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The Plan in his Heart 

Pretty good…he came just in time. Mother was still here!

Although Qian Hao Han hadn’t engaged with his proper duties and enjoyed playing around, he was still intelligent. He had seen Qian DuoDuo’s change based on last time. He knew that she was the the type of person who will definitely take revenge on people back. This action that she had done wasn’t surprising at all.

However, he dared not to stick up anymore. He rushed over to Qian DuoDuo’s side: “Fourth sister…no…third WangFei, please disregards the wrongs of someone of a lower status of you. Please show some mercy towards my mother.”

“You are??” Qian DuoDuo looked at the outstanding and confident son of an official in front of her. For a couple moments, she wasn’t able to remember where she had seen him before…

“I am your elder brother ah…Qian Hao Han…”

“Oh! As it turns out to be the small cheap person ah!” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed as though waking up from her dream. Who knew once Qian Hao Han had dressed up, he looked like an actual person.

“…” Small cheap person? Oh yeah, that night Qian DuoDuo had given him a new name…

Qian Hao Han automatically left out the part where she called him ‘small cheap person’ and played the relative card: “Duo Er, mother had stayed by father’s side for almost 20 years and gave birth to Yun Er and I. Even if she doesn’t have any contributions, she had still done hard work. You had already dismissed many of father’s concubines so no matter what, you should still leave someone of satisfaction to father here to take care of him ah…”

Qian DuoDuo was a little hesitant: “But…my mother…”

Once Qian Hao Han saw there was some hope, he immediately patted his chest, promising: “Duo Er, it will be fine. This elder brother will promise based on his personality that from now on, mother and I will take good care of the aunt. We will make sure she wont ever feel wronged at any times. If she ends up missing a single strand of hair or feels unhappy, you can come to find me. I will let you punish me however!”

Actually, in regards to whether the two people were going to stay or go, Qian DuoDuo had her own consideration.

First of all, after all Qian Yun Er was the Imperial Concubine of the royal court. Even though she wanted to be independent and not afraid of the powers of the royalties, but in the end she had just traveled over so her foundations were not stable yet. If she were to become the talk of everyone and make troubles with the old man Emperor, then that would not be delightful.

Secondly, based on the first lady’s weak personality, she definitely would not be able to support the entire prefecture of Qian’s. If there wasn’t someone to assist her, maybe she might even fall ill due to overworking herself.

The most important point was just what Qian DuoDuo claimed to be the skill of controlling people. It was her who had gained the full advantage yet she still made others be grateful towards her as though they were unable to return the favor…

“Duo Er, how have you thought about this?” Qian Hao Han watched as Qian DuoDuo hadn’t said a single word from the start so he couldn’t help but to her ask her.

“This…” Qian DuoDuo glanced towards the second lady. The look when Li Mei gazed into her eyes didn’t have too much hatred and unwillingness anymore but rather a bit more desire to be able to stay. Thus, Qian DuoDuo had felt much better in her heart. However, she still pretended to give a look as though making a hard decision: “Since this small cheap person had said so, I will give you the face. I will let the second lady stay in the prefecture of Qian’s for observation. However, if you guys dare to let my mother be unhappy, don’t blame it on me when I let your mother and you pack your things and leave!”

It was hard to tell whether it was real or a sham but nevertheless, only by saying this will stun people…

Once she heard this result, the second lady finally let out a sigh. Her footsteps became limp and almost fell onto a maid’s body.

“Yes, yes. What the fourth sister had order, I will follow…Don’t worry about this…You have been standing for a long time. I think that Chen Wang and you might be hungry and it seems that it is about to turn dark. If the Chen Wang doesn’t mind, I will order for the kitchen to prepare some wine and dishes to represent my intentions.” Once this event had came to an end, Qian Hao Han instantly came out, trying to please them. Easing the relations between Qian DuoDuo and Chen Wang was the top most important situation right now.

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