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A Strange Man

This height…is too much. Just from estimating it from her view, it was probably the modern two-floor building’s height…

Qian DuoDuo raised her hand over, wanting to pick the ladder. Who knew because she was too moved emotionally, she wasn’t able to hold onto the ladder. Instead, the ladder fell on the ground. She could only watch as the group of servants makes their way closer, turning more and more in the count. Qian DuoDuo was so anxious as though an ant on a hot pot. She wasn’t able to take a step forward or backward.

Jump? She probably won’t make it off the bed for a whole month…

Don’t jump? She probably would be so beaten up that she wouldn’t be able to get off the bed for two whole months…

If the sky will give her a miracle and there happens to be an event where a hero saves a beauty then Qian DuoDuo will definitely use her body…body’s clothes as repayment!

Her thoughts were just finished when she saw a grand and luxurious horse carriage making its way over from the road not far. Looking at this attitude, it seemed to be one of the Wangye’s?

She thought that Long MuChen or Long YiTian might be within the horse carriage then estimated the height of the horse carriage’s ceiling and wall and finally decided to go full out!

She observed the best timing and the angle and with a spurt of energy, she rubbed her fists together, clenched her teeth and immediately climbed over the wall, jumping onto the horse carriage’s ceiling.

Qian DuoDuo’s perfect plan was that she will jump onto the horse carriage’s ceiling then open her mouth to let the attendant stop the horse. After that, she will cry and with her nasal mucus, complain to them about how Long YuTian bullied the weak and placed an innocent on house arrest to win their sympathy.

However, she had calculated everything but the one thing she hadn’t thought of was the sail of the horse carriage was unexpectedly built on soybean dregs, not able to take any weight.

The moment when she freely fell down, she only heard a ‘pang—‘ She directly smashed a big hole on the horse carriage’s ceiling sail. On the other hand, her small body fell into the horse carriage, her legs pointing in the direction of the sky.

“Aye yo, this hurts so much. What type of a broken carriage is this!” Qian DuoDuo was in so much pain that she grimaced and rubbed her innocent butt. She mumbled.

Right after, the curtains of the horse carriage were pulled open. The servant boy who was driving the carriage on saw as Qian DuoDuo appeared within the carriage in a way where it seemed as though she was making threatening gestures and hurriedly called: “Assassin! There’s an assassin! Protect the master!”

Qian DuoDuo hadn’t reacted over from her falling as she was still confused when she heard sets of footsteps running over from the surroundings of the horse carriage. She raised her head to see there was a lot of people who seemed as though bodyguards who had surrounded her out of nowhere.

Then she finally made a reaction. As it turned out the assassin from the servant boy’s mouth was talking about herself.

“Are you not going to escape?” From behind, a faint and calm voice sounded.

Qian DuoDuo twisted her head to notice that there was a stranger sitting behind her properly.

His skin was very white as though the scholarly literary person within a book who was usually refined and graceful but skinny and weak. Due to this, his handsome five sense organs looked distinct. His eyes were slightly squinted and the dull face wasn’t in the least surprise due to Qian DuoDuo’s appearance.

Qian DuoDuo looked at the man in front of her whose clothes displayed how rich he was and suddenly thought back to how the servant boy yelled ‘protect the master.’ This sentence, she had just got out of her trance. She concluded that this man’s status was probably out of the ordinary.

“Hey, hey. This handsome person, the gentleman, let’s negotiate about something. The people outside are probably your subordinates. You look at each one of their faces displaying a devil look. It looked as though they were going to steal women from ordinary families ah. You should say something and tell them to leave then bring me to somewhere safe, how does that sound?” Qian DuoDuo moved closer to the stranger, not afraid of death while she tried to compromise.

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