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Chapter 353: Reality Speaks Louder than Words
The dark clouds in the sky had subsided and the originally sunny day returned.

The pillar of water that connected the ground and the sky had subsided as if it was never there in the first place. The ocean retained its original peace.

The wind blew onto Ling Xian's black hair and his white robe, as he stood tall in space. Like an undefeatable Buddha, he peered down onto others and embraced what was to come.

After he broke down the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon, his aura became increasingly overpowering and terrifying!

Everyone was stunned.

One strike… destroyed it?

How was that possible? That was the legendary Tornado of the Demonic Dragon. A phenomenon that even the completion levelled cultivator could not defend against.

Everyone's eyes widened as they looked towards Ling Xian with disbelief.

Reality speak louder than words.

The Tornado of the Demonic Dragon was gone, and it was gone after merely one attack. This was the reality that nobody could deny!

The reason why people didn't want to accept is because at first, they didn't believe him. Though they didn't mock him or tease him, nobody stood out to encourage him.

Therefore, when the Tornado was destructed by Ling Xian, none of them wanted to accept this fact. Because it represented a counter strike that slapped them in the face.

To know that everyone here was of families of the wealthy and their pride was of utmost importance to them. Therefore, for Ling Xian to have proved them

wrong, they felt like they lost face.

However, reality was before them, and no matter how much they wanted to deny, they couldn't.

"Oh my god."

Bai Xiao Qi widened her pearly eyes as she stared at the silhouette. She muttered to herself, "He… he didn't lie to me. He really did it."

Then, redness flashed to her cheeks. It wasn't that she was attracted to his current aura, after all, all she could think about was her idol. Why would her heart flutter for him?

The reason why her face was turning red was because of the words she said to him before. Since the beginning, she did not trust him and said rather rude things. Now she felt so ashamed she wanted to find a hole and crawl into it.

She wasn't the only one who was embarrassed. Everyone else was just the same. Every time they remembered how much they distrusted Ling Xian, they felt their faces heat up out of shame.

Together with embarrassment, they were also thankful.

Even though their faces were unintentionally slapped by Ling Xian loudly. No matter what, the tornado had vanished and their lives were saved.

This one thing was enough for them to be thankful towards Ling Xian!

However, two people were staring at Ling Xian furiously.

"Dammit, he lived!" the young man's face was extremely dark as he looked at Ling Xian vilely.

The grey robed elder did not appear kind neither. However, he looked more shocked than anything else. He, himself, had

had tested out the strength of the tornado and was knocked out by one hit.

But before his eyes, the tornado was destroyed by Ling Xian in one move. Just how much capability was required for this?

"I didn't think there was another completion levelled cultivator on the ship… who… who is even stronger than me!" The grey robed elder was highly dissatisfied. Though he did not want to admit it, he didn't want to lie to himself neither.

Without a doubt, that one hit proved that Ling Xian was stronger than him!

And not just stronger by a little bit!

This crumbled the elder and made him a little fearful. Remembering how the young master had been rude to Ling Xian, his expression changed.

"Young Master, I know you do not want to. But no matter what, you cannot provoke this man from now on. It will be difficult for me to protect you."

The elder's face was stern as he whispered, "Will you remember this?"

"Dammit, even Elder Wang is afraid!"

The young man swore under his breath. His background was very powerful and he belonged to one of the top forces of the 36 islands. He was also highly spoiled and beloved. When has he ever swallowed back his anger?

However, towards the elder's warning, he had to listen. No matter how infuriated he was, he had to hold himself back.

"Elder Wang, do not worry. I will bite my tongue!" The young man then cursed, "However, when I get home. I want him dead!"

"Don't worry

/> "Don't worry young master. Once we get back to the clan, no matter how powerful he is, he will be under your possession. You can do whatever you want with him." Elder Wang sighed in relief. He was really afraid the young master would continue to challenge Ling Xian.

If that happened, both of their lives would most likely be lost.

"Fella, you better wait. I will make you wish for death!"

Staring at the demon like silhouette in the sky, the young man's eyes flashed with killer's intention. He then lowered it quickly in case the terrifying demon would notice him.

Sadly, it was pointless. Ling Xian was observant and sensitive, how could he not sense someone's killer's intent?

Ling Xian frowned and grunted.


The noise was thunderously loud and as heavy as a hammer. It carried the force of an army and smashed towards the young man.

"Oh no!"

The elder's face changed color as he shielded the young man. Slicing down his arm, the ocean created a giant wave that deflected the invisible sound wave!

However, how was that possibly enough to stop Ling Xian?


The space began to shiver as the ocean continued to toss and turn. In an instant, the waves dissipated and transformed into a heavy pour.

However, the indivisible sound wave remained. Emitting with horrifying might, it slammed into the elder and the young man.

The elder's face turned pale as he smiled wryly. He finally realized the gap between himself and Ling Xian!

Without Xian!

Without a doubt, if Ling Xian wanted him dead, he would be dead after one strike!

The young man on the other hand, puked out blood as fear filled his gaze. That moment just now, he truly felt like death was near him. He also finally realized one thing.

Ling Xian, dared to kill him!

"A completion levelled cultivator who only got here because of a medicinal Dan dare to act so irritably before me?"

Ling Xian glared at them with the might of a celestial being.

Instantly, the elder and the young man lowered their heads and avoided his gaze. Their bodies uncontrollably trembled.


The elder was full of sorrow. He was, in fact, a completion cultivator who reached where he was with medicinal Dans. His real capabilities lacked compared to normal completion levelled cultivators.

Thus, he couldn't even handle one move against Ling Xian.

But from this, it also became obvious just how strong Ling Xian was. No matter what, the elder was of the completion level but he couldn't even defend against one grunt of Ling Xian's. Just how overpowering did Ling Xian have to be?

"I know, you have a strong backbone and can have a completion powerhouse as your servant. You background must not be weak. However…"

As the young man trembled with fear, Ling Xian's lips curled and uttered out a chilling statement.

"You better not provoke me. If you do, I do not care if you are the son of an immortal - I will slaughter you."

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