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I will be Embarrassed

“Oh…I’m still not full…” She held a strip of meat with her mouth and didn’t even glance at Long MuChen at all. She busily mumbled a sentence.

“You ate three bowls of rice already…You’re that starved that you’re going to re-enter the wombs of someone ah…” Although Long MuChen spoke with a helpless tone, he subconsciously placed a drumstick into Qian DuoDuo’s bowl, with his chopstick.

“Yes, yes…Fourteenth ah, I’m going to tell you. That nephew of yours really isn’t a thing. I never have a full meal when I am at his place. In the beginning, he gave me leftover foods and later on finally, he made improvements to the meals but he only allowed me to have one bowl of rice. He said something about having to pay attention to the image of the WangFu and how girls can’t be crude…You reason this out for me. How do I eating my food have to do with the WangFu’s image? Plus…when do I not care about my image?” Qian DuoDuo explained as though she was wronged. She bit the drumstick in her hand and ripped off a strip of chicken meat off then harshly chewing at it.

Long MuChen watched Qian DuoDuo as she held a belly bull of complaints and also boasting shamelessly about her own reputation.

She crossed one leg over the other, twisting herself weirdly whilst climbing onto the table. With her right hand, she held a wine cup and the left hand, a drumstick. The face was covered with grease. When she insulted Long YuTian, she mischievously clenched on her teeth.

This type of table manners…Don’t mention it at the imperial family. Even within the entire Shen Cheng, her hundred years rarely seen woman’s image might even receive worldwide attention due to this.

The maids within the front hall looked towards her as though staring at Noah’s Ark. They all unbelievably glanced at their master who was normally high up and couldn’t be violated. Now, he seemed to be a warm and kind sheep who is serving upon the young lady who doesn’t know her manners. In addition, peer at the expression at the fundus of his eye. So warm, c’mon you can’t deny it!

Even the servants who hid by the front hall door secretly stared at this scene rarely seen in hundred years.

Their mouths were open and compared to Qian DuoDuo who wasn’t reliable, they were even more shocked.

Qian DuoDuo felt a couple of gazes on her body and raised her head to see there were a couple of tens of servants surrounding her. They were all staring at her so she asked out of curiosity: “Why are you guys standing and looking at me for? Do you guys want to sit down and eat with me ah?”

“This maid doesn’t dare to.” They all lowered their heads out of fright.

“Hehe…It’s not that…There are so many of you guys watching me eat. I will be embarrassed…”

“….” Everyone was speechless.

How she acted right now is called being embarrassed? Then when she isn’t embarrassed, will she end up climbing up the table?

Having the pleasure as though at a five-star hotel with the meals from the great chef’s cooking skills and in addition with the company of an unequalled handsome guy who was serving along the side, don’t mention how satisfied Qian DuoDuo was after she had eaten and drunken to her content.

She leaned against the chair and hummed a song. She allowed herself to have some fruits after the meal as well to pick at her teeth.

“How is the taste? Gourmet?” Long MuChen sat by one side, elegantly sipping his tea.

“It’s plain and pending to improve.”

This woman really is taking one’s undeserved gain for granted. After she was done with her meal, she is still insulting the chefs. Who was the one devouring the table of foods ravenously into her stomach just before? Now, she dared to talk big and say this was just some plain foods?

The residence of Chen Wang’s chefs was a couple ranks higher than the chefs in the imperial kitchen.

Even the Emperor was jealous of this which led him to come over asking for food, not caring for his faces.

Qian DuoDuo looked through the plans within Long MuChen’s heart and knew that he wouldn’t accept what she said. Therefore, she lazily stretched her legs and shoulders, picking up the chopstick and commenting on the leftovers from the meal.

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