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Thanks NiangNiang, for the Reward!

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

Qian DuoDuo was biting an apple with a sound of a kacha (snap). However, being too fascinated in watching the beauty, she wasn't careful and therefore dropped the apple core, which was already totally jagged from her gnawing, to the ground.

"Aiyou (ouch)……!" that soft frail cry hadn't yet properly landed, but a little maid about fourteen or fifteen years old, who had followed behind a woman, had already pointed her finger at the sky in front of them, shouting imposingly to scold:

"Which dog slave is it that doesn't have eyes like this? To actually dare to offend our YanRan GuNiang[1]!"

Qian DuoDuo didn't get angry. She had often seen this kind of 'dog counting on its master's power'[2] thing. Thus, she carelessly wiped the fruit stain on her hands away and, ceng! (whoosh!) leapt down from the tree branch.

"Dog…… slave…… reckless barks……" She threw a glance at the maid, whose face had turned red from anger, before staring at the beauty before her, "Just now, I became silly for a moment because I saw Niangniang's[3] beauty. I actually wasn't careful and offended Niangniang. I was really rude. Please, Niangniang, don't count this sin." She bent her body, imitating what she'd seen on TV.

It's Zhen Huan's[4] parody!

She can do it too!

Hearing the little girl in front of her calling her 'Niangniang……', YanRan's deeply furrowed brows finally loosened. She was surprised and asked, "What did you call me?"

Qian DuoDuo installed a very sincere and very naïve expression on her face, saying: "Niangniang ah! Although I haven't entered the fu[5] for a long time, such a beautiful person like yourself is definitely a Niangniang!"

YanRan's long, small eyes were narrowed into a line in happiness. Her thin silk handkerchief covered her cherry-like lips as she 'gege' giggled, "This girl really has a clever mouth. TaoEr, reward."

The maid who was being called TaoEr shot her a glance, looking very unwilling. However, guniang had spoken. Although she dawdled, she still took a silver ingot out, throwing it towards Qian DuoDuo.

Glistening silver!

Ancient times silver!

It's the first time she saw one!

Qian DuoDuo's clear, beautiful eyes moved swiftly. She imitated the manner in TV dramas, coughed once through her teeth, and started to flatter: "Thanks Niangniang, for the reward!"

Qian DuoDuo acted like a total philistine, at hundred percent fawning mode. She caused YanRan, the famous beauty of BaiHuaLou[6], to have the guts to proudly feel that in one leap, she would really become the mistress of this WangFu.

Although WangYe occasionally summoned her, and she had also come to WangFu several times, these slaves had only treated her with proper respect. No one had ever done things like the girl in front of her did, treating her as 'Niangniang……'.

The more YanRan thought about it, the happier she became. She even hummed a song when she complacently left the garden.

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— DuoEr's Dividing Line —


It was very quiet inside San WangFu. Except for the orderly sound of footsteps from groups of imperial guards occasionally making their night round, even the sound of a cat meowing couldn't be heard throughout the night.

Qian DuoDuo was lying down on a certain roof of the WangFu. One of her legs was raised, crossed over the other as she counted the stars leisurely.

The ancient night sky was really beautiful. The air was also good. There were also quite a lot of handsome guys (although she had only seen one, Long YuTian). She was really afraid that she would be accustomed to live here, that she would be unaccustomed to the haze of the 21st century.

She sighed and then sang with that tone-deaf voice of hers:

"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~~~[7]"

Under those green roof tiles was Qian DuoDuo's wedding chamber. A heavy fragrance filled the room. YanRan was tenderly gazing at the man in front of her. That 'foolishly in love' expression of hers was self-explanatory.

"Lalalala~~~ Lalalala~~~ Little star, Lalalalala~~~ Little star."

A lively melody once again spread down from the roof. YanRan's long, shapely eyebrows were wrinkled as she coquettishly said: "WangYe…… listen to this song, seems like it comes from above……"

Long YuTian didn't pay attention to YanRan's complaint. He patted YanRan's cheek in a ruffian-like manner, causing YanRan to accusingly say: "WangYe…… You're really bad."


[1]Guniang (姑娘/ gūniáng): girl/young lady [2]Dog threatens based on master's power (狗仗人势/ gǒuzhàngrénshì): become a bully because one has a powerful master/ underling that gets haughty because he/she has influential boss/ a bully under the protection of someone powerful. [3]NiangNiang (娘娘/ niáng​niang): term to address the empress/ high-ranking consort. For example: HuangHou niangniang, GuiFei niangniang, etc. [4]Zhen Huan: a character in Chinese tv series 'The Legend of Zhen Huan' (or Empresses in the Palace). It's based on a novel series 'Hougong Zhen Huan Zhuan'. The drama was such a success that people started to follow the way Zhen Huan speaks, such as using 'BenGong', 'NiangNiang' etc. [5]Fu (府/ fǔ): official residence/mansion/household. In this sentence the fu she meant is WangFu. [6]BaiHuaLou (百花楼/ bǎihuālóu): House of a Hundred Flowers. (Usually, it's a name for brothel) [7]The Chinese lyrics for twinkle twinkle little star verse written in the novel was '一闪一闪亮晶晶,满天都是小星星'(lit. twinkle twinkle shine so bright, all the sky is full of little stars). I used the original version instead of translating the Chinese version.


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