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Before the Yellow Fruit of Mystery tree, a shocking war was flaring like flames and was getting more and more enraged.

Ling Xian’s black hair was tussling as his stare threatened those people away. Using merely his body to engage in a battle with the seven powerhouses, he suppressed attacks from all four directions and ruthlessly made his moves.

Despite his blood dyed robe and his painful wounds, he remained brave as he marched onward without stumbling back half a step. However, though he never backed down, his fatigue was starting to show and it was obvious that he was at a disadvantage.

The seven warriors consecutively made their moves as they surrounded Ling Xian tightly. Every move they made caused a turmoil in the sky!

None of them were weak and could easily have over three hundred rebuttals with Ling Xian. Now that they have formed an alliance, they obviously were extremely powerful. Even if a real immortal youth descended, he might not be able to survive this.


The wind changed directions, and the sky changed colors. The seven powerhouses were undefeatable as they were determined to end Ling Xian’s life here and now!

"Dammit, this isn’t sustainable."

Ling Xian’s brows tightly locked together. Wearing his Armor of the Royal Spirit, he defended himself against all their attacks. The Sword of Extinction and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior were unleashed at once and lifted all the debris off the ground!

As he fought against the seven Heaven’s Favorites, he pondered how exactly he should break away from this battle. But no matter how he thought about it, it remained a puzzle without any answers.

All he could do was stop this war with war, stop this killing with killing!

After he realized this, Ling Xian unchained himself from all his limitations. The way he moved was more emotionless and more powerful!


An endless amount of heavenly light shot through the sky as the terrifying atmosphere swirled throughout the place. Ling Xian was no longer holding back. Behaving as if he no longer cared about his own life, he swore to kill these seven people here!

"Hmm? He seemed to have grown stronger!"

"Not just a little. He is giving it his all. His grandeur tells me he is ready to give even his life. There is a lot of determination in the air!"

"No matter what it is. I can feel him getting even more terrifying. We must kill him quickly!"

The seven Heaven’s Favorites’ faces changed drastically as they felt the growing terror. Their hearts grew frigid as if they fell into an icy hell.


Ling Xian’s messy jet black hair was floating in the wind. Using his forceful physique and his awakened majestic blood, he traded his wounds for wounding others, and exchanged his life for the lives of others!


The Sword of Extinction was as sharp as ever as it sliced through the air. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the left shoulder of a Heaven’s Favorite and fresh blood sprayed out.

Simultaneously, a frightful blade slashed across and landed on Ling Xian’s chest.


Ling Xian spat out a mouthful of blood. But his face did not change color. Instead, the Sword of Extinction was entirely red as he revealed his desire to kill.


The Heaven’s Favorite, whose shoulder was pierced, screamed as half of his body cracked open. He fell down from mid-air and breathed his last breath.


In the blink of an eye, one of the seven powerhouses has lost his life. This lessened Ling Xian’s stress and solidified his belief.

He realized that not holding anything back was the right thing to do. Because only then, could he fight for the chance of survival under the seven powerhouses’ attacks.

"Everyone be careful! He is trying to trade his wounds to wound others and use his strong physique to his advantage to get rid of us and fight for survival!"

"Hehe, he has a nice plan, but I wonder if he can persist until then!"

"No matter what, we must be careful. One person has already died. If we all get killed by him, then it’s the end of us all."

The rest of the Heaven’s Favorites had serious expressions on their faces. The way they looked at Ling Xian was like they were staring at a devil – they didn’t dare to be reckless. They were also somewhat afraid.

After all, they all just saw Ling Xian kill someone. The impact this had on them was severe.


After a loud growl, Ling Xian, bathed in blood, was ready for war. His black hair was crazily dancing in the wind like a never seen before devil. His vigor was heaven-defying and heart shaking.

The sky lost its color all of a sudden as a giant white palm emerged from behind. It pushed forward, breaking all the tree branches and silenced the entire battlefield.

"The Heaven Shadowing Palm!"

The six Heaven’s Favorites shuddered a little before completely losing their own composure. All of them summoned the strongest techniques they knew in the face of this strong guiding law.


The ground split open as debris was picked up from the ground. The giant palm smacked into the techniques cast by the six of them and disappeared without a trace.

Ling Xian’s silhouette flickered and used this opportunity to reappear before a Heaven’s Favorite. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior broke through the space and attempted to kill!

However, this time, he wasn’t able to achieve what he wanted. Because he was at the center of the battlefield, all six people’s best techniques landed on him.


Ling Xian splat out another mouthful of fresh blood. Even under the protection of the Armor of the Divine Warrior and rejecting over half of the original power emitted by the techniques, he still inflicted rather severe injuries.

What could he do? After all, he was merely a person, not a god. The six people before him were far too terrifying. Any every single one of them could have a long battle against him, but for them to fight together, who could defend them?

Even a real youth immortal could not achieve this. They were all off the map strong and were capable enough to create angst amongst the seniors and make heroes shudder.

In other words, against the alliance of six Heaven’s Favorites, even a real completion leveled cultivator could not escape!

Ling Xian has found himself in the most dangerous situation he’s ever been in. Faced with six powerhouses of the same level, the only way he could deal with this was to release all his abilities and even gamble with his life. All he fought for was a possibility of surviving!


