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Chapter 279: Leaders of the Pack
Shapeless forces as strong as an ocean and as heavy as a mountain rushed over and crushed down onto Ling Xian!

This was because he formed a protective barrier that wrapped tightly around Fang Yun and Lu Chao Xian.

Therefore, when the force hit the barrier, he became the only person to bear the pressure!

Immediately, Ling Xian’s face paled. He stabilized himself as he used his own energy to protest against the force.

Remember that the force was difficult to handle even for one person. Now that he was dealing with it on the behalf of three people, it was getting too much to bear even for Ling Xian.

However, he was strong enough. He stabilized himself and did not get pushed out by the pressure.

"Ling Xian, it’s you…" Lu Chao Xian’s face was paper white as he coughed up two mouthfuls of blood.

Ling Xian’s brows were tightly locked together, "Don’t speak. Take a rest. I will help you endure for a little while."

Hearing this, Lu Chao Xian did not waste another word. He sat down in a lotus pose and began to meditate.

After a short while, color finally returned to his face. He stared at Ling Xian and said, "Ling Xian, thank you for stepping out and helping me."

"No need to speak so politely." Ling Xian grinned. "We are acquaintances after all. Even though the word acquaintance doesn’t exactly describe our relationship."

"That’s true."

Lu Chao Xian felt a little awkward. Remembering the time when he was instantly knocked out by Ling Xian after he made the claim of wanting to kill Ling Xian, he felt a little ashamed. Especially now, after Ling Xian helped him out during his difficult time, he was feeling even more embarrassed.

"Let’s not waste too much time. Let’s get through what’s before us first." Ling Xian said softly and shifted his gaze to what was in front. What he saw was pure blackness.

There were no more steps.

Ling Xian had a realization, "I see. There are 3000 steps in total, representing the 3000 Taoism Paths."

"That’s right. I have been stagnant at this place for 15 minutes but I have been unable to step onto that final step." Lu Chao Xian bitterly smiled. Watching Ling Xian handling the force for all three of them made him feel like he had failed.

However, other than shock and a feeling of failure, he was also a little curious, "Ling Xian, you are obviously more capable than me. How come you only arrived at this point after such a long time?"

"It’s because I meditated for an hour before I started my climb."

Ling Xian’s simple answer caused Lu Chao Xian to be astounded.

Fang Yun, too, was also in awe. Even though he had personally witnessed Ling Xian’s powerfulness throughout this whole journey, he was still dragged into a state of speechlessness after hearing Ling Xian’s answer.

"You… I don’t even know what to say." Lu Chao Xian chuckled, finally realizing something.

No, more like finally discovering a philosophical truth.

Do not ever compare yourself to Ling Xian, or you’ll be utterly traumatized.

"There’s no need for such reactions. I am no real immortal." Ling Xian waved his hand. He didn’t think much about the shock Lu Chao Xian and Yun Fang was feeling. He also did not feel proud of it.

He was merely indifferent.

He had high standards for himself. Even though he was very powerful, powerful enough to look down on most Heaven’s Favorites, this was a big world, a world that was borderless and absolutely vast.

To be living in such a wide world meant there were a countless number of lives and it also meant that many, many shockingly gifted cultivators exist. Even if he was born with a talent that scares peop

le away, there will always be someone who was far more talented that he was.

Therefore, Ling Xian did not dare to reveal even the slightest sliver of self-satisfaction. Instead, he lived his life with an attitude of wanting to consistently work hard.

Until he becomes the undefeatable Emperor of Immortality, he does not believe he has the right to be arrogant.

"If anyone else has your achievements, their tails would be wagging up high in the sky. Only you can maintain your attitude to be so indifferent." Lu Chao Xian revealed a sad smile. He now finally accepts Ling Xian’s real abilities.

"Stop it now. It’s not the time for this."

Ling Xian’s frown deepened. Feeling the growing amount of stress, his expression was becoming more and more rigid.

Seeing this, Lu Chao Xian encouraged, "Ling Xian, you may be strong enough to pass the test. But right now, you are carrying the weight of three individuals. Why don’t you let me handle this myself."

He then attempted to leave Ling Xian’s protective barrier.

However, Ling Xian did not let him leave. Instead, he tightened the barrier, "You are wounded. If you leave now, only one result awaits. Let me do this."

"I… Alright." Lu Chao Xian chuckled wryly, aware that what Ling Xian said was true. He did not persist.

Ling Xian lightly nodded. Staring at the darkness before him, a sense of pride grew in him. He guffawed, "I sure want to see just how difficult the Palace’s test is. So what if I’m facing this for three people? You cannot defeat me!"

Then, he clasped his hands together and formed a seal. Concentrating all his energy, he fought against that overpowering force!


Ling Xian shouted loudly. His desire to fight was infectious!


One end was a magnificent source of spiritual energy, the other end was the threatening force that could take down three people. The two parties clashed in midair.

The wind instantly blew as the clouds dispersed. The sky changed colors!

In the next second, all the gravitational forces in this world disappeared!

Taking advantage of this split second, Ling Xian made his move. Dragging Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun in different hands, he stepped onto the three thousandth step.


A spinning feeling flooded into these three’s brains. What greeted them was a dark sky of stars. They closed their eyes.

When they reopened their eyes, they found themselves in a beautifully decoded grand hall.

At this moment, the hall was already filled with people. Based on their estimation, there were at least a few thousand.

Amongst the groups were handsome young men and beautiful young women. There were even more grey-haired elders who stood like immobile mountains.

Without a doubt, these were the cultivators who passed the test. In other words, they were the leaders of the pack.

To know that the activation of the Palace of Fortune has attracted far too many foundational cultivators. Roughly calculating, there were at least a few hundred thousands of them!
These people were randomly divided into groups of ten thousand people. These few thousands standing in this hall are all those who managed to step onto the final step of the stone path. Who else were they if not leaders?

Though to say there were thousands of people with leadership qualities, when given the context of the few hundred thousand cultivators who entered the test, it was not a high percentage.

There were a few hundred thousand cultivators!

Only a few thousand passed the test of the three thousand steps. How could this be considered a lot?

"How cruel. Even though I’m not too certain exactly how many people came, but before the Palace opened its doors, there was a sea of people. After the test, only so few remained." Ling Xian sighed. He wondered how many cultivators were disappointed in themselves after today.

"Hehe, why do you care so much. We got in didn’t we?" Yun Fang laughed, thinking what a right decision it was for him to give up his pride back there.

To be in a faction with Ling Xian sure has its advantages!

"Let’s not talk uselessly. Look at these people, they are checking us out with ill intentions." Lu Chao Xian suddenly spoke.


After hearing Lu Chao Xian’s observation, Ling Xian became alert and discovered that there really were many unfriendly gazes fixated on him.

To be more exact, these stares were only on himself, Lu Chao Xian, and Fang Yun.

"We are being treated like preys."

Ling Xian softly sighed. He scanned the entire hall coldly and spoke contemptuously.

"Are all of you looking to die?"

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