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Chapter 351: A Monstrous Storm
The giant Sun in the sky shone down on the endless ocean.

The ocean was originally calm and serene. In the three months it was sailing, it did not encounter any storms or even giant waves. Yet, right now, the ocean had turned aggressive and violent. Like an angry giant snake, it shot through the sky in anger!

At the same time, the sky darkened, and the white clouds turned black instantly. Like a bottomless bottle of ink that poured onto a blue piece of paper, the originally clear sky became grim.

As if affected by the dark clouds, the tornado grew even more violent. Within a few breaths' time, it approached closer for hundreds of meters and was no longer far away from the ship.

This scene shocked everyone on the ship.

Everyone's expression became lifeless as they watched the terrifying scene unfold before them.

"Oh my god, is this the legendary Tornado of the Demonic Dragon?"

"We are finished! The Tornado of the Demonic Dragon only happens once every century. Yet we have encountered it. We are dead meat!"

"Wait, everyone calm down. Look carefully, there is something inside the tornado!"

Amongst everyone's horrifying screams, one person discovered something and pointed it out to everyone.

"Something inside?"

Everyone calmed themselves down and shifted their gaze towards the tornado. After realizing what was hidden inside, their bodies began to shake in fear.

"F*ck! There is a sea monster hiding inside!"

"My God. It's already an once in a century chance for us to run into the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon. It is already peerlessly horrifying! Now there is a sea monster, which is just as deadly. God wants us dead!"

"We are finished!"

Everyone has given up on surviving as they watched the tornado. The fear was instilled into their bones. Many people lost the strength to stand as they collapsed onto the ground.

Bai Xiao Qi's face was white as her pearly eyes became filled with fear and desperation.

Legend has it that there were two crises that can happen in the ocean. One was the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon, two was a sea monster.

To put it simply, it's next to impossible to run into even one scenario. And when one does run into it, death becomes the most likely outcome. For both scenarios to be happening at the same time, one could make the claim that death was now the only answer.

At this very moment, the only person who can remain calm in the situation is Ling Xian. However, even with his capabilities, he was frowning as he felt the power of the tornado.

Completion leveled.

The strength displayed by the tornado was equivalent to a cultivator of the intermediate stage of the completion level!

This was merely the strength from the tornado. If the countless sea monsters inside the tornado are considered, then the vigor of this crisis is immeasurable!


The ocean roared as the wind swept the water up into the sky!

Up in the sky, dark clouds converged as lightning ran through the clouds. The atmosphere was as if today was the end of the world!

Death is certain!

This was the only thought running through everyone's minds as their legs shook. Appearing desperate, they had lost all the courage to defend.

What could they do? The Tornado of the Demonic Dragon was

was far too terrifying. Whatever the tornado touches gets destroyed in an instant. On top of that, there was an unknown number of sea monsters hidden inside.

Even if they could fight against the tornado, they will be devoured by the sea monsters. Their bones and their skin will be chewed up, without a doubt.

Just as everyone paced around the brink of desperation, a luxuriously dressed young man stood out. He carried a presumptuous smile on his face as he scorned, "Everyone, remain calm. It's simply a tornado. What can it possibly do?"

Everyone was instantly stunned.

What can it possibly do?

What the hell! Even if you want to show off, pick an appropriate time!

Everyone was angered by the statement. At a time when their lives were endangered, why would he make such a light statement? They all glared at the young man angrily and were planning to tell him off when an elder dressed in grey stood out.

In the next second, the elderly snickered. Like a giant hammer that slammed down from the heavens, the pure vigor of his snicker was earth splitting.

"Interesting." Ling Xian grinned softly as he let the elder's energy wash over him. Then, he rooted himself onto the ground, not letting the elder's Qi knock him over.

However, nobody else here was as powerful as he was and could ignore the elder's power.

When the Qi hit them, they puked out blood as if they were just struck by lightning.

"A powerhouse from the completion level?"

Everyone's face whitened as they looked up to the elder with respect and terror.

However, Ling Xian did not puke out blood nor did he feel surprised.

feel surprised. He knew from a long time ago that a completion leveled cultivator was hidden on this ship. However, the grey-robed elder did not know of his existence.

"Hmmph, it is good that you recognize your positions. The young master is trying to help you out of kindness, and you dare to show disrespect?" The elder in grey sneered and continued to speak arrogantly, "I will spare your lives for now. If it happens again, I will kill you all before the tornado hits."

Everyone was furious at this. However, against a completion leveled cultivator, they didn't dare to be rude. Especially after hearing that they were going to help them fend off the tornado, they didn't speak another word.

"Whatever, Elder Wang. They are merely ants, no need to waste time." The young master crookedly smiled as he glanced at everyone, who were too afraid to speak. "Remember, I am saving your lives today because I am in a good mood."

Hearing this, Ling Xian shook his head. This young man didn't really want to save anyone. He simply wanted to use this as an opportunity to show off his capabilities.

However, he didn't care what his intention was. As long as he can save these people.

Just then, the tornado became even scarier. It formed into a giant pillar that connected the earth and the sky. By now, it was right before the ship.

Seeing this, the elder in grey rushed over, and his Qi clashed against the tornado.


The ocean continued to roar with angry waves!

The elder was a completion powerhouse after all. The moment he made a move, the tornado froze in place.

He appeared to be even more arrogant as the arrogant as the tornado stopped its movement. He thought, [The tornado is not too scary. I stopped it with one move.]

Everyone's eyes glistened as they saw the chance to stay alive.

However, the excitement did not last. After a few moments, the tornado began to spin out of control and exploded with an even more powerful force that flung the elder backward.

The moment the tornado came in contact with him, however, he summoned a technique that locked the tornado in place.


After a fresh mouthful of blood, the elderly fell to the ground and stared at the tornado fearfully.

Immediately, everyone felt their organs twist as they shook unstoppably.

The result was obvious. Despite the elder being really strong, it will be difficult to win against the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon!

It was over!

Everyone's face turned sheet white and lifeless. Their hearts were full of desperation and fear.

Bai Xiao Qi was the same. Her beautiful eyes shed two tears as she mumbled, "I… I don't want to die. I haven't met my idol yet. I haven't bared his children yet. How can I die?"

However, against the terrifying tornado, they were in no position to determine their fate.

Though the elderly had locked the tornado in place for now, everyone knew very well that the technique could not forever stop the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon.

Once the spell wears off, they will die.

Everyone became silent as they became truly hopeless.

However, just as they were about to accept their fate. A voice that sounded helpless suddenly rose, reigniting the spark in everyone's eyes.

"Uh… let me handle this."

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