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Chapter 297: Satisfied
"But in your current state, do you have the ability to kill me?"

As the soft tone faded, a heroic grandeur seeped out of her body and surrounded the entire area.

The Demonic Fairy’s full lips curled up and displayed a cold and sarcastic smile.

"Whether or not I can kill you, you’ll know after I try."

Ling Xian, too, lifted the corner of his mouth. Though appearing to be at ease, in reality, he was forcing himself to hold onto his body and hiding the exhaustion he was feeling.

He wanted to confuse the Demonic Fairy and not let her realize just how wounded he was.

If this were before he had the battle, there would be absolutely no need for this. He could’ve simply defeated the Demonic Fairy again. However, he has fought Di Tian and seven Heaven’s Favorites. He incurred rather serious internal injuries.

Even with the ancient majestic blood’s restorative abilities, he could not fight on. After all, his opponent was the third Hidden Dragon, the Demonic Fairy.

Even though Qin Yan Ge has lost to him once, Ling Xian did not dare to treat her lightly. Especially not at this critical moment.

"Fake it, keep faking it. Your acting skill is above average." The Demonic Fairy mockingly smiled. But her beautiful brows slightly quivered, a little unsure just how much strength was left in Ling Xian.

After all, she had personally witnessed the fight just now. Every time she thought Ling Xian was depleted of energy, he went on and killed another Heaven’s Favorite and changed her mind.

For this reason, Qin Yan Ge was hesitating a little, uncertain about Ling Xian’s current state.

"Am I faking or not, why don’t you make a move to find out?" Ling Xian, as calm as water, said, "Qin Yan Ge, because of what we went through before, I advise you to leave quickly. I may be able to spare your life that way."

"Hmmmph, spare my life?" The Demonic Fairy hissed. She twirled the hair before her forehead and said teasingly, "If you said that half an hour ago, I would’ve believed you. But to say this now is not very convincing."

"Not convincing? Then why aren’t you making a move?" Ling Xian faintly grinned. Dialing up his spiritual energy, he strolled towards Qin Yan Ge.

Every step forward intensified the atmosphere.


Frowning, the Demonic Fairy stared at Ling Xian somewhat fearfully. Her hands subconsciously formed fists, as she debated if she should make a move or not.

Noticing this, Ling Xian behaved even more casually. Marching forward, he smiled, "Come at me. It’s been more than two months since our last battle. I really want to see whether or not you have improved."

The Demonic Fairy stayed silent for a while before clenching her teeth. "Hmmph, Ling Xian, remember this."

Then, she longingly glanced at the Yellow Fruit of Mystery and glared at Ling Xian. Afterwards, she turned into a flash of light and disappeared.

It seemed that in the end, she wasn’t sure if Ling Xian had the strength to fight and chose to leave.

Seeing this, Ling Xian was relieved. However, he did not relax himself right away. Instead, he stubbornly used his spiritual energy to torture this place. Only after a long while and seeing that nothing around him was moving, did he finally stop worrying and let go.

Then, his body shook, and he puked out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Cough… cough… I am far too heavily wounded this time. More hurt than during the God’s Trial."

Ling Xian’s face was pale white. No longer able to swallow the pain, he continued to spit out more blood as his body shook more aggressively. It was as if he would collapse any moment now and never get up again.

However, he

cannot fall just yet.

Giving it his all to fight and never once retreat was for nothing but that yellow fruit. If he cannot claim it now, how could he let himself live?


After a long sigh, Ling Xian’s forehead began to perspire, and he was on the edge of breaking down. However, he forced himself to summon more energy and walked towards the tree of the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.


His legs, as if injected with lead, were as heavy as ever. Though difficult, his steps were also very powerful, revealing his desire and certainty.

After another while, he finally came before the tree of Yellow Fruit of Mystery. He shakenly raised an arm and put the Yellow Fruit of Mystery into his storage pouch.

"Phew. That was not easy. Finally, it’s mine."

The moment the Yellow Fruit of Mystery was placed inside his storage pouch, Ling Xian revealed a satisfied smile, and his entire body relaxed.

His long anticipated and long awaited moment was getting his hands on the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

He fought Di Tian, then defeated seven Heaven’s Favorites, all for this Yellow Fruit of Mystery!

He put his life on the line and bathed himself in blood, all for the Yellow Fruit of Mystery that could aid him in reaching the undefeatable realm of the foundational level!

Now that the Yellow Fruit of Mystery was his, how could he not feel satisfied?

"Hahaha… Undefeatable realm of the foundational level…. Wait for me."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. First, he grinned, then he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

In the next moment, he felt the sky spin as his body fell to the ground with a thump. He entered unconsciousness.

He was far too hurt.

Though he had defeated all his enemies, he was hurt beyond his imaginations. If he strips, one would be able to see the marks left by the cruel battles.

First, he fought against the best of the generation, Di Tian. Then, he engaged in a war against seven warriors. Finally, he acted relaxed just to scare away the Demonic Fairy.

These three long fights have caused him physical wounds, internal wounds, and spiritual wounds. To have survived until now was already a miracle.

Now that the Yellow Fruit of Mystery was in his hand, he was very satisfied and allowed himself to relax. The wounds he has been working so hard to ignore naturally exploded.


A white silhouette sliced across the sky and came before Ling Xian. It was the mysterious woman transformed from the spiritual medicine.

She kneeled herself before him and stared at the unconscious handsome youth. Her face was full of shock as she exclaimed softly, "What a powerful human being. Facing eight cultivators of the same cultivation level, he killed four of them. This shocks even me."

"Aye, but your wounds are a bit too much. Even spiritual medicine may not cure you." The lady in white sighed. Her face flashed with hesitation, as she debated whether or not she should lend a helping hand.

After moments of hesitation, she remembered just how strong Ling Xian was. If she can help him live, then there’s a chance she may regain her control over the Medicinal Garden of Immortality. She displayed a smile, "Count yourself lucky. Since I have asked you for a favor before, I will save your life this time."

Then, her face turned rigid. She forced a drop of blood out of her body and dripped it into Ling Xian’s mouth from her fingertip.

Instantly, golden light filled the air, and an aromatic fragrance roamed. The refreshing scent overtook the entire area!


Overpowering spiritual energy rippled out and flooded the place with heavenly light.

It only calmed down after a long time.

Ling Xian’s eyes remained tightly shut and he remained unconscious. However, his face regained some color, and he no longer looked like he could die any second.

"My spiritual blood is something all cultivators go nuts over. Count your blessings."

The lady in white appeared a little pale. From this, it became apparent how damaging it was for her to force out a drop of spiritual blood.

This was normal. She was transformed from a spiritual medicine. One drop of blood equal the strength of the spiritual medicine. Though it was enough to make all powerhouses delirious, there just wasn’t much of it.

To have used one drop to help cure Ling Xian was the limit.

"Let’s go. Let me find you a place to heal your wounds."

The lady in white faintly beamed before lifting Ling Xian up and flying far away.

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