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Chapter 2229 - Unity


A giant space gate appeared in the skies above the Asura Sea. It constantly expanded before finally fully opening.

As this space gate appeared, the waters of the Asura Sea began to rise in fierce and turbulent waves. The elites of the saints and humanity flew out amongst the great waves. Although each one was wounded, they were all in good spirits and beamed with smiles.

Another crowd of elites had completed their final trial.

They obtained treasures and inheritances from the final trial space. Compared to their original backgrounds, the rank of these new inheritances was completely disproportional, a gap as great as the heavens and earth.

"What is your completion percentage?" A young elite excitedly asked after just having left the final trial.

"Mine is 76%, what about you?"


"How fierce! I passed 75% this time and thought that was already amazing, but I never thought that Brother Zhou would have 78%. I'm really sweating with shame here!"

Several youths congratulated and flattered each other. Because they had all grown stronger, they were all in good moods. Even if others had surpassed them, they still sincerely praised them.

"Mm? That's Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus!"

A sharp-eyed youth saw a blue figure flash through the rising waves of the Asura Sea.

"That's right, Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus also reentered the final trial this time. This should be her third time entering the final trial!"

"I have no idea what result Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus has. The last two times she underwent the final trial, her completion percentages were 87 and 88. Perhaps this time she was able to reach 90!"

"Senior-apprentice Sister Blue Lotus is amazing…"

Several youths discussed together. As they did, several other surrounding individuals also began to chime in. When it came to the saints, Fairy Blue Lotus had an extremely high level of fame and prestige. Originally, the slightly older Good Fortune Saint Son had been able to suppress Fairy Blue Lotus, but now that the Good Fortune Saint Son had died, Fairy Blue Lotus naturally became the 'Elder Senior Sister' to every saint race junior.

As these words of praise fell into Fairy Blue Lotus's ears, they actually felt incomparably grating.

She stopped in her steps and turned towards that group of youths. "Just what nonsense are you speaking? Hurry up and go train! Do you think that it is amazing if you just entered the final trial and obtained a completion percentage in the seventies? Compared to 10,000 years ago, the difficulty of the final trial has already dropped by a great deal, and yet with such an easy difficulty you still cannot obtain at least 80!"

Fairy Blue Lotus's voice was cold like ice, causing these boisterously chattering youths to shrink back. All of them didn't dare to speak anymore.

Indeed, in order to help the human and saint elites obtain a higher completion percentage, Ink and Clear had deliberately lowered the difficulty of the final trial by a little bit.

Even so, Fairy Blue Lotus wasn't able to obtain a 90% completion. During this final trial her completion percent was 89, just 1% off from reaching 90.

But, to overcome this 1% was not easy at all!

Fairy Blue Lotus also knew that when Lin Ming first entered the final trial, his completion percent was 92.

In the past, Lin Ming was also only at the Divine Lord realm!

The Divine Lord realm was not a suitable realm for participating in the final trial. Afterwards, Lin Ming completed his Grand Reincarnation Art and came to the final trial again. Due to the emperor jades, he perfectly completed the final trial and reached 100%.

Fairy Blue Lotus didn't possess the emperor jades so it was naturally impossible for her to achieve 100%. But in a situation where the difficulty had already been suppressed, it left her saddened that she still couldn't achieve 90%.

She estimated that if she were to come to the final trial 10,000 years ago, then with the difficulty of that time her own completion percentage would be several points lower.

"Lin Huang's completion percent has reached 92; he has set a new record."

A deep and sonorous voice echoed out near Fairy Blue Lotus's ears. She turned to see a large fellow flying towards her with a petite girl sitting on his shoulders.

They were the brother and sister pair, Highsun and Darkmoon.

These two individuals had a completion percent that was 5 points lower than Fairy Blue Lotus's.

"92%..." Fairy Blue Lotus wasn't surprised. The first one to break past 90% was Lin Huang.

Fairy Blue Lotus had watched Lin Huang's training these past years. People said that Lin Huang was the son of Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian and simultaneously possessed the rare Asura bloodline and God Beast bloodlines; there was no need to speak of his talent. He also had an incredible amount of resources to freely utilize as well as the ability to study any peak inheritances he so desired. With such strength, a high completion percentage was what he should have achieved. If he were to be surpassed by others then he really would be seen as a joke.

