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Showing off the Power at the Prefecture of Qian’s

She waved her small hands and the voice not stingy or weak: “Housekeeper, go, there are so many people hurrying to report their presence at the King of Hell. You need to go prepare more poison ah, white thin silk ah, daggers and such. On the way, help this young miss get an abacus.”

“Yes–” The housekeeper almost burst into laughter but thankfully he had comprehended quickly, not offending this ancestor: “WangFei, what do you need an abacus for?”

Out of curiosity, the housekeeper asked.

Qian DuoDuo played with her fingers, having quite a charming attitude of a young woman. She moved her huge eyes around, answering: “To compute the bill ah, you look…Daggers, poison, and white thin silks all cost money right. I can’t let them use this for free. However, this WangFei is not stingy either so I won’t ask them for money. I will directly just take it from the ten silvers and then finally if they won’t have money to buy a tomb then just throw them towards the mountains behind us. Let the wild wolves and dogs who haven’t had a full meal recently enjoy them. Therefore after they die, they will be contributing to something good.”

“You—” The woman with olive color clothes glared at Qian DuoDuo, wanting so badly to swallow her whole and peel off the layer of skins.

“What happened? This WangFei had already prepared everything for the best it can be ah. You’re still not satisfied ah. Could it be that you like the way my fourteenth had made a couple of holes on the housekeeper’s hand to feed the mouse ah?”

As soon as the words were out, the threat was obvious. Qian DuoDuo had no more patience to speak any more to them, directly pulling Long MuChen out to press down the scene.

Long MuChen, being the guest, obviously had to satisfy all the needs of the performer. He had seen that Qian DuoDuo was a little upset so he turned around, walking over to her side. His eyes moved towards Qian Zheng Kuan, faintly saying: “Just do as Duo Er had said. This Wang is too tired today, too lazy to do so.”

This sentence isn’t it obviously becoming the backstage supporter for Qian DuoDuo’s stirred up troubles without reason?

Government minister Qian’s forehead was filled with cold sweat. The voice contained an obvious tremble, becoming soft: “Chen Wang had reprimanded correctly. This is this servant’s house’s scandal, letting Chen Wang mock at this servant. This servant will immediately send someone to drive them out of the prefecture, immediately…”

The servants had all seen what’s going on and swiftly carried the concubines who were limp, lying on the ground out. One after the other, they had sent them out and the couple concubines dared not to pester endlessly as they had done so before.

In the end, the entire prefecture of Qian’s had the only concubine left, the second lady.

She watched the empty corners and she suddenly thought what just happened before was as though a nightmare, not real.

If it weren’t for the wails and sobs of the concubines in the far distance, she would’ve really thought she was in a dream. Maybe she could’ve gone up to give this small wench a slap as she had done in the past.

However, up to now, she had just come to a realization that every ten years there is a reverse of the fortune.

She stared at the servants who walked in front of her, hesitating and not knowing what to do. She raised her eyes, the blank eyes staring at government minister Qian. She had married him at the age of sixteen and conceived one daughter one son for him. Not only that, she had also arranged the prefecture in a good manner. Who knew in the end, she was left with the consequence of leaving the prefecture of Qian’s.

If her daughter, Imperial Concubine Yun was here, she could still say another sentence. After all, Chen Wang will definitely give the Emperor his faces. Maybe, there will be a change. But.

Just as she was discouraged, there was a hurried male voice from the front: “Father—-Mother—“

The second lady turned around to see Qian Hao Han galloping towards them, non-stop. He had seen the horse carriage outside of the prefecture of Qian’s which were sending the concubines out. When he asked them, he had found out it was Qian DuoDuo who were dismissing the concubines so he was worried for his mother, instantly traveling back.

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