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Chapter 349: Sail On
Inside the waiting room of the Sail Trading Post.

Ling Xian sat in the red wooden chair cross legged with a cup of Tea of Enlightenment in hand.

The middle aged man pushed open the door to enter. The moment he stepped in, his face changed colors. It was not because he recognized Ling Xian, but because he recognized the tea aroma in the room.

He was the manager of this place and was naturally aware of the spiritual water they placed inside each waiting room. There were three different types of teas for the guests to choose from.

Even though the choices of tea were not bad, they cannot be considered to be great tea. Thus, when he smelled the aroma of a superior quality tea, he was surprised.

"This fragrance…"

The middle aged fat man frowned. He suddenly remembered something and his face revealed traces of shock as he exclaimed, "This is… Tea of Enlightenment?"

"You have some knowledge." Ling Xian grinned and nodded at the middle-aged fat man.

"It really is the Tea of Enlightenment."

The middle aged fat man was now even more surprised. Originally, he didn't think much of Ling Xian after he heard the greeting lady describe this man. He thought this man was merely a master of a small clan of some sort. But now, he no longer saw this person lightly and paid great attention to him.

He didn't even pay his own boss with this much attention.

Because the person before him was someone who casually brewed Tea of Enlightenment to drink.

The Tea was worth a lot of wealth. Even Supreme Headmasters would only drink a cup before they went into isolation. They would never casually drink it.

But at this moment, while waiting, Ling Xian had made himself a cup. How could this not shock them?

"This… this is so wasteful!"

The middle aged man felt his heart being cut into shreds. As a person, he was greedy and cheap and placed great importance onto money. Therefore, when he saw someone wasting money, he would feel this shot of physical pain.

It was obvious that Ling Xian's current action, in his eyes, was wasting heavenly treasures. Anyone would feel this way if they saw this.

But Ling

Xian just could be this wasteful. Even if he decided to drink a cup and dump a cup, he had the right to!

"Aye… to have made a cup of Tea of Enlightenment so casually makes me envious."

The fat middle-aged man muttered under his breath as he suppressed all the negative emotions he was feeling. When he rose his head again, a blooming smile was on his chubby fac.

"Last name Qian, first name Lai Le. I am the manager of the Sail Trading Post. Nice to meet you." The middle aged man paid his respect.

Qian Lai Le*?

Ling Xian was a little startled as he teased, "Your name is so interesting. But it makes you seem very friendly. The reason for me being here today is that I am here to bring you money."

"You are joking." Qian Lai Le smiled faintly and sat in a chair across from Ling Xian. "I already know why you are here today. You want to buy a ticket to ride the ship to Trading Island. Right?"

"That's right." Ling Xian nodded with a beam, "Manager Qian, have a taste of the Tea of Enlightenment."

As he spoke, a Petal of Enlightenment emerged into thin air and fell into the teacup across from him. Instantly, the room was filled with a refreshing fragrance.

"This… this is for me?" Qian Lai Le was in awe as he sniffed the aroma of the Tea. His chubby face was drowning in enjoyment.

"Since I took out the Petal of Enlightenment, it's of course for you." Ling Xian smiled.

Hearing this, Qi Lai Le became excited and his chubby body trembled. Though he was the manager here with good perks, he had never tasted the Petal of Enlightenment.

But, at the same time, he felt a little crabby.


Why not just give me spiritual stones!

Giving Tea of Enlightenment is completely a waste!

Qian Lai Le cried a tearless cry as he wished that there was a pile of shining spiritual stones before him instead of a cup of brewed tea. However, he knew the normal social standards and played along.

"Thank you friend. I am not scared of you laughing at me. But this is the first time I'm having Tea of Enlightenment." Qian Lai Le smiled even bigger.

bigger. His eyes had now completely disappeared behind his chubby cheeks.

"Then give it a taste." Ling Xian smiled and sipped his tea.

Seeing this, Qian Lai Le sipped onto his tea as well and immediately felt energy throughout his body. He felt as if he was about to turn into a feather and fly with the wind.
This shocked him and at the same time, he felt like he couldn't see through Ling Xian anymore.

To brew a cup of Tea of Enlightenment for a stranger, how profound of a background did this guy have? How much wealth must he have?

Qian Lai Le felt surprised as he stared at Ling Xian with respect.

This respect came from the mysteriousness and profoundness of Ling Xian.

Ling Xian knew exactly how the man was feeling, "Manager Qian, there is no need to guess my identity. Just know that I am here to purchase a ticket. Think of me as a normal cultivator."

Qian Lai Le felt disheartened. He was an experienced businessman and had dealt with all kinds of cultivators. He was observant and knew right away that though Ling Xian's statement sounded gentle, he was warning him not to dig any further.

