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Chapter 352: Victory against the Heavens
"Uh… let me handle this."

A voice full of helplessness slowly rose, lifting everyone's spirits as their gazes shifted towards the source of the voice.

However, when they saw that it was Ling Xian who spoke, they became disappointed.

How else would they think? Ling Xian looked far to young, like a 16 to 17 year old boy. How could someone like that stop the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon?

Even though in the Taoism community, many thousand-year old elders had the appearance of a 20 year old. The hidden aura about Ling Xian could not hide the fact that he had far too much vitality and he had to be young.

Therefore, everyone's hope instantly turned into desperation.

It was normal for them to have this mentality. Even the completion levelled cultivator could not stop the tornado. What kind of capability would the 20 year old have? No matter how much natural talent he might have, he was at most of the foundation level. There was no way he could stop the tornado.

Sensing everyone's disappointment, Ling Xian's expression was calm like usual as he never minded everyone's lack of trust.

He was someone who did not debate with his lips. If people were skeptical of him, then he would let facts speak!

He would make sure nobody could say anything otherwise and could only accept reality!

"I thought maybe I didn't need to make a move. But he is so weak and cannot even handle one strike." Ling Xian glanced at the elderly as he felt highly disappointed.

He had forgotten that not everyone was as heaven-defying as he was. Not everyone could possess the strength of the intermediate stage of the completion level the moment they breakthrough to the completion level.

The might of the tornado was of the intermediate stage of the completion level. Naturally, the grey robed elder found it hard to defend and was knocked out in one go.

"This person is undeserving of the completion level title. He definitely reached this level using medicinal Dans." Ling Xian helplessly shook his head. He originally didn't want to make any move. But now, the grey robed elder had proved to be useless.

He had no choice but to stand out now.

Sighing, he began to march towards the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon and planned to

diminish it in one go. However, just as he began to walk towards, he heard a strange voice.
"What an ignorant person. Even Elder Wang cannot stop the tornado, what makes you think you can?" the young master suddenly spoke, his tone full of disrespect.

"Who do you think you are?"

Ling Xian couldn't help it but to chuckle as he paced on. With his broad heart, why would he second think other people's provocation?

Despite his unwillingness to respond, the person on the other end did not let go easily.

Perhaps Ling Xian's temperament was far too extraordinary and he was jealous, he continued to speak in an unfriendly tone, "You do not know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is. Are you crazy now because you want to show off so badly? Against a tornado a completion levelled cultivator cannot tame, you dare to step out? Should I call you stupid or call you dumb?"

Ling Xian frowned. No matter how patient he was, he still got angry over someone's continuous provocation. He glared at the young man and made one short noise.


The volume of his voice was not loud, yet it rumbled inside everyone's eardrums like the thunder. The grey robed elder's face changed color as he quickly dashed before the young man.

Pity, if Ling Xian wanted to hurt someone, how could anyone stop him? Even if the opponent was an elder of the completion level, he would prevail!

A shapeless wave of spiritual energy expanded out of Ling Xian. Nobody else at the scene felt anything except the young master. His expression changed as his eyes widened in shock.


After puking out a mouthful of fresh blood, the young man became furious. He didn't think someone dared to hurt him. However, just as he was about open his mouth to scold, the elder covered his mouth with his hand.

"Young master, keep quiet."

The grey robed elder had a grim expression as sweat formed on his forehead. He whispered, "Young master, I cannot tell just how deep into the cultivation journey this person is in. Don't anger him."

Despite the anger the young man was feeling, he listened to the elder and nodded. He understood.

Seeing this, the elder loosened his grip.

"Dammit, elder Wang, just exactly who is this person?"

person?" The youth clenched his teeth. Nobody had ever made a move against him growing up. All he could feel was anger.

"I can't see through him. We need to endure." The elder appeared serious.

Seeing his stern expression, the young man repressed his anger and nodded. Even though the elder was his servant, even his father treated him with respect. He didn't dare to disobey.

"Good, you are not completely stupid."

Ling Xian glared at them again. When his gaze met theirs, the young man shuddered and lowered his head, too afraid to meet his eyes.

Seeing this, Ling Xian continued to walk forward. His duty right now was to first destroy the tornado, not to waste anymore time with this elder and young man pair.

He slowly walked up to Bai Xiao Qi. Looking at the cute girl, he grinned, "What can I even say? You are near death yet you are still thinking about your idol."


Bai Xiao Qi wrinkled her nose and sighed, "If my idol was here, he would destroy the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon with a flick of his finger."

Ling Xian curled up his lips, "I can destroy the tornado too."


