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Token Granted by the Emperor

“Oh…then tomorrow I will let Han Tie pick those who are beautiful…” Long MuChen answered, carelessly.

“Hehe…” Once Xiao Rou heard this, she couldn’t help to laugh. She played with her braids, responding: “Wangye, don’t you know my family’s young miss’s thoughts…During the afternoon, she was blocked by your residence’s bodyguards so she couldn’t go in, therefore she was thinking about taking revenge on them.”

Qian DuoDuo turned her head around to give Xiao Rou a look. This small girl, could it be that lately she had been giving her too much freedom that she dared to even tease her?

“They had blocked you guys?” Long MuChen was a little surprised.

“Yes ah, they said that besides the third Wangye and fourth Wangye, you don’t see anyone else. Otherwise young miss wouldn’t think of this weird trick to wail as though at a funeral in order to catch your attention ah.” Xiao Rou was not even a bit afraid of Qian DuoDuo’s threat. She appreciated this person in front of her whom from the young miss’s mouth claimed to be ‘someone easy to bully.’

However, how did young miss know that this man who had control over the world would only surrender and listen in front of Qian DuoDuo’s face…

But her family’s young miss had still revealed a look as though I will eat you, not coming to a realization at all…

Long MuChen’s eyes lit up and moved closer to Qian DuoDuo: “In the afternoon, you especially came to attract this Wang out?”

Qian DuoDuo turned her head around and directly ignored him. This small girl has such a big mouth. How come she had blurted everything out completely? Look, now this man will have something to be proud about…

Now, it’s good. The originally female lead who had her heads high and carried herself tall now became a small shrimp…

Long MuChen softly tilted the corner of his lips up. Under the circumstance that Qian DuoDuo wasn’t able to see, he had revealed a smile as though cleansed by the spring wind. He slightly lowered his head and raised his hand over to the side of Qian DuoDuo’s ear, a little content: “Then this Wang will go back and tell them that in the future, the residence of Chen Wang, you are able to come and go as you like…”

“I don’t want…” Qian DuoDuo’s mouth tugged and immediately rejected!

She didn’t wanted to be at the same level as Long YuTian! She wanted to be higher than him!

Long MuChen was such an astute person. His own subordinates had blocked her and she was able to beat around the bush and made it seem like their faults. Don’t mention that ‘will see no one’ was an order made by him.

In addition, Xiao Rou had poked her thoughts through out loud and now she didn’t have the ability to be proud anymore…

Grabbing a small tail and watching her be shy was especially cute. However, Long MuChen knew he couldn’t take it too far. This girl’s attitude was huge.

Therefore, he stopped speaking sarcastically at her and instead, pulled out a token from his waist and placed it in front of Qian DuoDuo’s eyes, shaking it around saying: “This is for you. In the future, whether it is the residence of Chen Wang or the Imperial Palace or even military grounds, as long as you have that, you will be able to pass through without interruption.”

Then, Qian DuoDuo raised her eyelids, a bit more interested now. She looked at the small token in front of her and the bottom of her eyes immediately lit up.

The gold and shiny…On the top was the word ‘Chen’ carved on it.

Not needing to think, Qian DuoDuo reached over to grab it. That strength, was as though she was trying to steal it. Then she placed it in front of her eyes and looked at it. In the end, she had actually placed the golden token in her mouth, biting on it a couple of times. She was stunned momentarily then right after, she tugged at her mouth and started laughing happily: “So it turns out to be real gold ah…”

“…” On top of Long MuChen’s forehead was three black lines: “You probably are not thinking about going to sell this for money right? Qian DuoDuo, it is this Wang’s personal object of identification…Even the third never had this before!”

Qian DuoDuo’s hairs were softly calmed down and very obediently: “How could I ah? I – Qian DuoDuo indeed has a lot of integrity…”

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