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A+ A- Chapter 335: Entering the Completion Level
Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals, the Untainted’s expression was complex. As she observed the young man fighting against the immortal trap, she exhaled softly.

She has watched Ling Xian grow up, but she never expected that in six short years, a little meditational cultivator would grow to who he is today at such a fast speed.

How did he use his own capabilities to challenge the immortal trap?

Even though the immortal trap has been weakened by 50%, it was still unmatchable in strength. For Ling Xian to be able to go up against it and be at an advantage was an unbelievable event.

Even for the Untainted, she couldn’t help but feel surprised.

"Hard to believe right?," Feng Qing Ming grinned and looked at Ling Xian praisingly. "Even though I never got to see him when he was still a meditational cultivator, after he passed my test, I knew that he would stand out from the rest."

"Yes, mentality and talent wise, Ling Xian is better than the rest. For this shocking Heaven’s Favorite to have today’s achievement is normal." The Untainted nodded and sighed. "But I really did not think that it would take him only six years to reach today’s height."

"Six years… from a mere mortal who had cultivating abilities to the victor of the foundational level. It really is hard to believe." Feng Qing Ming’s tone was full of disbelief.

Currently, Ling Xian was completely focused on the silhouette of the array.

As he endured on, the silhouette of the immortal trap became more and more faint. The nine dragons were weakening as well. Before long, this array will be crushed.

"Almost there. Hold on a bit longer."

Ling Xian gritted his teeth and summoned more techniques aimed to exhaust the immortal trap.

After half an hour, the immortal trap suddenly quivered and exploded with heavenly light that engulfed the entire area. In the next second, the lights disappeared, and the array’s silhouette faded.

Then, the sky changed into multiple colors, and lotuses grew out of the soil. The portion of ancient majestic blood that was once suppressed by the immortal trap flared and like an exploding volcano, it erupted inside Ling Xian in the face of its awakening!

"Finally… awakened…"

Feeling the blood circulating inside him, Ling Xian’s lips curled up, and he laughed out loud.

After Liao Cang Qiong broke the god restriction, he has been wanting and waiting for the demolishment of the second array. Especially after reaching the foundational level, his desire increased greatly.

One could say that Ling Xian waited six years for what was happening now!

Now the immortal trap finally crumbled, it meant he finally reached his goal. It also meant he could finally enter the completion level. How could he not be excited and overjoyed?

"The immortal trap is broken."

The Untainted displayed a faint grin of happiness.

Feng Qing Ming did the same as he looked at Ling Xian with admiration.

"I succeeded. The immortal trap is finally gone." Ling Xian’s heart was filled with excitement, as if nothing else in the world can make him this happy.

Without a doubt, he has finally achieved his wish from a long time ago. But now was not the time for satisfaction.

There was something else that was waiting for him to complete.

"The immortal trap is gone and can no longer contain me. It is time for me to reach a new height!" Ling Xian tightened his fists, and his expression was very determined.

There was now nothing that could stop him from reaching the completion level!

"Come, completion level, I have been waiting for you for too long." Ling Xian’s lips curved up as he summon

ed his boiling ancient majestic blood to aim for the completion level!


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud and a terrifying Qi circulated the air. Ling Xian’s expression was serious as he used all his strength to break the bottleneck and enter the completion level.

Completion level, a synonym for powerhouse. It represented a height that was difficult to achieve and symbolized a terrifying capability.

Nowadays, the Taoism community has lacked talents and cannot compare to the olden ages. Completion level was now considered rare, and those in the original level rarely show their faces unless they have to.

This was why the completion level became people with the most capable battling capabilities and can be respected by everyone!

If those at the foundational level are only considered to be real cultivators, then those in the completion level are truly powerhouses!

For this reason, every cultivator dreams of reaching this level. However, the cultivation journey is far too difficult and cannot be attained by everyone.

Using the most simple example, for every ten thousand people, exists only one foundational cultivator. But for completion levels, out of a hundred thousand people, one may not even appear.

For this reason, those belonging in this level is considered to be very scarce. Those who cannot enter the completion level, no matter how powerful, cannot be rulers of the world.

Only the completion leveled cultivators can fly above others and determine others' fate.

Currently, Ling Xian was attempting to have his breakthrough. If he fails, he will face a fatal fall with grave injuries and possible death. If he succeeds, he will become a dragon, and an admired completion leveled powerhouse!


Ling Xian screamed and concentrated his Qi onto his Dan Tian as he attempted the first step of the breakthrough.

The Golden Completion Dan.

Just like its name, it means solidifying one’s spiritual energy into a golden Dan. This meant the property of the spiritual energy will change. As a result, not only will the Qi become stronger, for future battles, the golden Dan can also be used as a weapon.

But once one uses its golden Dan during battle as a weapon, it meant putting one’s life on the line. No completion level would use this move easily.


Ling Xian’s spiritual energy inside him deliriously moved around. First, it converged in one spot, then under his manipulation, turned into the shape of a golden Dan.

The first step was completed. But this was merely a good start.


Ling Xian gritted his teeth as he summoned more of his energy into the Dan. His Qi transformed into an out of control whirlwind. Every time it spun, it pushed a part of itself into the Dan.

This step is extremely time-consuming. Without a year or two years’ worth of experience, there is no way for one to complete this. Even the Heaven’s Favorites with immense talent cannot achieve this in a short period of time.

Luckily, Ling Xian was prepared for this. He predicted the step would drain a lot of time. Therefore, he was not impatient.

Just like that, time passed.

Every few moments, a wave of Qi would enter the golden Dan. Slowly but surely, the golden Dan began to grow, and its color brightened.

Ling Xian’s eyes were tightly shut as he focused on this process. He spun his energy around and made the Dan absorb his energy.

Once he finishes this step, he will grow wings and fly above the nine heavens and become the highly respected completion leveled powerhouse!

On the other side, if he is uncareful and makes a mistake anywhere during this, he will fall hard and even face death!

This was a fortunate opportunity but also a risky crisis!

To be above the nine heavens and peer down on others from the heavens or to fall down the path and become one who cannot control one’s fate.

Success or failure, all depended on this one moment!

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