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"Look! It's Master Xian!"

"What! The person who fixed the Array of Unyielding Emotion? He really is young!"

"Oh my god, he looks only 20. Compared to him, I have wasted my life."

As the two silhouettes descended, everyone looked over. After identifying Ling Xian, they began to applaud.

Yan Xiong Fei on the other hand, was completely overlooked.

Even though the recovery of the Array of Unyielding Emotions happened just this afternoon, Ling Xian's name had become widely known to the entire Clan.

What could they do? Ling Xian was simply far too competent. After using merely an hour, he repaired an array that Master Jiang could not fix. On top of that, he was so young. It wasn't hard to imagine how glorious his future was!

The Ling Xian right now was shining bright like the Sun!

Even the leader of the family, Yan Xiong Fei, was overshadowed by him. The could be seen by everyone's reaction.

All eyes were on Ling Xian. Their gazes were filled with respect, appreciation, and jealousy. As for Yan Xiong Fei, nobody even looked at him. It was as if he didn't exist.

This made Yan Xiong Fei speechless. He was a little angry, and somewhat helpless. What could he do? These pairs of eyes didn't belong to him. He couldn't just force others to only look at him.

But what was happening made him feel rather awkward. As a leader of the clan, his spotlight was completely stolen by an outsider. Who wouldn't feel awkward?"

"Ehem… ehem…" Yan Xiong Fei dry coughed a few times to remind others of his existence.

Even after trying to gather everyone's attention, everyone spoke words that greatly hurt him.

"Eh? That's our clan leader? Strange, how come I didn't notice him?"

"Yeah, I didn't see him neither. How could I have missed that."

"Ah… it's probably because it's dark?"

Dark my @ss!

Yan Xiong Fei swore silently. What kind of excuse was this?

Everyone was holding onto a lantern. This place was as brightly lit as day time. Alright, even if it was too dark right now, how could they only see Ling Xian but not him?

It was obvious that they only had Ling Xian in mind and were ignoring him.

Yan Xiong Fei cried tearlessly. Even with his broad heart, he was angered by this. As the leader of the Yan Clan, he was completely ignored by his own people. Instead, everyone was focused on an outsider who was only here for half a day. How could he be okay with this???

Seeing this, Ling Xian suppressed his laughter. He comforted, "Never mind them, Leader Yan. It is because my face is unfamiliar, that's why they noticed me first."

"Whatever. There is no need to comfort me. If I can't even handle this, then I don't deserve to be the leader." Yan Xiong Fei waved his hand. He emphasized the word "leader" to remind everyone of his position.

Hearing this, everyone smiled awkwardly.


Yan Xiong Fei hissed and shouted, "Disperse! Let Master Xian take a look at the monsters!"

Let Master Xian look?

Everyone had a confused look on their faces. Wasn't Master Xian an array master? Does he know about alchemy too? Though confused, they parted ways.

Ling Xian and Yan Xiong Fei quickened their pace and walked onto the empty field.

There lied hundreds of beasts. Each and every one of them was spitting out white foams and was struggling with breathing. It seemed that they won't be alive for much longer.

This was normal. It had been at least 15 minutes since they had collapsed. It was natural that they were growing weaker, as if they could drop dead any second.

Faced against these weak beasts, Yan Xiong Fei's heart felt a pinch. For these beasts, he had spent a lot of spiritual stones, not to mention the number of years of research and effort.

After training these beasts for more than a decade, he was just about to get his reward. Yet these beasts didn't have their breakthrough and on the contrary, were now on the verge of death!

Who wouldn't be pained by this? Who wouldn't be angered?

Thinking about it made him more mad. He turned around and screamed out, "Who brewed this batch of Dans? Stand out!"

No answer.

Everyone was behaving like a turtle as they stared down on the ground, pretending to have never heard Yan Xiong Fei.

"Well, well, well, you won't stand out." Yan Xiong Fei's expression was dark. As he glanced around, he screamed out again, slowly and clearly, "I will ask you again – who brewed the Dan of Breakthrough! Stand out right now!"

Once again, no responses.

Everyone's head was lowered as they didn't even dare to breathe before their leader's anger.

Yan Xiong Fei was even more enraged at this. His black hair began to tussle in the air like an angry lion. However, just as he about to unleash his spiritual energy, Ling Xian stopped him.

