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Chapter 350: Bai Xiao Qi
The Sun hung in the sky, spraying down borderless amount of light that brightened the surface of the ocean.

A giant and grand ship was sailing in the ocean. But of course, the word "flying" would better describe its current state. This was because the speed of this ship was insanely fast. Even if a cultivator of the foundational level gave it his all, he would not be able to match the speed of this ship.

It was for this reason, did cultivators choose to go the Trading Island using this ship. Not only would the speed of this ship fast, it would also save them plenty of energy. Though a great alternative, it was one of the most expensive transportation method on the 36 islands and normal people couldn't afford this.

On the gigantic canvas of the ship, three golden characters were written.

Sailing Trade Post.

Ever since it left Shi Ao Island, it had been sailing close to three months and was about three to four days away from reaching Trading Island.

Currently, the deck of the ship was highly clamorous as more than 10 well-dressed cultivators stood there. They chatted about all the wonders of the world as they enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Perhaps it was because they were only three to four days away, many people came out of isolation and gathered at the deck.

It would be pretty useless to use this short amount of time to isolate and train, therefore, they might as well use this chance to breathe in fresh air and appreciate the scenery.

/> Ling Xian was one of them.

Because he was low key, he didn't engage in discussions with others. Instead, he stood behind everyone and viewed the endless ocean by himself.

Though he was not a part of the group, everyone was sneaking glances at him.

What can they do? Ling Xian's temperament was far too unique. The naturally rhythmic movements of his was graceful like a true immortal.

Normally, those who got to ride the ship were of the wealthy and were naturally extraordinary in appearance. Even the descendants who were not high in training, appeared noble purely due to their backgrounds.

However, even amongst people here, Ling Xian stood out the most.

This conspicuousness was not due to Ling Xian's handsome appearance, but rather, it came intrinsically. His mentality, his perspective, and his values had given him this extraordinary temperament.
This unique temperament had garnered everyone's attention. Once attracted, it became hard for them to look away.

Currently, many people's gazes were fixated on Ling Xian. There were men, women, the elderly, and the young. They were all checking him out and were all guessing his background.

Bai Xiao Qi.

Ever since she arrived at the deck, she had focused all her attention on Ling Xian. It had been thirty minutes and she never looked away.

It wasn't love at first sight. But for some reason, she just couldn't look away. And now, she had the urge to go up to him and speak with him.

"Strange. It's not like I've never seen a handsome man before. Why am I

I staring at this guy so much?"

Bai Xiao Qi frowned as she continued to stare at Ling Xian, who was leaning against the railing of the deck. She mumbled to herself, "His aura really is special. Growing up, I have never met someone like him."

She then marched forward in giant steps towards Ling Xian.

Right now, Ling Xian's expression was calm and his gaze was looking afar. His white robe was flowing in the gentle sea wind.

His left hand was placed behind his back as he enjoyed the beautiful ocean view before him.

As he appreciated this scenery, he saw with his peripheral vision that a lady was walking towards him and he couldn't help but to feel a little startled.

The person edging closer was wearing a red dress and she looked cute, youthful, and very energetic.

"Hey, what is your name?" Bai Xiao Qi walked before Ling Xian and asked without hesitation.

Ling Xian grinned and gently rejected, "I don't believe we know each other."

What he meant was that since they didn't know each other, there was no need for him to tell her his name.

However, Bai Xiao Qi had always been ignorant and careless and did not understand the underlying message from Ling Xian's statement. She asked again, "It's because we don't know each other, that's why I am asking for your name. If I knew you, why would I ask you?"

Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He didn't think this girl would have such a cute personality, "You don't want to introduce yourself before asking

before asking for someone else's name?"

"Psh," Bai Xiao Qi pouted, "Remember this well, my name is Bai Xiao QI."

"What an interesting name." Ling Xian smiled and spoke no more.

He then turned his gaze to the front and continued to appreciate the view of the sea, as if the transparent blue ocean was a lot more magnetic than the cute girl before him.

Bai Xiao Qi waited for a while. Realizing that Ling Xian was not planning on continuing this conversation, she stomped her feet and angrily shouted, "Hey! Why are you like this? I told you my name, why don't you tell me yours?"

"I never said I would tell you my name if you told me yours." Ling Xian smiled. It wasn't that he wanted to be distant, he simply didn't want to tell these people his name.

He knew very well just how famous he was on the islands. If this was any other island, perhaps his name wasn't that well known. But everyone on the ship today was citizen of Shi Ao Island.

If he told everyone, then a small storm would be generated, followed by a series of problems. Thus, why would Ling Xian announce his name so easily?

He didn't want troubles to follow him.

"Hey, hey, you are so annoying." Bai Xiao Qi continued to stomp her feet out of dissatisfaction, "What you said before obviously indicated that you would tell me your name if I told you mine."

"You understood the meaning of that, but why didn't you pay attention to what I said to you before?" Ling Xian's lips curled Xian's lips curled up, finding this girl very intriguing.

Bai Xiao Qi stared down at Ling Xian, "Hmmph, don't tell me then. How narrow hearted. This incident alone made me certain that you are nothing like my idol."

"It's for the best." Ling Xian grinned and did not ask who her idol was. He continued to look at the sea.

Seeing this, Bai Xiao Qi's face turned bright red.

She was the pearl on everyone's palm in the Bai Clan. She was beloved and spoiled since she was little. That combined with her sweet look meant she had never been rejected by a male cultivator.

Now, not only did Ling Xian reject her, he rejected her multiple times.

This frustrated Bai Xiao Qi as she muttered, "Hmmph, you think because you have a nice aura, you can act so arrogantly?! My idol is so much better than you!"

Hearing this, Ling Xian laughed. Though he was collected, Bai Xiao Qi's continuous mentioning of her idol made him curious.

"Then why don't you tell me who your idol is? Perhaps I know him."

"You? Knowing him? Don't joke with me." Bai Xiao Qi glared at him and purposely put on a cold look. She anticipated that once she spoke of her idol's name, she would scare off this man who rejected her multiple times.

However, just as she was about to speak out her idol's name, her eyes widened in shock.

At the same time, everyone else on the deck had noticed the strange situation in front of them. All of their eyes widened.

"That's… oh my god!"

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