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Chapter 761: Troublesome Flies (Part One)

-The ninth day-

The two troops of Zenit had finally rallied and moved out of St. Petersburg.

More than 200,000 soldiers headed toward the southern region of Zenit in two groups. In this Chaos Era, any military movements could potentially determine the fate of the entire empire. Since the war was resumed, that intense atmosphere hovered above the head of every citizen of Zenit.

That night, King Alexander of Chambord had the last meeting with King Constantine of Byzantine in the hotel that he stayed in.

"This technique, [Seven Injure Godly Fist], is based on [Seven Injure Fist] but more refined. I had spent some time to analyze [Seven Injure Fist] carefully, and I have refined it to improve its power. Now, it is a high-level Moon-Class Technique, and its top-limit is no longer Eight-Star. Also, [Seven Injure Fist]'s internal damage to the user is also eliminated. With your talent, you have the chance of mastering this technique and pushing it to the Full Moon Realm!" Fei said as he handled a booklet with golden strings on it to King Constantine of Byzantine.

"Thank you, Mr. Martial Saint!" Constantine was really excited, and he could barely contain himself.

[Seven Injure Fist] was the technique that brought him his fame, and it had helped him defeat many powerful enemies. It was the thing that made him.

However, [Seven Injure Fist] had limited power, and it could only be considered a top-tier Star-level technique. It was far from Moon-Class, and its limitation on the level made Constantine stuck at peak Eight-Star, and he couldn't have more progressions.

Also, [Seven Injure Fist] would cause severe backlashes and injure its practitioner. Even though Fei taught Constantine a wood-elemental cultivation technique which excelled in healing and instructed the latter to use it with [Seven Injure Fist], the backlashes couldn't be completely avoided. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many hidden internal injuries in Constantine's body.

Now, the new [Seven Injure Godly Fist] completely changed the situation, and Constantine could advance further on the path of cultivation.

"Here is the [Green Ocean Revival Technique]; it is a wood-elemental Full Moon Technique. Also, here is a godly herb, Dragon Transformation Grass, that can help you advance your physique and improve your potential. With your current talent, you might be able to break into Moon-Class within half a year. Now that you are one of the most influential figures in the southern region of Zenit, you have to increase your strength on top of the military power of Byzantine!" As Fei said that, he took out another booklet and a godly herb from his storage space.

"Mr. Martial Saint, this… I… I… I don't feel worthy of all these treasures!" Constantine said. Although the things that Fei mentioned were enough to attract almost everyone's attention, and many warriors would go crazy and be willing to kill each other for them, Constantine wasn't a greedy person. He was very thankful toward Fei, but he was feeling unease. After all, he owed a lot to the King of Chambord.

Fei said with a serious expression, "Take them; don't be so hesitant and unsure. I'm just doing this for the overall benefit of the Empire."

After Constantine expressed his attitude repeatedly, he took these precious items carefully.

"Um, it is better for you to take this Dragon Transformation Grass right now. I will give you a hand."

Fei thought about it and decided to help Constantine as much as he could while he was here. After all, the godly herb would create a strong nature phenomenon after being consumed, and it would attract a lot of attention. Besides, it would be hard to digest the godly herb in a short time, and its effect wouldn't kick in really quick. Therefore, before Fei left the Byzantine Kingdom, he could use his insane Sun-Class power to help Constantine absorb as much essence of the godly herb as possible.  Otherwise, the essence of the Dragon Transformation Grass might be lost since Constantine was only a Star-level Warrior, and the strong effect of the godly herb might cause a backlash and harm him. If that happened, it wouldn't be worth it.

This process took about one hour.

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Chapter 761: Troublesome Flies (Part Two)

After Constantine absorbed a portion of the essence of the godly herb, he instantly broke into Nine-Star. The godly herb did help with this process, but it was also due to Constantine's accumulation at Eight-Star and his talent. From now on, his path wouldn't have any obstacles before he advanced into Moon-Class.

After absorbing the essence from the Dragon Transformation Grass, Constantine bowed at Fei again. Since he saw that Fei was in a good mood, he paused for a second and asked with some hesitation, "Your Majesty, you stayed here for nine days. Are you really going to leave tomorrow, just like how it was planned?"

"Eh." Fei nodded.

"Then… then… Right now, there are a lot of nobles and officials who want to see you. They all admire your power, and they want to meet you in person. Therefore, I have arranged a party at the King's Palace tonight, and I hope that…"

"Hahaha!" Fei thought back to the intelligence report that he got from the branch of the [Letter Office] in the Byzantine Kingdom and knew Constantine's troubled situation.

Although Constantine was hesitating, his goal was simple, so Fei didn't reject it. He smiled and replied, "Ok, I will go with you tonight and meet these nobles. That way, I can get rid of these flies for you!"

Constantine was overjoyed after hearing what Fei said.

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-The Capital City of Byzantine-

As the night fell, the city was lit up by lights.

Although this city wasn't as advanced as Chambord City in terms of its magic systems, it had its own unique style and appearance. The Byzantine Kingdom was on the coastline, and it rained quite frequently. In order to get rid of the rainwater, many of the buildings had pointy roofs and looked like towers. It was quite different from the cubic-styled buildings at Chambord, so it was a beautiful and new scenery for the Chambordians.

Fei's arrival at the King's Palace was sensational.

All the influential figures and noblemen who were here at the party were surprised and thrilled.

Most of these people were noblemen who were commanders in the legions of the military that lost to enemies or high-level officials in the cities that were conquered. They were inside the territories which were controlled by the enemies, and they had been trying to hide from the searches of the enemies for days. They wanted to return to St. Petersburg, but they couldn't pass through the defense-line of the enemies at the Red Leaf Province. When they heard that the Imperial Martial Saint appeared in the Byzantine Empire, they quickly came over and sought his protection while looking for new opportunities.

Thunderous applause sounded for a long time, and the party only went back to normal when Fei got seated.

This great hall in the King's Palace looked luxurious, and the lights that were reflecting from the pieces of jewelry were blinding. Delicious food and aromatic wines were everywhere, and the noblemen and noble ladies who were in fancy clothes were chatting with each other and smiling, having a great time.

After a while, a few nobles who had the highest status gathered together and walked toward Fei with flattering smiles on their faces.

"Hahaha! Constantine, it looks like you are something else! You are able to get Mr. Martial Saint to come here easily! Haha!" A fat, mid-aged man who was in his forties and wearing a fancy robe walked over and patted Constantine's shoulder. He should be the person with the highest status, and it sounded like he was praising a skilled subordinate. With the arrogant expression on his face, it looked like he was the owner of this great palace.

Even though anger flashed on Constantine's face, he forced out a smile and said, "Castellan Sherwood, you are flattering me."

Then, he looked at the other nobles and said in a neutral tone, "Let me introduce you to Mr. Martial Saint…"

"No need. You don't need to be here; you can go and do other stuff. Let me introduce everyone to Mr. Martial Saint!" This fatty noble named Sherwood waved his hand boldly and didn't respect Constantine at all.

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