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"Of course, of course, Master you have always been a man of your words. Every word you say becomes law for nine years. Why would you ever betray your promises?"

Da Hei’s face displayed how much it wanted to please Ling Xian. Er Hong and San Bai’s faces were of looks of flattery.

What could they do? They were terrified of Ling Xian because of the beatings they received. They had no thoughts of resisting.

"Okay. Less bullsh*t then. Find me a place quickly." Ling Xian faintly grinned and marched on towards Da Hei’s territory.

During the three years he stayed at the Yun Clan, he spent a lot of time in Da Hei’s territory and was very familiar with the area. He didn’t need anyone to lead.

Seeing this, the three kings exchanged glances and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes. They followed Ling Xian with their ears behind their head.

Before long, they arrived at a scenic mountain valley, it was the territory of the Gorilla King.

This place was picturesque and was filled with flowery fragrance and birds singing. Many gorillas were chasing after each other and playing. The place seemed tranquil.

Of course, the moment Ling Xian showed up, the gorillas shook, shouted and then ran away at the fastest speed they could muster.

"Is this necessary? I never beat you up really hard. Why are you so afraid?" Ling Xian was speechless. He didn’t expect all the gorillas would be so afraid of him.

The three kings silently wanted to do the same. But they still behaved with respect and did not dare to act with any irrationality.

"Master, ignore them. I will teach them a lesson later." Da Hei smiled again. "Master, I will order my servants to provide you with top-notch fruit and alcohol."

"There is no need. Just bring me to a quiet and isolated place in the area." Ling Xian waved his hand.

"Okay, master please follow me." Da Hei nodded and led Ling Xian to the deepest end of the mountain valley, "Look, this place is very quiet, and no beasts ever enter on a regular basis. It’s a perfect place to be in isolation."

Ling Xian looked at the cave and smiled in satisfaction. "Not bad. This is good enough."

"Haha, as long as you are satisfied. I will not bother you anymore, and I shall retreat." Da Hei’s expression was of pure ecstasy as it turned to leave.

Er Hong and San Bai reacted the same. The hurried way they acted was like they were going to be eaten by Ling Xian if they were too slow.

However, as the three kings were about to escape. A calm voice suddenly rung, sending shivers down their spine.

"Slow down. Did I say you can leave?"

Da Hei turned around with a grim expression. It forced a smile. "What else do you need, Master?"

"During my time of isolation, make sure nobody disturbs me. I need you to set a protective array on me." Ling Xian teasingly smiled.

"Protective array?"

Da Hei was startled. It took a peek at Er Hong and San Bai, "No problem. Do not worry, Master. Let us take care of this."

"Very good."

Ling Xian’s lips curled up and glanced at the three kings calmly. He said without thinking too much, "Listen well. As I am in my isolation, do not play tricks. Or else you know what will happen to you."

As soon as his voice trailed off, the three kings tremored and said in unison, "We do not dare. Master, do not worry. We really do not dare."


Ling Xian faintly grinned and walked into the cave. Then, the cave door slowly closed and a quiet voice echoed throughout the mountains.

"Be on guard here, do not let anyone disturb me."


Walking into the cave slowly, Ling Xian did not stay. Instead, he entered the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

Here is the real place he wanted to be in isolation. What he said out there was all a coverup for his plan to be hidden inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

"Ling Xian, you came." Feng Qing Ming’s silhouette flew over from afar. His expression was rather sad.

It seems like he has been thinking about his past and cannot overcome himself.

Seeing this, Ling Xian said quietly, "Immortal, let the past be the past. Being in the past will only bring yourself more pain."

"How can I not know about this?" Feng Qing Ming softly sighed. Looking down onto the scroll, his face was full of guilt.

"The woman of your dreams." Ling Xian sighed while shaking his head, unsure how to console Feng Qing Ming.

"Ling Xian, ignore him. The past was his fault, he needs to pay for it." The Untainted appeared wearing all white.

"Hello, Keeper of the Land and Sea." Ling Xian paid his respected.

The Untainted nodded lightly, "You are here to break the immortal trap and enter the completion level."

"You’re right. Your eyes sure are sharp." Ling Xian laughed.

"Then let’s get started. Feng Qing Ming and I will do what we can on the side. But whether or not the immortal trap can be broken is up to you." The Untainted’s lips parted slightly.

"I understand."

Ling Xian nodded and shifted his gaze to Feng Qing Ming, "Immortal, I will start now."

"Don’t worry, I will be here to support you." Feng Qing Ming whispered and carefully put back the scroll of the portrait. When he raised his head again, he was no longer sad. Only seriousness remained.

