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Chapter 278: Two People's Worth of Stress
"Brother, blood brother, take me with you."

The surnamed Fang youth made a toady expression. He clasped his hands together as if pleading as he continued to speak.

After seeing how Ling Xian easily marched forward ten steps, he was now full of regret. He squeezed a smile and stared at Ling Xian with anticipation.

To pass the trial, to enter the Palace of Fortune, he no longer cared about his own face.

"Blood brother?"

Ling Xian laughed. "I have no plans to take you in as my junior brother. You are wasting your time and breath."

"Hehe, it’s okay. Even if you don’t see me as your junior brother, you are still my elder brother." Youth Fan chuckled humorlessly and continued to kiss Ling Xian’s butt, "Brother, from today on, you are my family."

"Stop. Stop right there. I have no brother as shameless as you." Ling Xian shook his head, "I know you want me to help you up the stairs. But must you behave in such a manner? Do you not care about your reputation about being a Heaven’s Favorite?"

"Hehe, to others this may be shameless, but you are my blood brother so what reputation am I ruining?" Youth Fang smiled excessively, completely giving up his image. He was fully aware that with his cultivation level, there would be no way for him to complete the test. Therefore, he had to beg Ling Xian to take him along.

After what happened just now, he believed that Ling Xian had the ability.

"Fine, I lose." Ling Xian shook his head helplessly, "Oh well, it must be fate that we met again. Since I beat you up so bad last time, I will help you as a way to compensate for last time."

Hearing this, Youth Fang revealed pure ecstasy on his face and gawked wide-eyed at Ling Xian.

"Come up."

Ling Xian rolled up his sleeves, and a terrifying amount of spiritual energy poured out and overpowered the force on the steps.

"You really are my blood brother."

Youth Fang hurriedly paced his way up the stairs and arrived beside Ling Xian, "Brother, thank you. Thank you so much. I won’t say much more. But if you ever need anything in the future at all, let me know. I would jump in front of a sword or swim in lava for you."

"There is no need." Ling Xian brandished his arm. He didn’t particularly enjoy hearing these kinds of empty promises. "Let’s go. I will help you go up."

Then, he waved around his sleeve again as another surge of spiritual energy rushed out, winning against the stone-paved path’s forces. Marching onward lightly, he continued to ascend the stairs.

Immediately, Fang Yun was no longer feeling the surrounding pressure. His eyes filled with shock.

Only now did he realize how giant of a distance was between himself and Ling Xian. It was the same distance between Heaven and Earth!

Remember, he was a Heaven’s Favorite with really good fundamental skills. However, when he was faced with the stone path, all he could do was endure without the strength to resist.

Before him, however, Ling Xian used his own Qi to overpower the opponent. This was not something regular cultivators could do.

"So strong… No wonder this person suppressed so many of us Heaven’s Favorites."

Fang Yun’s gawking eyes still remained astonished. Sighing to himself, he realized that shamelessly admitting Ling Xian as his brother was not a bad choice.

To have a senior brother who was dominating and multi-talented meant he could behave recklessly in the future as well.

As he thought about it, Fang Yun’s grin transformed into a blooming flower. Only when Ling Xian called his name, did he recollect himself and tag along.

Just like that, Ling Xian began to march forward, protecting Fang Yun with his

own bubble of energy. The way he moved was so casual, and with ease, it did not feel like he was being tested at all.

Ling Xian’s domineering abilities could be seen just from this one event.

When other cultivator’s every step was with difficulty, and they took this test as if their lives were at stake, he took Fang Yun with him and walked up the stairs leisurely. This meant he was enduring two people’s portion of resistance from the stairs!

This was not a simple equation that worked like one plus one equals two. The resistant force was more likely multiplying!

Despite it all, Ling Xian was still composed as if he was not feeling any form of force.

Just like that, another attraction was created on the stone path.

Ling Xian walks first, brandishing his arms around to disperse the resistance.

Fang Yun follows him closely with a fake smile. Every other step, he would praise Ling Xian and say something cringe-worthy. Such as, "Brother, you are too strong" or "Brother, are you the best foundational cultivator out there?".

One has to admit that this was difficult even for Fang Yun. To come up with compliments every other step meant that he had made more than 500 statements. His brain was almost dry from coming up with praises.

On the receiving end, Ling Xian was almost annoyed. If he weren't so focused on battling against the energy from the steps and had no time to deal with Fang Yun, he would’ve slapped him away.

After about 15 minutes, Ling Xian arrived at the two thousandth step. When he arrived here, he was feeling a little more stressed.

"Such weak forces dare to try and stop me? Disperse!"

Frowning ever so slightly, Ling Xian growled. He pushed the forces away before he continued to march forward in giant steps as if he never once paused.

This handsome shadow shocked the two dozen cultivators who were struggling on the two thousandth step.

"What the! Who is this? How could he be carrying someone up the stairs and still be so at ease?"

"Unbelievable! It is true that there is always someone better than you out there. When did such a strong Heaven’s Favorite appear on 36 islands?"

"I know that person. He is Fang Yun from the Fang Clan. The person leading him is someone nameless though. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him."

"How valiant. Here we are, dying from exhaustion yet there he is, pacing upwards like it is not a big deal. He is going to pass this test with flying colors. How insane!"

Everyone exclaimed Ling Xian’s powerfulness as they fought against the stone path’s gravitational push.

Sadly, Ling Xian was long gone and could no longer hear these people’s compliments. Even if he did hear, with his collectedness, he wouldn’t develop much smugness.

Right now, he was marching along with his white robe in the wind, climbing this seemingly endless road.

When Ling Xian came to the two thousand and eight hundredth step, he finally stopped his feet with a frown.

If he was alone right now, he naturally could continue his journey without an issue. But right now, he was carrying Fang Yun with him, which meant he was taking on the stress of two people.

Due to this, he had no choice but stop his steps and adjust his breathing.

Seeing that Ling Xian had stopped, Fang Yun apologetically beamed, "Brother, I am sorry. I am dragging you down."

"Stop saying things like this. Since I agreed to bring you, then I will make sure you pass." Ling Xian waved his hand. After taking a short break, he readied himself to start again.

This time, he was no longer walking as easily as he did before. Every step was with difficulty.

However, the test was still within what he could handle. Even though perspiration was beginning to appear on his forehead, he still could walk forward.

When he reached the two thousand and nine hundredth step, Ling Xian saw someone familiar.

Lu Chao Xian.

This person was now red-faced as he tried hard to keep his breathing under control. He leaned onto the hand railings as pea-sized sweat continuously dripped down his face.

It appears that he will not be able to hold on much longer.

After Ling Xian and Fang Yun stepped onto the two thousand and nine hundred ninety-ninth step, Lu Chao Xian finally could no longer endure. His body shook as he collapsed down.

Luckily, Ling Xian had fast eyes and fast arms. He quickly dragged Lu Chao Xian back onto the step and used his own body to block the force from the stone path.

Immediately, forces as strong as the ocean and as heavy as the mountain rushed over and crushed down onto Ling Xian.

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