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Your Family’s Bodyguard is Ugly

“Duo Er, what do you say about this?” Long MuChen didn’t have the habit of having dinner in an official’s prefecture. However, due to the fact that Qian DuoDuo might want to stay for a while to be with the first lady, it was the first time that he had adapted to someone else.

“Me ah?”

The corner of Qian DuoDuo’s mouth tugged…In her heart, she was thinking about something else though. She had stirred up such a huge movement in the prefecture just recently but she could still keep this from the first lady. What she was afraid of is if the first lady will talk about the Confucian moral injunctions for women to pressure her. If she was to really stay over for dinner then she wouldn’t be able to avoid a scolding…

Aye, in this time period, it’s hard to be a good person ah!

“Duo Er, father knows your worries. You have been outside for a long time so it’s better to go back soon. When one day you have arrive early enough, father will order the servants to prepare the things you like to eat the most and wait for you to come, okay?”

Government minister Qian had explained tactfully but between the words and lines, it’s obvious that he is giving the notice to leave.

In fact, how could he have not seen the way Chen Wang had treated his daughter with a special kind of attitude than others? He wanted to receive benefits and such by pleasing through nepotism.

However, government minister Qian was that cunning and a wild old fox and thought in his heart early on already that if the third Wangye were to come over later and see them together, who knows what type of troubles would be stirred up?

One is the future Emperor and the other is Sheng Chen’s pillar…

They both have the power to rule over the world. Being stuck between the two of them, neither side can be offended. Staying in the middle and pretending to be dumb is the best option.

Chen Wang squinted his eyes at Qian Zhen Kuan and looked past the ideas in his heart but didn’t say it aloud. He revealed a smile but not intentionally and headed out the prefecture of Qian’s.

While on a leisure walk – Qian DuoDuo had her head slumped down, a look as though she had no energy.

“What happen? Before, you still had full fighting strength. How come you seem to have wilted when you came out? Do you have any thoughts in your heart?” Long MuChen saw as Qian DuoDuo kept quiet so he couldn’t help to ask her, the tone casual.

Qian DuoDuo touched her chin and looked at Long MuChen in a serious way, thinking momentarily: “Today, overall, was quite perfect. However, when I was at the door of your prefecture, there was a slight problem so I’m unhappy right now…”

“Oh? Tell me about it?”

“I think that your guards in front of the prefecture, each one of them, are too ugly. This will ruin Chen Wang – your image. It’s better if you change them.”

Long MuChen thought about the couple of bodyguards to the best he could. They actually do look cruel and horrifying. However, those are top notch masters. How can he change them just based on this girl’s one statement that they ‘look pretty ugly’ ah?

However, out of curiosity he inquired: “Whether the guards of the prefecture of Chen Wang look handsome or ugly, does that have anything to do with their role?”

“Of course. Don’t you know that welcoming the guests in represents the whole company’s image? Look at other people’s Bai Hua Lou ah, hotels and restaurants ah, all the women and men coming out to welcome the guests all are delightful to people’s eyes. Just one look from it, they can tell this store has style. Look at your prefecture. Each of them are taking on the look as though they are covered in dirt like King of Hell’s two deities. They had already made a couple kids cry due to this…It doesn’t match the image of you – Chen Wang being warm and kind.”

As she said this, Qian DuoDuo’s eyes flashed over a glimpse of mischief. Her heart had called out take revenge ah, take revenge ah!

King of Hell? The two deities? Could it be that his prefecture was so terrifying it was like the eighteen floors of hell?

He didn’t want to leave this kind of impression on her.

But…if he was to learn something like ‘Bai Hua Lou’ ways of attracting the guests…then save some time and don’t…

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