In other words, he wanted to be treated like a regular cultivator and nobody should investigate further.

"Do not worry. The Sail Trading Post knows the rules." Qian Lai Le smiled.

"Good. Then let's get down to business." Ling Xian nodded, satisfied. "I heard from the girl that all tickets to Trading Island is sold out today. I wonder if Manager Qian can help me out?"


Qian Lai Le hesitated. But when he saw Ling Xian frown, his expression changed. He chose his words carefully, "I… it's not that I don't want to help. It's that the Sail Trading Post is a business who keeps its words. Since all tickets have been booked, I cannot change that. Unless someone requests a refund."

"I see. Keeping your words is a good thing." Ling Xian relaxed his brows. He was not an unreasonable man. Since the Sail Trading Post operated its business with such integrity, he would not cause trouble.

Seeing that Ling Xian was not displeased, Manager Qian sighed in relief and wiped off the sweat off his forehead.

If this was

this was anyone else, he would not be so uncareful. But the person before him was someone who didn't treat the Petal of Enlightenment as a treasurable item. He was a little fearful because of this and was afraid that Ling Xian would take all his anger out on him.

Seeing that this mysterious youth was not angry, he was relieved and also praised Ling Xian's big heart.

"Whatever. If that's the case then I will not cause you any trouble." Ling Xian sighed. It appeared that he couldn't get out of this island any time soon.


Manager Qian hesitated and carefully said, "If you must leave today, I have a way. But…"

"But what?" Ling Xian's eyes brightened. Seeing Manager Qian stutter, he grinned, "Don't worry, just speak of it."

"Okay. But if I offend you, please forgive me." Manager Qian gritted his teeth, "The tickets for seats are sold out. But we have a free storage room. If you do not mind, you can stay there."

"Storage room?"

Ling Xian was a little startled but quickly laughed, "No wonder you were stuttering so much. You were afraid I would be angry."

"Hehe, it's a storage room after all. Asking you to stay there is disrespectful." Qian Lai Le chuckled out of awkwardness.

"It's no matter. Storage room is fine. I am not high maintenance." Ling Xian waved his hand. He used to be a nobody and was not raised richly. Why would he care where he stayed?

As long as there was a spot for him on the ship.

"For a man who brewed a cup of Tea of Enlightenment to a stranger, you sure are generous and open minded. It's rare to meet someone like you these days." Manager Qian complimented. As the manager here, he had seen many honorable characters. Who did not behave as if they were above others?

They would reveal how unsatisfied they were even if they were seated in the upper class seats, they would grunt and require to be sat in VIP seats. Because they all felt like being sat in a lower class did not match their status.

But Ling Xian was so authentic and personable. He did not correlate his identity with where he stayed. How big of a heart was this?

Perhaps only those who do not who do not place such a heavy emphasis on objects could achieve greatness on the cultivation journey.

"Thank you for understanding. I will prepare." Qian Lai Le waved good bye and left.

"Wait a minute."

Ling Xian then grinned and asked, "You did not quote a price yet."

"You are tormenting me." Qian Lai Le smiled sardonically, "I am already apologetic for asking you to stay in the storage room. How do I dare accept your spiritual stones?"

"You may not want them, but I have to give them." Ling Xian beamed then waved around his sleeve. A Petal of Enlightenment flew onto Manager Qian's palm.

"Take that."

Instantly, Manager Qian's hand shivered. The respect in his eyes intensified.

He paid a Petal of Enlightenment for a storage room?

Just how wealthy of a family ground did he have for him to do this?!

Qian Lai Le did not dare to guess anymore as he once again gained insights to Ling Xian as a person. He suddenly came to the conclusion that everyone who spent money like it was mere dirt were scums compared to this man.

So what you spend money like dirt!

If you are truly rich, you would be giving out Petals of Enlightenment like dirt!

Qian Lai Le swore silently as he finally understood that Ling Xian really did not care about Petals of Enlightenment and thus, he was a highly ranked figure!

"Okay, go on. Let's not miss the departure time." Ling Xian lightly grinned and indicated Qian Lai Le to take care of business.

"Don't worry, it won't be long before we leave." Qian Lai Le smiled in attempt to flatter Ling Xian before stepping out of the room.

"Though it's not exactly according to my plan, to be able to ride this ship is enough." Ling Xian mumbled to himself, "Now, I shall wait."

He then sipped his tea and waited for Qian Lai Le to return.

Then, he would make himself comfortable on the giant ship and enjoy the sail towards the most flourished island of the 36 islands, the Trading Island.

There, will be a place where he shines, where his name will once again, be heard.

*Literal translation of Qian Lai Le is "here comes money!"

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