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Give a Friendship Discount

“This Reeves shad is one of the three fresh ingredients within the Yangtze River and most famous for its soft meat and delicious taste. But you look at this dish. It’s obvious the heat control wasn’t enough and the quality of the meat is somewhat tight. In fact, with this type of fresh fish, you just need to put it over hot water then it’s enough.”

“And then there’s this Steamed Eight Treasures Pig. They are able to produce a sumptuous banquet like this and it’s considered quite fine. But the leaf of the lotus is a bit old which led the sweet scent to faint. Instead, it made the meat seem greasy…”

Once he heard Qian DuoDuo explained her thoughts, Long MuChen instantly had a shocking expression on, with his mouth wide open.

He originally thought she was just playing around but who knew she had so many thoughts over it…

Qian DuoDuo stared at his expression as though big eyes staring at small eyes. She pursed her lips: “What am I telling you so much for? You’re a Wangye who knows to only eat. Some other time, this young lady will cook and promises you that you will be captivated by this. In the future, whatever you eat will feel as though you are eating a rice straw.”

“Duo Er, you are exaggerating too much now. No matter what, this Wang’s chefs are top-notch. How come when it comes out of your mouth, they become worthless. Your skills with your mouth are unbelievable. Who knows if it’s another look once you finish your thing?” A flash of mischief flashed through Long MuChen’s eyes.

“Psh, your little thoughts ah, you think I can’t see through it ah? You want to use this psychological method to bribe me into cooking for you? Am I that dumb?”

Long MuChen didn’t retort back even though his plans were seen through by Qian DuoDuo. He held a look as though he placed a trap down and still had a card up his sleeve.

Qian DuoDuo rubbed her belly which was slightly swelling out. She looked out towards moonlight out the window, slightly cold. She yawned, exclaiming: “The time is getting late now. We need to quickly finish our task at hand and once it’s done, I need to go back. Otherwise, if Long YuTian catches me, he’s going to take away my silvers.”

Long MuChen’s head was knotted. Just as he wanted to open his mouth to ask Qian DuoDuo what the task was when he had seen her take a mini abacus from her small bag and then she sat on the chair. She began to concentrate her attention on fiddling around with the abacus towards the table of empty foods.

The skinny white fingers were like a wonderful dancer, agilely bumping her fingers against the pearls of the abacus. ‘PPPPa—‘ A series of pleasing noises.

From her side view, she was that concentrated. Every time she moved a pearl around, the corners of her lips would lift into a smile. The entire atmosphere was that peaceful and cute.

However, this young lady who seemed to be beautiful and flexible, the words that came out of her mouth contradicted with her appearance: “I have finished calculating this. I ate 13 dishes and commented on 2. Plus, adding onto your chef’s noble status, the price will also rise. I have calculated the total to be 1,350 silvers…but since we are that familiar with each other, I will give you a friendship discount and give you 1% off. Now, it will be 1,337 silvers.”

As she said this, Qian DuoDuo placed away her abacus and then bluntly stated to the servants who were still as though chickens: “Go, order for your housekeeper to go to the account’s office to take out some banknotes. This young lady is still hurrying to go home.”

The servants who stood to one side gave each other a look and they held a questioning look: this young lady is calling for us? To pick up some banknotes?

Aye~Aye~ They knew the moment their family’s master met Qian DuoDuo, there wouldn’t be good things happening. Besides running errands and being an attendant, their master was also kind enough to invite her over for food. However, in the end, he lost his money trying to help her…

Han Tie looked out the window into the far away night containing no clouds and thought in his heart: God ah, how come you don’t have it start snowing in June?

Then look at Long MuChen. He held a delighted face on while handing the banknotes over to her. That expression seemed to be enjoying himself. The lips curled up as though it can carry a child from the previous marriage (That’s the literal meaning but I guess the author’s trying to say that he’s so happy he doesn’t really care.)

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