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"Are all of you looking to die?"

Ling Xian made a simple statement that was wildly contemptuous!

Scanning around the entire grand hall with a gaze that was filled with nothing but coldness, Ling Xian appeared to be emotionless. His petrifying spiritual energy was rising and falling like sky high tidal waves that soon flooded the entire space!

One person’s spiritual energy against an entire room of leaders!

Regardless of whether or not Ling Xian had the ability to repress these people, his heroic behaviors were not something normal people dare to compete with.

In an instant, everyone’s face changed colors. Personally feeling the terrifying ambiance from someone at the peak of the foundational level, the light in their eyes dimmed as their desire to fight Ling Xian diminished.

The reason why these people wanted to battle the three of them was because there was a rumor circulating the Palace of Fortune.

After everyone who passes the stone path test arrives, the second test will be initiated. No matter how many cultivators pass the first test, there will only be 2000 cultivators left standing after the second test.

This meant a messy war was about to begin.

The weak die; the strong survive!

When that happens, the Palace of Fortune will finally open its doors, and only the top 2000 leaders will be deemed to be qualified enough to search for great fortunes!

It was for this reason people calculatingly staring at Ling Xian’s group and manipulating their own Qi in preparation to attack.

Especially after noticing that Ling Xian’s clothes were unruly and that Lu Chao Xian’s complexion was pale, their desire to kill intensified. They believed Ling Xian and company were soft persimmons.

That was a reasonable assumption. Even though the forces from the stone path was very powerful, it was not exactly impossible to pass for foundational cultivators in the advanced stages. Therefore, when these people saw that Ling Xian’s group only arrived after more than two hours, they naturally thought of them as easy opponents they could knock out of the game right now.

How could they know that the reason why they arrived so late was because Ling Xian spent an hour meditating? If he didn’t, with his capabilities, he would’ve been one of the first ones to get there.

The reason why Ling Xian’s clothes were unruly and he appeared exhausted was because he was fighting on behalf of three people.

Three people's worth of stress, even for Ling Xian, was tiring.

If all the leaders here knew about that, nobody would dare to release their Qi before him.

"The peak of the foundational level!"

Right now, all of the leaders’ faces darkened a little. After getting a little taste of his spiritual energy, they retracted their killer instinct and stopped desiring for a battle against Ling Xian.

However, a few of them did not give up. They continued to stare at Ling Xian with ferocious looks.

"Hehe, you dare to try and repress the entire grand hall after turning up so late. How imposing."

"You’re provoking every single one of us."

"That’s right. You, by releasing your spiritual energy in such a manner, show us that you do not see highly of any of us."

"Every single person here is talented and is a leader. How could any of us take this provocation? I, personally, refuse to take this."

A few people who refused to let Ling Xian off the hook decided to share their thoughts. They spoke with hidden messages and tried to encourage others to do the same.

Some people hesitated, uncertain what the right thing to do was.

Seeing the hesitation, these people became excited and continued their encouragement.

"Everyone, think about it. This person is a foundational cultivator at the peak stage, which means he is a very powerful competitor. Why not kill him now while he is still weak from the first test?"

"Yeah, we should kill him now since he is still weak. That way, we all get rid of a powerful competitor. Isn’t that good for all of us?"

"Look at the state he is in everyone. Even though his Qi appeared to be pretty strong, I believe he is putting on a façade. If we all attack at the same time, I believe we can destroy him!"

"Yeah! Everyone, let’s all attack him at the same time!"

The few cultivator continued to tempt the spectators with their words.

It was true that to everyone here, Ling Xian will be a challenge. If they can get rid of him while he was weak, it would definitely be a good thing.

Therefore, when these people spoke their minds, many people wavered.

Immediately, all the gazes shifted to Ling Xian in an unfriendly manner.


Ling Xian coldly snickered as he glanced around. "The few of you are acting like mice. If you have the balls, then step out of the crowd and show your faces instead of hiding behind people and using your words to get them to do things for you."

"Hehe, shut up! I will not step out, what can you do to me?"

"Haha, everyone, stop hesitating, we need to get rid of him soon. Let’s move!"

"That right, he just passed the test and is at the weakest state. We need to seize this opportunity!"

"Exactly. This is a chance that is hard to come by. Think about it – a Heaven’s Favorite at the peak of the foundational level. Just how much fortune is he going to steal? After he enters Palace, there’ll be nothing left for us."

The few hidden cultivators continued to tempt others with their words in the hope of using everyone’s collective strength to get rid of Ling Xian.

Hearing this, many cultivators took a long look at Ling Xian. Seeing his messy clothes and paled face, they wavered.


