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Chapter 369: About the Alliance
The Sun had set and the night had fallen.

On the cool and shady road, Ling Xian and Yan Xiong Fei walked alongside each other. As they enjoyed the beautiful moonlight, they discussed about the Bai Clan.

Ever since they exited the cemetery, Ling Xian had informed Yan Xiong Fei about the identity of Bai Xiao Qi and his thoughts of forming an alliance. However, because of the severity of the situation, the leader of the clan did not answer right away. He was considering this quietly.

"Leader Yan, I wonder if you thought of my proposition yet?" Ling Xian finally asked.


Yan Qiong Fei frowned. After a moment of silence, he said, "Sorry. I cannot agree."

Hearing this, Ling Xian grinned. He predicted this result.

Yan Xiong Fei was the leader of the clan and was burdened with the safety of the Yan Clan and everyone's live. How could he answer so easily? Therefore, he wasn't surprised. Because he already thought of what to do.

Smiling, Ling Xian spoke out softly, "I will ask Leader Yan three questions. After you answer them, if you still think we should not form an alliance, then I will leave without a second word."

"Please speak of it." Yan Qiong Fei nodded, unable to guess why Ling Xian was so confident. But no matter what, he will not easily agree to the alliance.

After all, he was responsible for the entire clan, why would he ever endanger them?

"Questions one. Dare I ask, how log has it been since the

mysterious House appeared?" Ling Xian asked lightly, his expression calm, as if he already knew Yan Xiong Fei will agree.

Yan Xiong Fei frowned slightly and answered, "I'm not sure about the exact time, but probably a few thousand years."

"Good. Now the second question," Ling Xian smiled, and asked a question unrelated to the previous one, "Dare I ask, what do you think of the Trading Island?"

"Spacious, resourceful, one of the best islands out of the 36 islands." Yan Xiong was confused.

"Very good. Now for the third question." Ling Xian stared at Yan Xiong Fei and teased, "Could Leader Yan really think that the second Elder of the Bai Clan had enough power to personally invite the mysterious House's leader?"

Yan Xiong Fei instantly frowned, slowly realizing something.

Though these three questions appeared unrelated to each other. But once considered carefully, a terrifying guess could be made.

Yan Xiong Fei's expression turned stern, "You mean…"

"That's right. I do not believe the second elder sought after the mysterious House. I believe it is the other way around." Ling Xian expressed his conclusion.

In that very second, Yan Xiong Fei's face transformed. He could lead an entire clan, thus he was not a simple minded man. However, because he was experiencing the situation himself, he could not see through the situation right away. After listening to Ling Xian's questions, he finally thought of the terrifying result.

Imagine it, if what Ling Xian said was true, and the mysterious House was the one who found the second elder of the

the Bai Clan, then… what was the intention of this? It was not as simple as the House wanting the land of the Bai Clan!

The most likely possibility was that the mysterious House, after thousand years of hiding, can no longer take the loneliness. It was now planning on fighting for land with the five clans. Using the Bai Clan as a spring board, its real intention was to lunge at all five forces and dominate them all!


Thinking about this horrifying possibility, Yan Xiong Fei could no longer remain calm. His brows were tightly locked together as he thought of this possibility.

"Leader Yan, there is no need to think anymore. Though I cannot promise this is absolutely what is happening, it is the most likely guess."

Ling Xian's lips curled up into a mischievous smile, "Like you said, the Trading Island is spacious, is resourceful. It is also the richest island here. Against such a valuable piece of land, every force would have its eyes on it. The mysterious House, after thousands of years, would react the same."

"Now that you speak of it, this is a real possibility." Yan Xiong Fei sighed, his face full of worry. "If that's the case, then the five clans… no, the four of us are in trouble."

"That is without a doubt. Since the Bai Clan has already fallen into the hands of the mysterious House, before long, the mysterious House will make its move towards its next target." Ling Xian's smile was confident, he knew that Yan Xiong Fei was hesitating.

"In that case, then when

then when the mysterious House chooses to make a move, we wouldn't just be in trouble, we would be in real danger." Yan Xiong Fei's brows were tightly locked.

"Yes. That is why I wanted to form an alliance with the Yan Clan."

Ling Xian grinned and added alcohol to the flame, "Bai Xiao Qi is the inheritor. This is something that's been agreed upon. If we can show that we have the capability to fight against the second elder, I believe most people will stand behind Bai Xiao Qi. When that happens, the Bai Clan will no longer be under the grasp of the mysterious House. Our chances of winning would also increase."

"Our chances?"

Noticing this key word, Yan Xiong Fei shook his head, "You sure know how to speak. Before I am even aware of it, you have dragged me onto this boat of yours."

"It's not that I have a way with words, this is simply a fact. Leader Yan knows very well that everything I say is advantageous to the Yan Clan," Ling Xian shook his head slightly and in a serious tone, stated, "Let's form an alliance. It is the best way to deal with the current situation."

"I have to admit that I am moved by your words."

Yan Xiong Fei's expression was heavy as he stared at Ling Xian seriously. "But I cannot bet the lives of my Clan after simply hearing your statement."

"That's within my expectation."

Ling Xian nodded. His face didn't show any disappointment, "If Leader Yan is too scared to bet on it, then I will not I will not speak of it anymore."

"No, you are misunderstanding me." Yan Xiong Fei displayed a mysterious smile, "It's not that I am too scared to bet. It's that I do not want to face such a big character with just you and me."


Ling Xian frowned lightly and said, "By that you mean, you are going to drag down the other three clans?"


Yan Xiong Fei praised, "According to our guess, the mysterious House is planning to control the entire Trading Island. If that's the case, then we are all involved. Why not drag them down with us? Why must we face it ourselves?"

"It is no wonder you are the leader of the clan. You are completely right." Ling Xian complimented back. Reality was that he did think of it. But since he didn't even know the other leaders, to suddenly show up and ask to form an alliance – who would accept?

Therefore, he didn't mention this at all. Now that Yan Xiong Fei thought of it, everything was going according to his plan.

"Haha, do not worry. I will take responsibility of the other three clans." Yan Xiong Fei laughed.

"If the four controlling forces can collude, then the chances of us winning against the mysterious house increase by a lot." Ling Xian's lips curled up, displaying a bright smile.

However, just as the two of them were about to discuss this further, a 20 something year old young man suddenly ran over and shouted something that made everyone frown.

"Clan Leader, it's no good. Something bad happened!"

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