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A+ A- Chapter 336: The Arrival
Time always passes by without a sound.

In the blink of an eye, two years have passed since Ling Xian entered the cave.

The day was extremely hot. It was noon.

Before the cave, the three kings were lying on the ground lazily. As they enjoyed their sunbathe, they cursed at Ling Xian for not coming out.

They have been guarding the place for two years and have never left. They were naturally getting annoyed and impatient. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to leave, it was because they were afraid of Ling Xian’s terror and didn’t dare to leave.

What could they do? Every time they thought of that terrifying beast, they began to shiver.

For that reason, the three kings did not move an inch from this place for the past two years.

"When’s that goddamn human coming out? Could it be that his breakthrough failed and he died in there?" Er Hong flapped its flame red wings and took a vile guess.

"Hmm, I wish he would be dead," Da Hei exclaimed, "But did you really think that would be possible? You know how strong he is. How could he be dead from trying to break through?"

"Exactly. How can that terrifying evil person be dead from cultivating? Unless he was disturbed during training and entered the wrong path," San Bai sighed as it tilted its head and said without strength.

"Wait, what did you say?" Er Hong’s eyes brightened and asked.

San Bai was startled and mumbled, "I said how can that demon be dead from training."

"No, not that, what did you say after that?" Er Hong asked in a hurry.

"After?" San Bai looked at Er Hong, confused. "I said unless he was disturbed and entered the wrong path."

"Haha, yes!" Er Hong flattered its wings, its expression of pure ecstasy, "If he is disturbed, he will fall too far into Taoism and become delirious. Then he will die from a confused mind. This is a great chance."


Da Hei and San Bai were stunned then quickly understood Er Hong’s meaning. Their faces flashed with hesitation.

After a while, Da Hei suggested, "You mean, we should enter and interrupt his training right now?"

"Yes. Think about it carefully. How rare of an opportunity is this? If we go in now, we can get rid of that demon."

Er Hong’s expression was of excitement and even its voice became magnetic, "Think about it. If that demon dies, we can reclaim our position as kings and live worry-free. We would never have to live carefully and do everything based on his mood."


Da Hei hesitated, "That’s not good, is it? Even though that human beat us up and gave us such ugly names, I can tell he doesn’t mean harm. Any other human being with his powerfulness would’ve killed us by now."

"Yeah, I agree." San Bai nodded its giant tiger head. "Also, if we fail to disturb him and lead him down the wrong path, he will not let us live."

"Hmmph, you are in my way." Er Hong sneered. But reality was that it did not have the courage to enter by itself. It could only remain patient and continue to try and influence them. "I admit that the human has no evil intentions regarding us. But think about it, after he comes out, we have to continue to do everything we can to try and please him. Is that what you want?"

"Of course not." Da Hei and San Bai shook their heads.

"Then what’s there to worry about? What’s there to wait for? After that human comes out, he will be stronger. Our days will be even grayer after that." Er Hong flattered its wings, its eyes cold.

"While that is true, but he already agreed to leave right after." Da Hei shook its head. "Also, to be honest, other than fighting us once in a while, he hasn’t done anything too bad. We can’t treat him that way


"Yes, I support Da Hei- no, I mean King of the Gorillas." San Bai nodded. When he said the words "Da Hei", he felt a cold killer’s instinct creeping up his back.

"Hmmph. You watch it." Da Hei snickered, thinking [Who are you to call me Da Hei? Only Master can call me that.]

[Wait, what did I just think? Only Master can call me that?]

[Could it be… I have accepted that human?]

Da Hei shuddered, terrified of his own thoughts.


Er Hong’s stared down the two of them and sneered, "I will tell you one last time. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If we miss it, you will regret it."

"Regretting is okay. I believe that human will keep his words. He will not disturb our tranquil days," Da Hei said slowly.

San Bai did the same. It laid on the ground lazily and muttered, "I do not want to risk it. If we fail, we will have to die."

"Okay, if you don’t want to go, I will go myself!" Er Hong clenched its teeth and decided to enter by itself.

But, its body was shaking and could not take that initial step.

"Haha, if you don’t have the guts then don’t go. Just wait here." Da Hei chuckled.

"Hmmph, who are you calling gutless? When he could move freely, I was afraid of him. But he is now in isolation. Why would I be afraid?" Er Hong murmured. It then flapped around its red wings and was ready to barge in.

However, as it flew up, the space began to shake!

Then, a wave of undefeatable energy rolled out. Like the descendant of a victor, it filled the entire atmosphere and shook all the land within three thousand miles.

Instantly, the crane’s body tremored and with a "thump", dropped to the ground.

Da Hei and Er Hong’s gazes began to become fearful. The temperament of a warrior made them shake.

The ones feeling this fear was not just the three kings, all the beasts in the mountain valley sensed this dominating amount of energy. One thought popped into their heads.

My god!

Who is dispersing such terrifying Qi?!

Countless beasts stopped what they were doing. Like the servants paying respect to the emperor, in the face of a victor, they could only lower their heads and killed any thought of resisting!

"My god… this terrifying Qi…" Da Hei’s heart was pumping loudly. Under the embrace of the Qi, it couldn’t help but kneel onto the ground, "In the entire mountain range, other than that terrifying human, nobody can emit such terror."

"It has to be him!"

San Bai was now lying on the ground and exclaimed, "Thank god I had no thoughts of harming him. Or else my body would be in pieces right now."

They were right to guess that it was Ling Xian who was pouring out such terrifying Qi.

Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

Ling Xian opened his eyes slowly. Instantly, two beams of bright light shot out of his eyes and pierced through the thick fog around him.

"Finally… the completion level…"

Ling Xian breathed out a mouthful of murky air and straightened his back. Like the awakening of a Buddha or a real immortal, an even more overpowering Qi seeped out of his body.

The arrival of this man weighed the weight of nine heavens and was heavy enough to crush three thousand worlds!

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