However, Fairy Blue Lotus knew that Lin Huang's progress relied on not just his talent but also his own hard work.

He had always maintained the title of being the number one figure of the younger generation and people would always praise him from behind, saying that he was 'worthy of being Lin Ming's son'. But, these results were all due to his unceasing training from childhood to adulthood, and had been exchanged with innumerable life and death battles.

To withstand such pressure wasn't easy even for Lin Huang.

Fairy Blue Lotus turned to see Lin Huang flying away from the turbulent waves. She couldn't help but sympathize with him.

"Big Brother! I'm going to the Great Desolate, do you want to go!"

At this time, a giant Black Dragon flew into the skies above the Asura Sea. With its two wings extended outwards, it nearly blocked out the sun and skies.

A black-clothed young girl rode atop the Black Dragon's neck, waving towards Lin Huang.

She was Lin Ming and Sheng Mei's daughter - Jiu'er.

Seeing Jiu'er, Fairy Blue Lotus sighed with emotion. When Jiu'er first entered the final trial her completion rate was only 80%; this result couldn't be considered too high.

Jiu'er was different from Lin Huang. She had been accompanied by Lin Ming and Sheng Mei growing up and had obtained the best guidance from them. When Lin Ming and Sheng Mei broke into True Divinity, she had also been baptized with their Laws. However, what Jiu'er lacked was actual combat experience. Although her perception was astonishingly high and her cultivation progressed rapidly, her strength was actually somewhat lacking.

Like flowers grown in a greenhouse, although they were beautiful when they bloomed within, they weren't able to withstand the harsh winds and rains of the outside.

The originally mischievous and lazy Jiu'er saw her own completion percentage and silently departed for the Great Desolate.

She trained in the Great Desolate, fighting desperately with the vicious beasts there!

No one knew what Jiu'er experienced in the Great Desolate. All they knew was that after a short hundred years she returned, and when she reentered the final trial once more, her completion percent had reached 87.

Such a rate of growth was astonishing.

Fairy Blue Lotus knew that even though Jiu'er often smiled and appeared happy, the truth was that her burdens were no less than Lin Huang's.

Jiu'er originally had a playful personality, but that changed when her mother was captured by the Soul Emperor so many years ago. Although it was said that her mother as still alive, she feared that her situation wasn't too optimistic, otherwise she would have returned already.

Jiu'er's silent efforts were all for her mother!

"Jiu'er, I have no need to go. As the Great Desolate stands, there is nothing there that can challenge me. You go by yourself and be careful. Don't try to show off. Jiu'er, what is your completion percent this time?"

"I just reached 90…" Jiu'er said, a bit depressed. But as this voice fell into the ears of others, including Fairy Blue Lotus, it left them feeling somewhat depressed.

From 80 to 87, then from 87 to 90, Jiu'er's speed of progression was too terrifying!

After all, the final trial was not a test of one's strength but of one's talent and potential.

If a martial artist grew stronger their completion percentage wouldn't necessarily become higher. Instead, because of one's increased age, their completion percentage might fall instead. But for Jiu'er, because she was growing stronger far beyond her age, this was the reason why her completion percentage would rise by ten whole points.

If it were anyone else, they would already be thanking the heavens and earth for an increase of 1-2 percentage points in a thousand years.

And it seemed that Jiu'er's potential had yet to be fully unearthed. Later on, it would be possible for Jiu'er to obtain a 95% completion.

"Big Brother, I'm leaving first then!" Jiu'er slapped the Black Dragon's back. The Black Dragon flapped its wings and shot up into the skies. Even the clouds above were blown away by the violent winds.

Lin Huang looked at Jiu'er's back and a faint smile appeared on his lips. He watched as Jiu'er left and then turned to fly into the Asura Sea.

During this venture into the final trial he had gained some enlightenments and needed to go to the Amethyst Heavenly Palace.

The Amethyst Heavenly Palace was also where Lin Ming had gone into seclusion.

Lin Ming's cultivation could not be disturbed and no one was allowed to take a step into the Amethyst Heavenly Palace; they could only cultivate around it.

If one cultivated here they would fall under the 1:10 time enchantment and save a great deal of time.

Divine Dream, Emperor Shakya, Astral Vault, Soaring Feather, as well as numerous human and saint Empyreans all cultivated here.

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