peeping at BenWang… Could it be… BenWang's WangFei is very concerned about BenWang? Or… cannot wait? Wanting to be with BenWang and……"

Long YuTian's charming cold face was leaning towards her earlobe. His wicked breath was softly  released onto the side of her face. His words seemed to have a deeper meaning. He paused for a moment, as his slender hand climbed onto her shoulder. This kind of devilish, charming appearance looked extremely like her 'Long YuTian'.

This kind of completely evil notion made her unconsciously shiver for a moment. Qian DuoDuo felt that she had stooped too low. Therefore, she shook his evil clutch off in a bad mood before throwing a glance at him.

"I peeped your sister ah! You said I'm concerned about you? That enchanting, lovely girl behind you will definitely be glad to take that responsibility! I also heard that she is very popular……" Qian DuoDuo leaned against the wall, clicking her tongue in wonder: "Flirty, charming, famous courtesan PK[4] beastly WangYe…… You guys are indeed a match made in heaven ah~!"

How could Long YuTian not hear that every sentence coming from this woman's mouth was her beating around the bush to scold him? That a majestic WangYe could only be a match with BaiHuaLou's courtesan!

But this woman's mouth was too poisonous, too ruthless! Don't mention an unmarried guniang, even him, such a big man, could not necessarily say that kind of extremely imaginative words.


[1]Built on bean-curd residue (豆腐渣工程/ dòu​fu​ zhā​ gōng​ chéng): (building with) bad construction. [2]Qian meimei fell from the heaven (天上掉下了钱妹妹了/ tiānshàng diàoxiàle qián mèimeile). It's a pun (I'm not sure how to call it, pun? Words play?), the real sentence is actually (天上掉下个林妹妹/ tiānshàng diàoxià gè lín mèimei) which came from Dream of the Red Chamber. One of the character's name was Lin DaiYu who was the younger cousin of the male lead, hence the 'Lin meimei'. Qian DuoDuo changed it to her own surname… Qian meimei. [3]Letting the enemy off to catch him later (欲擒故纵/yùqíngùzòng): playing cat and mouse/ losing in order to have a bigger win/ playing hard to get. (Chap.8) [4]PK: means duel one on one, or in this case, you can read 'pk' as 'vs'. I wrote PK as it is like in the raw novel on purpose. Although it might be an inconvenience to the readers, I want to portray Long YuTian's confusion over Qian DuoDuo's modern language. So, I'm sorry girls…


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