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In the sky, a brave silhouette held up the sky and shook the ground. The atmosphere was as profound as the sea, as horrifying as it could be!

After one slam of the palm, the group of warriors all began to puke blood with an astonished face.

Every single one of them was watching with their eyes and mouths open. Their bodies quivered under the enemy’s invisible strength, their faces written with disbelief.

It was apparent how shocked this move has made these powerhouses feel.

Then, the Buddha-like shadow slowly disappeared and dispersed between Heaven and Earth.

The ancient majestic blood was no longer boiling and finally calmed itself. Ling Xian’s eyes were sparkling and flooding with energy. Snatching onto this rare opportunity, he attacked!

Currently, the five Heaven’s Favorites were wounded and were spitting out blood. It was the best chance for him to make a move now. If he missed it, then he will once again be endangered when they recollect themselves.


Ling Xian made his move without hesitation. Without giving them a chance to defend, he immediately appeared before a young man as his cold killer instinct poured out like tidal waves.

Then, he lifted his right arm and sliced at the man!


The strong looking man’s face changed colors. He attempted to block using an arm. However, before this move, he was already hurt from the blurry silhouette. Now, he could barely summon his spiritual energy in an attempt to try and stop this hit.

However, Ling Xian knew he only had one chance and naturally used all his strength. How could it be that easy to dodge?


One punch split open the sky. The strong looking man’s mouth began to bleed as his legs sunk deeply into the ground. Then, his head was knocked over to one side as he breathed his last breath.

Another Heaven’s Favorite killed!

"Oh no, everyone be careful!"

The remaining four’s expression changed at once. They summoned techniques and carefully defended.

Sadly, that slap not only heavily hurt a few of them, their confidence was also crushed. They didn’t even dare to make a move alone.

How could they stop Ling Xian like this?

"Die under my hand!"

After another loud roar, Ling Xian rushed forward for the kill with his messy black hair flying in the air.

The Sword of Extinction shone with heavenly light and pierced through a Heaven’s Favorite’s shield then headed straight for his brain!


This Heaven’s Favorite dodged the Sword of Extinction using a long spear. However, his arm was numb from the impact. This shocked him, as he found it hard to believe that Ling Xian would still be so powerful after sustaining such heavy wounds.

And this was under the circumstance that Ling Xian attacked using a sword. If he used a hatchet or some other kind of heavy weapon, just how much more overbearing would he have been?!

However, he had no more time to think about this.

Ling Xian’s stare was threatening. Making a move again, this time he no longer had the Sword of Extinction in hand, but rather it was the Halberd of the Divine Warrior!

The Heaven’s Favorite lost his composure. Raising the gold spear above his head, he attempted to block the Halberd of the Divine Warrior. Sadly, he overestimated himself. If he was unwounded, perhaps he could’ve stopped it.

But at this moment, Ling Xian made a move with the intention to kill. How could he stop it?


As if the mountains were collapsing, as if the meteors were falling, the black halberd slammed down heavily!

Instantly, the Heaven’s Favorite, as if under a technique that stops him from moving, remained still. He began to split open starting from between his brows, all the way down to his legs. He was halved. Blood sprayed out of him.

Another Heaven’s Favorite dead!

The remaining three, exchanged nervous glances as they all retreated over ten feet. Frightfully, they stared at the devil bathing in blood but did not dare to walk upwards.

That earth-shattering slam had resulted in all of them heavily wounded and also crushed their confidence and courage. This meant, after that one slam, they lost their right to fight against Ling Xian.

If they have no courage or confidence, how do they go on with this battle?

Seeing how they retreated, Ling Xian knew then that they had lost their bravery. He couldn’t help but to curve his lips and reveal his white teeth.

However, his smile in the remaining three Heaven’s Favorites’ eyes was frigidly cold and made him more fearful.

"Weren’t you planning on suppressing me? Come at me."

Ling Xian’s lips curved up more. Ignoring his injuries, he exhaled another lungful of spiritual energy. Then, slicing across the sky with his halberd, he pursued after those people.


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with dazzling light and completely engulfed those people.

"This is not good. Break!"

A youth wearing white quickly formed a hand seal, and a gold sword materialized in the air and blocked the Halberd of the Divine Warrior. However, he did not counter-attack and ran away in the opposite direction instead.

The other two, similarly, unleashed a technique in a hurry that diminished the black Halberd’s power. Then, they ran away tiredly.

It was obvious that they have completely run out of courage and only felt fear towards Ling Xian.

"What a bunch of trash."

Seeing this, Di Tian cursed under his breath. Knowing that it was now impossible to kill Ling Xian, he quickly stood up and announced an order that was utterly humiliating.


It was a simple word, but it symbolized his failure and the Alliance of the Tyrants’ failure.

Without a doubt, to him and the Alliance of the Tyrants, this was extremely humiliating and was unprecedented!

"Okay, boss!"

Upon hearing Di Tian’s order, the three of them disclosed some happiness. Their hearts relaxed a little, but very quickly, they took back their smiles. It was because they saw how cold their boss looked.


The three of them sighed for a long while. They gave Ling Xian one last long stare that was mixed with far too many different emotions.

Fear, respect, hatred, and so on.

This was normal. The alliance of seven Heaven’s Favorites ended up losing four members, all killed by Ling Xian. Just how dominating was this?!

It was obvious that these Heaven’s Favorites were scared of Ling Xian now.


Di Tian ordered once again as he glared at Ling Xian poisonously and glanced at the Yellow Fruit of Mystery longingly. Then, he shot up to the sky and headed northward.

The other three Heaven’s Favorites followed closely behind, carrying with them a stomach full of unwillingness and fear.

Seeing this, Ling Xian did not pursue them. Or in other words, he had no more ability to chase after them.

At this point, he was already a broken arrow. If he didn’t have that stubbornness or the restorative powers from the ancient majestic blood, he wouldn’t have made it until now.

Therefore, he did not pursue. Instead, he felt relieved.

However, before he could even finish sighing, he felt his vision getting blurry and he inhaled back the big sigh.

A demon like black silhouette brushed past him and headed straight for the Yellow Fruit of Mystery. The speed of this person was as fast as lightning.

Feeling that familiar scent, Ling Xian abruptly turned around and uttered out a few cold words between his teeth.

"Demonic Fairy, don’t make me kill you!"

Spinning around, killer’s instinct flooded the place like a tidal wave.

"Kill me?"

Qin Yan Ge mockingly smiled and slowed down her steps. Looking at Ling Xian from behind her shoulder, she complicated, "First you battle it out with Di Tian, broke his Three Thousand Demons. Then, you battled against Heaven’s Favorites from the top 10 Hidden Dragon List. I thought you were for sure dead, but you actually killed four people. Ling Xian, I have to admit, you are strong. You are abnormally strong."

As soon as her voice faded, Qin Yan Ge wiped the smile off her face and made a statement that was full of sarcasm.

"But in your current state, do you have the ability to kill me?"

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