Ling Xian was now delirious and completely transformed into a matchless devil. Using all four weapons, he swore to form a bloody path on top of a pile of corpses!

An infinite amount of heavenly light dazzled as the amount of spiritual energy surrounding the place peaked. Burning like an angry flame, he was ready to repress all his opponents!


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior slashed across and landed on a Heaven’s Favorite. The fight cracked open the ground and shook Heaven and Earth!

Ling Xian moved aggressively, smashing with his right arm and kicking with his left leg. Though he was heavily wounded himself, he remained brave and courageous! Between his every move, the ground shook with vigor!


These were how the six Heaven’s Favorites felt about him!

"To have been so hurt and still acting so bravely. Dammit, just how capable is he!"

"Not only that, look at his external wounds, they are healing by themselves!"

"Just where is this man from? He is off the map strong."

The face of the warriors grew frightful as they fought on. After seeing how courageous Ling Xian was, their hearts were feeling the fear.

They did not know that the enemy before them was an extraordinary being with ancient majestic blood!

He has only awakened a quarter of the ancient majestic blood and thus possesses no special abilities. Despite that, the majestic blood supplies Ling Xian with an endless amount of physical energy and restorative abilities. On top of that, he had a physical body equivalent to an eighth-realm weapon, it was natural for him to get more aggressive as the battle fought on, as if he was never hurt in the first place.

The reality was that he was wounded, severely wounded. He was simply temporarily suppressing the pain he was feeling.


Howling, Ling Xian behaved like the God of Warrior. His divinity was bottomless!

Raising an arm and moving his sword around his body, every single movement he made was powerful enough to split open the sky and crack open the earth.


A Heaven’s Favorite walked behind Ling Xian. However, before he could even make a move, Ling Xian had already attacked and pushed him away!

"You dare to ambush me!"

Ling Xian’s body flashed and chased after the Heaven’s Favorite whom he had just blown away. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was flashing with light as he struck!


The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with a horror as it attacked with enough energy to destruct the earth. Instantly, the person’s face flooded with fear. The color red dispersed throughout the sky.

Another Heaven’s Favorite, dead!

"Ling Xian, die!"

The strong man from before was so enraged his hair stood up on his head. His two fists, as giant as the Sun, smashed directly at Ling Xian.

"Someone who has already lost to me dares to make another move? F*ck off!"

Ling Xian did not even turn his head. Blinding light surrounded him as he punched the strong-looking young man.


The two were similar in terms of physical abilities and were all at the peak of the foundational level. The clash of the two was undeniably terrifying. Like tidal sea waves, it raged on and on, changing the color of the opponents' faces as they all stepped back three times.

"Ling Xian, you are at a dead end. I sure want to see how much longer you can endure!"

The strong man’s expression was dark. His left hand was shaking uncontrollably as fresh blood gushed out.

"I may not be able to get out of here, but killing you is enough."

Ling Xian’s eyes were cold. Stepping up like the God of Warrior, he threateningly inched closer to the four Heaven’s Favorites and dashed towards the strong man.

He has made up his mind. He was going to give up his own life to kill the six of them. Without a doubt, his target was the strong looking man.


Realizing that Ling Xian was targeting him, the strong man punched forward using his fist. A golden dragon coiled around his arm. The dragon bared its teeth and swung around its claws, its temperament engulfed the entire area!

However, Ling Xian was fearless. He was ready to destroy this dragon. Attacking without a pause, the black Halberd felt as heavy as the mountain every time it attacked. The noises it made was unpleasant to the ear and was soul shaking.

In the blink of an eye, he had exchanged more than ten rebuttals with the strong looking man. The opponent’s arm was now numb and was bleeding uncontrollably.

However, blood was starting to drip from the corner of his mouth. It was obvious that he was finding it hard to hold on.

"If you want to kill me, you will have to pay!"

The man was furious as he detonated with terror. His energy transformed into nine divine dragons that headed straight to Ling Xian.

At the same time, the other four Heaven’s Favorites made their moves as well.

The power exuded by the alliance was enough to crack open mountains!

Ling Xian’s face changed color as he hurriedly took our his Burnished Mirror of Spirituality. The shot of eternal light crashed into the five Heaven’s Favorites.

However, the power from them was far too strong. Even the eternal light could not defend. In other words, no other foundational cultivator could defend.

The five Heaven’s Favorites colluded to diminish the eternal light as they rushed towards Ling Xian.

"I cannot defend!"

Ling Xian’s expression changed slightly. In the next crucial second, his ancient majestic blood suddenly awakened and erupted like a volcano.

Immediately, an overbearing energy dispersed throughout the area. Then, the silhouette of a giant stalwart appeared behind him. Like the descendant of a true immortal, the grandeur of it was infinite and matchless.

The silhouette walked forward in giant steps in a manner as if even Heaven was beneath him!


The silhouette of the stalwart slammed down his palm and immediately an earthquake broke out!

In an instant, the alliance of the five Heaven’s Favorites was broken. The five of them began to puke out blood as their eyes shone with shock!

They could not at all comprehend how a weakling near death could suddenly burst with such terrifying power.

One slam caused all the warriors to puke blood, just how domineering was this!?

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