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Chapter 348: Astounding before Leaving
To everyone on the Shi Ao Island, the name Ling Xian was no stranger. It was actually rather familiar.

He defeated the Demonic Fairy, suppressed Master Lin, brewed the perfect Foundational Dan and defended against two completion levelled cultivators. These events, one after another, were enough to astonish the entire 36 islands!

How could the people of the Shi Ao Island not know about Ling Xian after all this?

To put it bluntly, in their entire 36 islands, there were no cultivators who did not know of Ling Xian's name. Everyone who lived here could list everything he had done.

Of course, when the news that Ling Xian barged into the two controlling forces, the first reaction from everyone was disbelief.

Even though everyone knew of Ling Xian's powerfulness and his ability to suppress the younger generation, they could not believe this news no matter what.

They were the controlling forces of Shi Ao Island. After the House of Zi Yang was destroyed, they were the rulers of the land. How could two such powerful parties be turned outside down by a single person?

What could they do? The powerfulness of the two parties had been long imprinted in their minds. Even though there had been many rumors of Ling Xian's attainment, nobody could believe this particular piece of news.

However, as more and more people discussed this news, everyone began to accept this hard to believe reality.

Then, the entire Shi Ao Island fell into a state of shock like never before!

To have single handedly dominated two

forces and to have been so easily defeated two completion levelled cultivators. How overpowering was this?

One man and one sword had caused such troubles for the two Houses. He then left with such ease. Just how nonchalant was he?

To know that these people were not tiny political forces. They were two ruling forces. Their descendants were all extremely talented and unmatchable. Nobody on the Shi Ao Island dared to provoke them.

However, Ling Xian did just that. Not only did this require courage, it also required true capability!

Without a doubt, he possessed both qualities.

Therefore, he achieved it and became the first person in the history of Shi Ao Island to have challenged the two ruling forces!

This was an achievement that was going down in historical records!

Therefore, the entire Shi Ao Island fell into astonishment. In every corner of the street, in every restaurant, everyone discussed this event and discussed this person.

Even though everything Ling Xian did before had shocked Shi Ao Island, and even all 36 islands, it was obvious that this particular event, was far more shocking than everything else he had done!

Two controlling forces! This meant there were two completion levelled powerhouses!

However, they were challenged and defeated by Ling Xian alone. Just how unbelievable was this?

What was even more shocking was that not only did Ling Xian leave the Houses unharmed. After his departure, the Houses were both insanely toned down. Nobody sent soldiers to find Ling Xian, nobody even spoke a word.

What did this mean?

It meant that the two forces had been utterly defeated. Or else they would not be swallowing this anger.

After realizing this, everyone became even more shocked.

Just how powerful did he have to be for the other forces to feel so utterly gutless?!

In one day, the halo above Ling Xian was shining brighter than ever!

Just as everyone talked about him and discussed him, he disappeared without a trace.

No matter how hard people on the Shi Ao Island searched for him, they never heard from him again.

This proved the rumor.

The rumor that the legendary Ling Xian was no longer roaming the grounds of this city.


Half a month later, at the edge of Shi Ao Island.

The Sun had just risen. The soft light rays bounced off the surface of the endless ocean, making everything surrounding it appear golden.

In the clear blue ocean, under the bright Sun, sailed a luxurious ship. These three main attractions called out to each other and formed a beautiful scenery.

Before the Sail Trading Post, more than ten workers were carrying boxes and getting ready to import the goods and sail off to the most glorious island, the Trading Island.

To the insanely wealthy Sail Trading Post, this was something they did every month and was no different than other months.

But today, something strange and different was about to happen.

Because today, a young man wearing white suddenly showed up.

Of course, countless number of

number of people passed by everyday around the Sail Trading Post. There were 800 to 1000 young people who wore white walk by daily.

However, if they knew of this person's identity, they would fall into shock. Then, every single cultivator here would kneel on the ground and cry for him to take them as his apprentices.

Without a doubt, this person was Ling Xian.

After turning the House of Xuan Yin upside down and did the last thing he planned to do here, he made his way to the edge of the Shi Ao Island.

After asking around, he arrived at the Sail Trading Post. As for why, the answer was simple.

If he wanted to go to Trading Island, then he had to take a boat. After all, the ocean was endless and the Trading Island was far from here. If he were to fly, it would take him around half a year. It would be a lot of trouble as well.

But the Sail Trading Post before him was highly prosperous. Every month, they sent a giant ship from and back to Trading Island. This was why Ling Xian came here today.

"It is no wonder that this is the most capable business. It sure is glorious." Ling Xian looked at the bright and shining three story ship. He complimented under his breath and walked onwards.

As soon as he stepped onto the boat, a beautiful woman greeted. She silently praised Ling Xian's temperament in her mind before she straight up asked, "Hello, what can I do for I do for you?"

"I want to buy a ticket to Trading Island." Ling Xian smiled warmly.

Instantly, the beautiful woman's eyes brightened. After hearing his request however, she hesitated, "I'm sorry. We are all sold out of today's ticket."

"Sold out?" Ling Xian frowned and thought about it, "It is an emergency. I have to get out of here today. I wonder if there is a way for me to catch a ride?"

"I can't make that decision." The lady shook her head softly. Perhaps she really liked Ling Xian's style, she gritted her teeth, "How about this. Wait for me at the guest area, I will find my manager and he will speak with you."

"Thank you." Ling Xian kindly smiled.

The woman blushed and muttered, "It's no matter. The waiting area is on the second floor. I will find my manager."

She then dashed towards the third floor.

Ling Xian then marched on and entered the waiting hall on the second floor.

He found a red wood chair to sit in and made himself a cup of the Tea of Enlightenment. As he enjoyed the taste of the tea, he waited for the arrival of the manager.

After a few minutes, the door to the waiting room suddenly flung open. A middle-aged man entered.

This man had a sincere and honest appearance with a chubby physique. His eyes though small and squinty, were shining with the necessary cunningness of business and markets.

When he entered the waiting room, his face changed colors.

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