"Leader Yan, let it go. It is not the right time to chase after who's responsible. We need to cure the beasts."

Hearing this, Yan Xiong Fei's face relaxed. He asked, "I wonder if you have a way?"

"I do have a way, but I cannot promise it will work." Ling Xian faintly grinned, not guaranteeing anything.

Just now, he had examined the beasts and concluded that the reason why they were spitting out white foam was because there was one special spiritual medicine in the Dan of Breakthrough.

Even though he wasn't sure what this spiritual medicine was, but he was certain that it was the existence of this that caused the Dan of Breakthrough to fail.

Ling Xian has already found an antidote from the Encyclopedia. But he wasn't certain it would work. He was about 70 percent sure that he can revive the beasts.

"As long as there is a way… as long as there is a way."

Yang Xiong Fei's eyes flashed with hope. Even though it hadn't been long since what happened, he was already feeling desperate. He thought, any sliver of hope was good.

Everyone else was also overjoyed. They knew just how much the Yan Clan had invested in these beasts. If these beasts died, then they would suffer a great loss.

Therefore, when they heard Ling Xian had a way, they became filled with hope. Especially the caretakers of the beasts, they all stared at Ling Xian with anticipation.

If he can cure the beasts, then they may be able to avoid punishment.

Ling Xian faintly smiled and ordered, "Leader Yan, please have someone gather the Tri-Colored Grass, the Root of Purple Sky, Gold and Silver Flower… and all 17 spiritual medicines."

"Someone, come!"

Yan Xiong Fei waved around his sleeve, "You heard Master Xian, hurry up and bring him these ingredients from the Garden of Spiritual Garden."

Hearing this, a young man ran to the Garden and before long, returned with all 17 spiritual medicines and placed them on Ling Xian's hand.

"Hmm.. not bad quality."

Checking out the colorful spiritual medicines, Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction. Then, a purple cauldron suddenly slammed onto the ground from the sky.

Then, he sat down in a lotus position in preparation to start the brewing process.

"The beasts won't be able to hold on much longer, let's begin."

Mumble, Ling Xian's fingers began to move. The Flame of Purity entered the cauldron and roared. Then, sweeping across his sleeve, eight spiritual medicines entered the cauldron. He planned on extracting all eight of them at the same time.

As they watched, everyone gasped. They wondered if this guy was being gutsy with alchemy or if he was utterly clueless.

One has to admit that these people were overreacting. To other alchemists, this was something very difficult to achieve. But to Ling Xian, this was a routine task. He has done this many times many years ago.

"Let's brew!"

Ling Xian formed a hand seal and dialed up the strength of the flame. The eight different spiritual medicine burned to form the antidote he had in mind.

The purple cauldron shook as the flame roared. The eight different spiritual medicines were engulfed by eight spiritual energies. The speed of the extraction could be seen by the naked eye. After about 15 minutes, all eight ingredients had turned into power powder.

Then, Ling Xian used his spiritual energy to merge the powder.

Instantly, a fist sized medicinal Dan appeared inside the cauldron.

Then, Ling Xian held his breath. He quickly used an alchemy technique. Then, abruptly, the Dan began to swirl and an aromatic scent filled the air.

The medicinal Dan then formed and broke through!

The crowd began to cheer. They didn't think that Ling Xian would be able to successfully brew a Dan in such short amount of time.

"We will feed this Dan to every single beast to detox them." Ling Xian grinned. He then got off the ground and said to Yan Xiong Fei, "Leader Yan, please give me a bucket of spiritual water."

"I have it right here. Wait." Yan Xiong Fei's eyes sparkled with excitement. He quickly grabbed a bucket and filled it with spiritual water.

"Don't worry, Leader Yan, I will save these beasts." Ling Xian smiled and placed the Dan inside the bucket and used his Qi to melt it.

Before long, the Dan dissolved completely into the bucket of water. Even though the water appeared no different than before, it was no longer ordinary water. It was now spiritual water that could cure the beasts!

Holding onto the bucket of water, Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He walked on to detox the beasts.

However, just as he marched on a step, he heard a questioning statement.

"Slow down. You feeding those beasts this bucket of water in hope of saving them. Should I call you stupid, or should I call you arrogant."

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