Bai Xiao Qi looked at him through the corner of her eye and grumbled, "You shouldn't even try. Though I admire your courage, this is something set in stone. Once the inhibition spell is lifted, we will all die. Let's just wait quietly."

As soon as her voice trailed off, everyone sighed. None of them thought Ling Xian had the ability to destroy that terrifying Tornado of the Demonic Dragon.

Everyone's face was full of desperation, as if clouded by the idea of death.

"You trust your idol so much, yet you do not trust me at all." Ling Xian shook his head and looked at everyone. He asked, "None of you believe me?"

No responses.

The ship was dead silent as everyone chose not to speak. They lowered their heads and stared at the ground, trying to ignore Ling Xian.

It was obvious, none of them believed in him.

"Aye, just give up. Come sit and wait for death with me."

Bai Xiao Qi exhaled loudly and began to cry. She whimpered, "I… I am so young. I haven't met my idol, and I haven't even had his

had his children. How can I die?"


Ling Xian didn't know whether to cry or laugh. He extended a hand and patted her head, "Don't worry. I promise you that you won't die and will have the chance to have his children."

"S… stop trying to calm me down. It is the legendary Tornado of the Demonic Dragon. Even that completion levelled cultivator wouldn't stop it. How can you? I wish my idol was here."

Bai Xiao Qi brushed away Ling Xian's hand. She refused to believe that he had the ability to save everyone's life here.

Ling Xian smiled helplessly. He wanted to try and save everyone's life yet nobody here believed him. However, he did not care and wanted to use facts to win the debate.

When truth was before everyone's eyes, they would no longer be able to argue.

"Let me see just how strong this Tornado of the Demonic Dragon really is." Ling Xian's lips curved up as he marched forward in giant steps. His white robe danced in the wind.

Seeing this, everyone raised their heads. Though they didn't believe Ling Xian, they wanted to see what would happen.

"Hehe, dumbass." The young man snickered and cursed, "I wish you will die inside and be eaten by all the sea monsters until you have no bones left."

The grey robed elder had the same reaction. Though he wasn't sure if he could win against Ling Xian, he still said, "Don't worry, young master. After my exchange with the tornado, I have determined that the tornado is very powering and is of the same level as a cultivator in the intermediate stage of the completion level. No matter how powerful he is, this place will be the place he is buried in!"

"Good. That saves me a lot of time and trouble." The young man hoped for Ling Xian to be killed.

Just like that, Ling Xian walked to the front of the ship, carrying everyone's distrust and vile expectations.

Before him, thin layers of golden light was circling the air. It was the spell set by the grey robed elder. However, the light was getting faint and could not last much longer.

The pillar of water however, was getting even more aggressive. Its power only strengthened after being under the inhibition spell for so long. Though it was under the control of the control of the golden lights, Ling Xian could feel its powers.

It made him frown. But he did not show a hint of fear.

It was true that the tornado was strong and the completion levelled cultivator cannot even defend against one attack. But to him, it was nothing.

He was of the undefeatable realm!


Two lights flashed by and both the Sword of Extinction and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior appeared in each of Ling Xian's hands. Then, he adjusted his Qi to its optimal level in preparation to defeat the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon in one move!

Everyone saw through his intentions and sighed in nervousness.

Facing the tornado head on?

Is he seeking death? Didn't he see the elder being knocked out by one strike?

Everyone's eyes darkened as they slowly closed their eyes. They didn't have the heart to watch Ling Xian lose and did not want to see to their own deaths.

At that very moment, the golden light finally dispersed completely.

Without anymore restrictions, the pillar of water spun uncontrollably and displayed an unmatchable amount of vigor that sought to destroy all in sight!

"It's here."

Ling Xian's lips curled up as the power of the completion level rolled out of the tornado. Like a heavenly being that was being awakened, the might of it was starting to descend!

"Get away!"

Ling Xian loudly screamed. His black hair tussled in the wind as both his Sword and his Halberd emitted bright light. Along with the perfect Golden Dan, all his power was dashing towards the tornado with the intention of ending its life!


One loud earth splitting noise shook all nine heavens and all ten levels of hell!

In the next second, the pillar of water turned into a storm that rained down the ocean with the countless number of sea monsters. The tornado would never again have the power to split earth and heaven.

One strike… destroyed it!

Under the heavy rain, Ling Xian floated in mid-air like a immobile mountain that could not be moved.

Holding onto the Sword of Extinction with his left hand and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior with his right, he appeared just like the God of Warrior!

In that very moment, even bird chirps could not be heard.

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