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Father, I am Doing You Good 

What nonsense is this? Driving away his concubines, how does that goddamn thing involve itself with the imperial court?

“Humph, you are really loyal and obedient towards the imperial court ah!”

“Of course! You think ah, your age is old now and staying at home to tend after the flowers and watching the fishes fight, that is more than okay. Not only that, but you can also swing your hips along with the popular rural folk dance as well as singing the ‘two people spin.’ Those options help to maintain good health ah. Every day, you enjoy yourself within this group of women so how can your body deal with this ah. What if you end up dying from excess ejaculation ah? Then this daughter will be so heartbroken…Plus, even if your body is able to deal with all of this, you still need to wake up really early to attend the imperial court. At night, if you continue to do intense ‘exercising,’ what if one day you don’t have as much energy and the Emperor asks you about the country’s huge events and you get excited, blurting out a ‘heixiuheixiu–‘ or something like that, wouldn’t the Emperor be infuriated with you?”

This paragraph of words that Qian DuoDuo had said was simply a splash of saliva. Even a fallacious reasoning was able to be said as a devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence by her!

This type of bravery, this type of presumptuousness, had no idea what a deadpan manner would be like. Who knew how government minister Qian who wasn’t casual with words and didn’t like to smile was able to teach this type of bizarre daughter out?

Qian Zheng Kuan faced the servants and the group of concubines who were speechless, awkwardly smiling: “Duo Er, you’re still a young girl. How can you say these words?”

“What I am doing right now is called speaking my mind regardless of how people feel or think as well as being outspoken. Unlike you guys, who took after the style of being cold and reserved.” Qian DuoDuo’s small glance, don’t mention how she looked at them in disdain. After she was done ordering people, she directly ordered towards the housekeeper: “Go to the accountant’s office to take out some silvers. After that, immediately dismiss them!”

“How dare you say this!”

“No ah!”

“Lord!! You have to bring us justice ah!”

A group of women’s cries like ghosts and wails like wolves. Qian DuoDuo covered her ears and roared as though a lion: “All shut up for Ben WangFei! Why do I dare so? I dare so because you guys are ugly and tainted Ben WangFei’s eyes! Because my mother’s age is older than you guys and she won’t be satisfied in her heart had she seen you guys! What about it, you guys are going to bite me?”

“Ben WangFei will give you two options right now. One is to quickly scram after taking your share of money and the other is to not take the money and directly scram!”

The housekeeper had taken a small jog, running over with the pile of silvers. From maids who shared the room with the Lord to mistresses and finally the concubines — Not leaving one out, he had passed them all out.

“I don’t want to go…I don’t want to go…” These women watched as government minister Qian had said not a single word and knew that the majority of their powers were gone. If they really were driven out of the prefecture of Qian’s like this, don’t mention marrying someone else again but even surviving, they don’t have this ability!

A woman started to stir up troubles and the rest followed her, crying for heaven and earth. They fell on the ground, a look of being a rascal.

“Lord ah, if you dared to divorce me, being cold and ruthless, I will die in front of your face ah!”

“Yes ah, anyways besides having you, we don’t have any other support. I should just jump into the lake instead…”

“Right, prefecture of Qian’s person when alive and the ghost of the prefecture when dead…”

Wa Ca!  What a magnificent scene of group suicide ah. These women had, one – cry, two – stir up troubles, and three – try to hang themselves. They had displayed this to the finest details!

“Duo Er, look at your concubines who are so pitiful. Just have mercy on them…” Qian Zheng Kuang hugged one, also following to drop tears down his face.

Yo, as it turned out, he is also an infatuated person?

How come when she and her mother had endured so much torture in the prefecture of Qian’s in the past and he had not even wrinkled his eyebrows once? Now he is complaining about how she didn’t show mercy to them?

Qian DuoDuo raised her eyebrows and her heart felt even more miserable. The small body felt the unwilling feeling within the blood. She coldly sneered and smiled beautifully as though a flower: “Father, it is you who isn’t right. The concubines are deeply in love with you and said they want to be our prefecture Qian’s ghosts. If you don’t let that happen to them, it will seem like you have no heart!”

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