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The moon hung high in the sky. The night was as dark as the ink.

On the little path, Ling Xian and Yan Xiong Fei frowned as they listened to the young man recite the story.

Slowly, Ling Xian grasped the situation.

Every single controlling force on the Trading Island breeds beasts to help increase the fighting abilities of their clan. Because adult beasts defy humans, most people choose to capture baby beasts and train them when they are young. This way, the beasts would be faithful and serve the people.

There are advantages and disadvantages with everything. Though this way ensures the beasts will listen to the rules, it requires a lot of spiritual stones. This is why only the controlling forces use this tactic.

The Yan Clan bred hundreds of beasts.

Just now, the beasts' caretakers fed these beasts the Dan of Breakthrough. However, different from their expectations, the beasts did not strengthen. On the contrary, they collapsed onto the ground, close to dying.

One should know that the Yan Clan had invested a lot of money to breed these beasts. Now that they were on the verge of death, it meant they had wasted their energy and it meant the Yan Clan's capability would not increase!

How can this not be a matter of great importance!

"Leader, think of a solution! The beasts cannot hold on much longer!" the young man was close to crying. He was one of the caretakers. Now that something so tragic had happened, how could he be in a good mood?

"Dammit, I am no alchemist. What solution do I have?" Yan Xiong Fei gritted his teeth. Even his toes knew that it problem was the Dan.

Why else would those beasts be spitting out white foam?

"Goddammit, I wasted my resources paying those alchemists!"

Yan Xiong Fei was enraged. However, he also knew that this was not a time to pinpoint who was at fault. At this point, he had to find a way to revive the beasts. Or else the Yan Clan would've wasted their efforts.

Thinking about all the spiritual stones he spent breeding the beasts, Yan Xiong Fei's heart was bleeding. But he was not an alchemist and he had no way of solving the problem. As he circled around, he mumbled, "Dammit, I cannot count on that group of trash. Even if they try to brew a Dan to cure the beasts, they may end up brew some kind of poison."

"What do I do then? The beasts won't survive for long. Where do I find an alchemist in such a short amount of time?" Yan Xiong Fei continued to pace around in a panic.

Then, he suddenly remembered a rumor from two years ago. The rumor about the existence of a perfect Dan. His eyes brightened and quickly looked towards Ling Xian pleadingly.

Seeing this, Ling Xian took the hint. He pretended to be confused, hoping that Yan Xiong Fei would ask him himself.

You can run after someone to offer help, or wait till they ask you for help. The scenarios seem similar as the result is the same. However, reality is that the two scenarios are very different. The former would make you appear as a kind and helpful person. They would, of course, still thank you. But the latter, would really show how much others appreciate you.

If this was any other time, Ling Xian would've offered right away. It was not a big deal to him. But they were still discussing the matter of an alliance, he had to choose the latter option.

This would gain him more of a likelihood that the Yan Clan will agree. This was why Ling Xian was pretending to be dumb and awaited for Yan Xiong Fei to request first.

[What a fox.]

Yan Xiong Fei thought. He knew of Ling Xian's plan, but the situation was an emergency and he had no time to waste. He revealed a smile and begged, "I wonder if Master Xian has a way?"

"There is a way. But I cannot guarantee the result."

Ling Xian revealed a faint grin. Though it represented happiness without any ulterior motive, to Yan Xiong Fei, it was a smile of victory.

However, time was pressing, he didn't have the time to think about all this. He formed a fist and cupped it with the other, "As long as you have a way. I beg Master Xian to save my clan!"

"Yes… this is an emergency, let us hurry." Ling Xian nodded lightly and followed closely behind Yan Xiong Fei towards the north.

As he walked on, he though to Liao Cang Qiong's legacy.

The Encyclopedia of Dans.

This treasure was one that surpassed time, as it was the most valuable item of the alchemy community. The first half recorded all techniques required during the Dan brewing process. The second half recorded all the recipes Liao Cang Qiong created, including the miraculous ones.

Based on rough estimation, the Encyclopedia of Dans contains over 800 recipes with every single one of them possessing amazing effects. Some of these recipes have even been lost!

For example, the Luxury Dan drove many cultivators crazy. Another example would be the Healing Dan. Just based on these Dans, it becomes obvious that all recipes collected in the encyclopedias are valuable and rare.

One could make the claim that it is an immeasurable treasure!

This was why Ling Xian said he had a way. It wasn't because he was reckless, it wasn't because he was arrogant, it was because he was confident!

He believed firmly that the Encyclopedia of Dans contained a recipe that he needed!

After scanning through the later half of the encyclopedia, he found a suitable Dan. One he could brew and would solve their problem.

The Transformation Dan.

Just as its name suggests, this is a Dan targeted towards beasts. It allows the beasts to transform into human shapes, and at the same time, strengthen in terms of capabilities. Two birds with one stone!

"Hmm… they were planning on letting the beasts have a breakthrough anyway. This Dan is perfect. It is only of the seventh realm, something I can brew." Ling Xian whispered to himself. Although he wasn't all that certain that this Dan was effective.

After all, he wasn't sure what was wrong with the beasts. Though the Transformation Dan could help them breakthrough, if it can't stop them from spitting out foam, it will be useless.

He was not worried. The second half of the Encyclopedia contained more than 10 antidotal Dans. If one failed, he would try the second one. If that one failed, he would try all 10.

"Leader Yan, please help me prepare 10 different spiritual medicines." Ling Xian suddenly asked.

"You thought of a way already?" Yan Xiong Fei's eyes flashed with excitement, "Of course. The Garden of Spiritual Medicine is right beside where the beasts are."

Hearing this, Ling Xian nodded and spoke no more.

Just like that, the two of them sliced across the sky. After 15 minutes, they arrived to the Garden of Beasts.

Though it was nighttime, the garden was well lit.

Because by now, the garden was now full of people. Everyone had a panicked look on the face, especially the caretakers of the beasts. The alchemists who brewed the original Dan were sweating out of fear and desperation.

It was as if they had been sentenced to death.

When Ling Xian and Yan Xiong Fei landed, everyone focused on them. Then, a clamorous round of applause filled the air.

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