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Climbing over the Wall and Escaping

A couple of days later is the glorified Emperor’s birthday. Plus, each country’s ambassador will all be coming along. She needed to learn the palace etiquette and place a lot of energy into preparing a brilliant performance which will be the Emperor’s birthday present.

In reality, it is to prevent her from having a forbidden lover.

When she first started, she thought that the life of just eating and sleeping as though a rice weevil was pretty good but when it reached the third day, she couldn’t handle it anymore. She watched as the red walls and the green tiles kept her inside and she suddenly thought that she was used to being wild, simply just not willing to have the life of a canary.

Qian DuoDuo sat by the lake, lazily ruining the dandelion in her hand. She looked out at the azure sky and the vast whiteness in the far distance. She opened her mouth, miserably exclaiming: “Xiao Rou, look. It’s already snowing in June. Even God believes that I was wronged…”

Xiao Rou shook her head, helplessly: “Young miss, you love to talk nonsense. That was the dandelion that you just blew out. It floated outside from the wall. Where is the snow in June that you see ah? Plus, Wangye is letting you learn about the palace etiquette because that’s good for you. The prestige of the Emperor cannot be violated ah!”

“Young miss?” Xiao Rou peered at Qian DuoDuo whose eyes were trained on a certain place. The flower in her hand was basically ruined from the plucking yet she still held it. She couldn’t help to call out.

Qian DuoDuo, from the start, heard nothing of what Xiao Rou had said. She saw as the dandelion in the air had slowly floated out from the corner of the walls then she reacted. She hurriedly picked up the hem of her skirt and ran over to the wall. She raised her head to look at it then looked back to order for Xiao Rou: “You go get me a ladder. Secretly and don’t let anyone see ah!”

“Young miss, you can’t possibly be thinking of climbing over the wall ah!” Xiao Rou burst out loud, in shock.

Qian DuoDuo was frightened to the point she covered Xiao Rou’s mouth. She evilly and harshly clenched a sentence by Xiao Rou’s ears: “Don’t yell. Quickly pass me a ladder!”

“But…” Within Xiao Rou’s beautiful eyes, it revealed a glimpse of protest: “Young miss, if you are caught by the Wangye, you will die in a very bad way!”

She had followed young miss for such a long time and was influenced secretly by her. She knew to smooth talk as well.

Qian DuoDuo faintly gazed at the tall wall and a tint of resentment appeared within her eyes. The skinny arm was raised high up and she sighed gloomily: “If you don’t come and give me a ladder, I promise you I will die horribly immediately and it was because I hate you very much…”

Because Xiao Rou wasn’t unable to change Qian DuoDuo’s mind and her endless pestering, Xiao Rou in the end compromised with her, although unwillingly. She secretly stole a ladder out and placed it by the wall.

Qian DuoDuo looked around her surroundings as though she was a thief. Once she was sure no one noticed, she rapidly picked up the hem of her skirt and climbed up the wall, following the ladder.

“Young miss, you promised Xiao Rou. Before the sun sets, you will be back!”

Behind her, Xiao Rou told her once again. Qian DuoDuo nodded her head obediently and continued to climb up the wall. However, the two hands just reached the top of the wall when there was a call from the distance: “WangFei is there, everyone come quickly!”

Qian DuoDuo harshly turned her head around to see a group of servants by the lake running over with weapons and such. That parade was as though they were trying to catch a thief. She, at that moment, was nervous. She lowered her head to yell: “Xiao Rou…”

“Ah…young miss…you take care. I’m going to dash…” Xiao Rou watched as the group of people quickly came closer and directly tossed a sentence down before she fleed off without a trace.

“Damn it…She doesn’t have the conscience ah!”

Qian DuoDuo clenched her teeth and cursed. With lightning speed, she made it to the top of the wall as though she was a gecko. The feet straddled over the wall and she sat on the edge of it, without caring for her image. The two legs dangled down and just wanted to jump down when she lowered her head and felt as though she was in a dizzy spell…


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