Feeling a majority of the people’s killer instinct, Ling Xian’s eyes glazed over. "If you have guts, then stand out right now and battle me under the spotlight. What does it mean to be hidden in the dark?"

No answers.

Whether it was the spectators or the few cultivators who were hidden in the dark, neither party spoke.

At this turn of events, a sneer found Ling Xian’s lips. "Alright, since you don’t want to come out then I will personally drag you out."

As soon as the words were spoken, spiritual energy in the seventh level poured out of him and engulfed the entire hallway.

In his entire life, Ling Xian hated those who hid in the dark and stirred up drama. He was determined to locate those scumbags.

Then, he will slaughter them all!

Because those who spoke were hidden in the dark and their voices were coming from all over the place, it was very hard to pinpoint their exact location. However, this was no obstacle for Ling Xian.

When Ling Xian’s spiritual energy flooded out of him, he covered up the entire hallway and scanned every single person there. Then, he locked in five people.

These five young men, who were in the advanced stages of the foundational level, felt themselves being tested and searched by a powerful spiritual energy. Their faces turned grim.

Sadly, it was too late.

"Gutless mice, accept your death!"

In the blink of an eye, Ling Xian appeared before a man dressed in black. Looking right into the opponent’s frightened eyes, he punched!


His fist dashed across the sky carrying the strength of a godly force! It smashed the man’s body into bits and pieces!

Instant kill!

This shocked everyone. The other originators of this whole event were now sweating buckets and feeling chills down their spines.

"Four left."

Ling Xian snickered. Fastening his pace, he arrived before a man dressed in white. Again, he slammed!


No doubt, the result was the same as before.

The man dressed in white didn’t even have time to scream when Ling Xian’s fist broke his physical heart and made him collapse onto the ground.

His eyes were full of shock and regret.

The shock was from Ling Xian’s overpowering capabilities, regret was from having this stupid idea in the first place.

Sadly, it was too late to regret anything. Everything that happened after was caused by him and he has nobody else to blame.

If he stepped out and asked for a battle, Ling Xian would’ve simply taken him down to teach him a lesson. He could’ve saved his life. But since he chose to stay hidden and manipulate others with his words, why should Ling Xian spare his life?

"Three left."

Even after killing two people in such a short amount of time, Ling Xian remained composed. He coldly looked around and announced, "Do you want to step out yourselves or should I drag you out?"

Still, nobody answered.

Those who never angered Ling Xian obviously stood there without much fear.

The leftover three, however, were shaking from head to toe. Gazing upon Ling Xian, their fear has reached an extreme point.

However, they still chose not to stand out because they were betting their lives that Ling Xian did not successfully locate them.

They bet wrong.

"Good, very good. It seems like you have made up your mind." Ling Xian’s face remained frigid. "I have given you a chance. You are the ones who chose not to treasure them. On the road to hell, don’t blame me."

After he dropped those words, Ling Xian began his moves abruptly!


His horrifying spiritual energy engulfed the entire grand hall once again as he, in his black robe, arrived at the northeast corner.

There, stood a young man in blue.

Seeing that the demon was heading for him, the young man’s expression turned afraid. After witnessing the other two people’s gruesome deaths, he had no desire to fight Ling Xian and subconsciously made the decision to run away.

Before he could even summon a technique, Ling Xian arrived in front of him.

Edging closer, raising an arm, and releasing a punch, three simple moves were made in seconds!

Then, another corpse was stretched on the ground.

"Two left."

Ling Xian’s words, as if a curse spoken by the guardian of hell, made the other two young men’s faces change colors. No longer giving a damn about concealing their location, they screamed crazily.

"Demon, you are a demon! Don’t come, go away!"

"You killed three people with three punches. Oh my god what terrifying abilities! How did I encounter such a scary existence!"

The two of their faces were bleached white as they shivered from head to toe. As the cold killer instinct locked in on them, they couldn’t even summon the energy to form thoughts about running away, let alone exchange moves with Ling Xian.

"I have given you the chances but you didn’t treasure them. Who are you trying to blame?" Ling Xian walked towards them with a sluggish facial expression and slow steps. Every step he took, the air turned colder.


A man in black screamed, "You can’t kill me! You can’t kill me! If I’m dead, you will be buried with me!"

"I’ve heard that so many times. Yet here I am, alive and well." Ling Xian revealed an eerie smile. He then punched out!

Instantly, the grand hall shook as an infinite amount of spiritual energy exploded into the air!

This punch was so strong, both people’s meridians were crushed!

Five dead with four moves!

All five who hid in the dark and encouraged others to destroy Ling Xian have crumbled and fallen.

Then, Ling Xian turned around slowly and scanned the room calmly. He spoke a sentence that was nothing but pure killer’s instinct.

"Now, who dares to lay a finger on me?"

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