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I am a Sugar Sucking Rooster

After cheering, Qian DuoDuo immediately became energetic. She jumped and hopped around, kicking at the small stones on the road and walked to the front of Long MuChen.

The dark was slowly turning dark and where their destination is, they don’t know. They just followed the road which seemed to be leading them in the direction of the residence of Chen Wang.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?” Long MuChen’s voice suddenly rang.

Qian DuoDuo turned around and jogged towards Long MuChen. She alarmingly asked: “How much would it cost?”

“I’m treating you out so it’s free!”

“Free ah? Then I won’t go…” Qian DuoDuo responded without hesitance.

Long MuChen was puzzled. Didn’t this small girl treat ‘collecting banknotes’ as her biggest hobby?

How come when facing a table of free lunch that she had expressed a feeling of disinterest and even a look of dislike?

Could it be…there comes a day where Qian DuoDuo will pluck off her fur [1] ?

However, Long MuChen’s thoughts was quickly denied.

“I – Qian DuoDuo is a top notch gourmet. In the past, the television station ah, five star hotel’s chef ah, when they wanted to ask me to become their judge, they will needed to bring large amounts of banknotes in order to invite me. You dared to ignore me, this ‘gourmet.’ You really made me disappointed in you…” Qian DuoDuo secretly shook her head and her expression was a little hurt.

Besides being a SWAT police, evaluating culinary delicacy was her side occupation. It could also be counted as surviving skills…

Using her skills to earn money, Qian DuoDuo had a clear conscience about it.

This is right…This is the Qian DuoDuo he knew…

However, he wanted to invite her for lunch and he still needed to give her money? Long MuChen was bewildered.

Is that not it? You want to chase after a girl so do you need to give them a gift ah? Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes.

“Qian DuoDuo, you really are a stingy person ah…”

Long MuChen laughed. This sentence, he didn’t know whether it was supposed to be a compliment or should he be helpless about it…

“Psh, stop underestimating this young miss…” Qian DuoDuo snorted: “I am a sugar sucking rooster. Not only do I not pluck off my fur but I will suck fur and end up placing it on my body…”

“However, you – Chen Wang is actually a colorful peacock. You probably have a lot of fur? If you let me pluck off one or two, you won’t be hurting anyway.”

Qian DuoDuo agilely surrounded Long MuChen and twirled around in a circle. She raised her hand over to grab at the long hairs he tied behind his back. She heard a humph from Long MuChen and she immediately tilted her head to make an ugly face at him, childishly.

Then she giggled and immediately headed towards the residence of Chen Wang, bouncing and hopping.

Though she had not forgotten to say to Xiao Rou who was behind her: “Xiao Rou, you return to the residence first. Young miss – I will be going to earn some quick money ah!”

Long MuChen was thinking about what to say but it already didn’t mattered. He looked into her black eyes which exposed a tint of brightness due to happiness and he helplessly shook his head. In the meanwhile, the corner of his lips had curled into a warm smile.

He stared at her shadow and embarrassingly rubbed his nose, providing for this little brat.

****Duo Er’s Diving Line****

In the front hall of the residence of Chen Wang, it was luxurious but low-profiled.

Qian DuoDuo’s eyes weren’t able to lighten up yet when she was attracted by the table of exotic delicacies and pounced on the table as though a famished wolf.

The surrounding maids and servants stood at the side waiting for order and they all watched flabbergasted as Qian DuoDuo shoved mouthful of foods into her mouth, not caring about her image at all.

They had questions in their hearts wondering when did their family’s Wangye become a charity donor and bring back a small beggar who haven’t eaten in days?

“Duo Er, slowly eat. There’s not anyone who’s going to steal from you…” Long MuChen stared at her face which was devouring food ravenously. Not only did he not think she was crude and uncivilized, on the other hand she looked straight forward and cute.


Pluck off her fur [1] – Saying that someone is willing to spend money instead of trying to keep the money to themselves and not spend it.

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