Now that Feng Qing Ming has shown his seriousness, Ling Xian was relieved. He was afraid that the Immortal of Arrays would not be himself at the most critical moment. If that happens, he will not be able to break the Immortal Trap and may even lose his life.

After all, the ancient majestic blood was a very powerful object. Since the history of time, it has been considered one of the most powerful protective objects.

On the other hand, the immortal trap once trapped three immortals. Its powerfulness was hard to imagine!

Now, the two forces were about to clash, and it was about to happen inside Ling Xian’s body. If uncareful, he will die a painful death.

"Ling Xian, we are ready. Do not worry," the untainted said softly. Though her expression was as calm as usual, if viewed carefully, a hint of nervousness was present.

It was apparent that towards the Immortal Trap, even the prominent Keeper of the Land and Sea needed to treat it seriously.


Ling Xian nodded and sat in a lotus position on the ground. He summoned his spiritual energy and attempted to awaken his ancient majestic blood.

If this was before, there was no way he could be doing this. But now, he was a victor of the foundational level. He naturally can do this. What he was afraid of, was that he may be suppressed by the three arrays in his body.

"Ancient majestic blood, rise!"

After a loud roar that shocked the heavens, Ling Xian summoned the ancient majestic blood in his body.


Like waves that were as high as the sky and as aggressive as the army, his blood began to boil and completely explode!

An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the clouds as a terrifying Qi circulated. The boiling majestic blood sure was extreme. It attempted to break through God’s inhibitions and be on its own!

But, are God’s inhibitions this easy to overcome?


Three heavenly lightly flashed across the air as the shape of three arrays emerged in the sky. They pressed down onto the boiling majestic blood.

Ling Xian did not panic. He never wanted to crush all three inhibition spells at the same time. He wanted to target the immortal trap.

Therefore, he did not resist and allowed the other two spells to suppress his blood.

However, as the immortal trap tried to do its part in calming down the majestic blood, he called out silently, and a black rock appeared.

It was the Array Lifting Stone.


Ling Xian screamed and passed his strength into the rock before smashing at the giant array silhouette!


After an earth-splitting rumble, the immortal trap expanded with an infinite amount of light. Nine golden dragons began to struggle in an attempt to stop the attack of the Array Lifting Stone.

However, the Array Lifting Stone was known to be the nemesis of all arrays. No matter how strong the immortal trap was, it cannot underestimate its powers.

On top of that, Ling Xian has acquired more than half of the Immortal of Array’s legacy. Though he cannot say he knows the immortal trap like the back of his hands, at the very least he knew its weakness.

Therefore, no matter how strong the immortal trap is, it cannot defend against the attack of the Array Lifting Stone!

In an instant, the immortal trap dimmed in color, and the nine dragons were weakened. It no longer appeared untouchable and almighty.

It was obvious that the strike of the Array Lifting Stone had shaved off the glory of the immortal trap.

"Very good. It is no wonder it’s famous. It decreased the power of the immortal trap by 50%." Feng Qing Ming laughed in satisfaction after seeing the dimmed array in the sky.

"Good. It will be easy now." The Untainted revealed a slight grin, and at that moment, all wind stopped to take a glance at her.

Sadly, Ling Xian did not get to see, as all his attention was focused on the Immortal Trap.

Even though the immortal trap had lost its power by 50%, it did not mean that the array was without powers to stop the majestic blood.

The real test was still waiting to happen.

As if finally recognizing the strength of the opponent, the immortal array once again exploded with heavenly light that engulfed all nearby areas and shattered the Painting of the Nine Immortals!

"It’s here."

Ling Xian’s expression froze, and he did not dare to be reckless. He formed several different hand seals and techniques to try and control the immortal trap.


The nine dragons once again showed off their strength and tried to stop the boiling majestic blood.

Despite its strength, it has already been weakened by 50% from the attack of the Array Lifting Stone. On top of that, Ling Xian’s thorough knowledge of the immortal trap meant every hand seal he formed and technique he summoned were aimed at the array’s weakness.

In an instant, Ling Xian and the immortal trap were at a stalemate, and nobody could overpower the other.

It was easy to predict, however, that as time goes on, Ling Xian will become the final winner.

Just like that, time passed little by little. Ling Xian used all he’s got and swore to break the immortal trap and barge into the completion level!

"It appears that Ling Xian has won based on the situation now." Feng Qing Ming stroke his beard and smiled happily.

"Yes, I did not think that he has grown so much in these few short years." The Untainted sighed. The way she stared at the stern-looking young man, was complex.

After a while, she finally softly sighed. "Using his own strength, he went up against the immortal trap. This apprentice is improving at an alarming speed. It is without a doubt that in a few years, he will no longer need our help."

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