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Chapter 267: The Conclusion
On the sandy beach, the majority of the Heaven’s Favorites have been too astounded by Ling Xian to ever feel the same about themselves.

Nobody answered Ling Xian; nobody stood out.

After experiencing two major blows, these Heaven’s Favorites have accepted reality.

All three rumors they heard were true.

Therefore, those who originally intended to battle Ling Xian in alchemy did not march forward.

Right now, all these Heaven’s Favorites could think about was escaping this place as fast as possible and never encountering this monster again.

It was a pitiful thought that they had another goal for the trip, so they cannot leave just yet.

"Good, it seems like you have learned."

Seeing their silence, Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction then brandished his hand. "If you no longer want to compete with me, then disappear from my sight."

As he spoke, he stopped paying attention to these people and turned the opposite direction.

He was stopped again this time.

"Master Ling, please wait a minute." Yan Ning Zhi’s lips quivered, her voice crisp like the chirps of a bird.

Ling Xian frowned out of impatience. "What more do you want?"

"Originally, we only had one intention. But during our journey, we were notified by our respective Clans and Houses to discuss the matter regarding the Palace of Fortune with the Supreme Headmaster of the Zi Yang House."

Yan Ning Zhi bitterly laughed as she noticed the annoyance and impatience in Ling Xian’s tone.

As the Yan Clan Leader’s daughter and the apprentice of Jiang Cheng Zi, her background was powerful, and her status was respectful. She was truly a nobility.

On top of that, her abilities with arrays were out of this world, the best of her generation. All those qualities combined with her alluring beauty made her the focal point everywhere she went.

Countless men thought of her as the Goddess in their hearts. Many even swore that they would not marry anyone else but her.

Yet now, someone was treating her existence as a burden. This made Yan Ning Zhi question if her charm had weakened. All the other guys wanted to raise her to the sky but why was this man annoyed by her?
Subconsciously, Yan Ning Zhi was now curious about Ling Xian.

"It seems like every single political force on the 36 islands wants a piece of this cake." Ling Xian softly sighed. "It is useless to discuss this with me. talk to the Supreme Headmaster."

Then, he said something to the sky.

"Supreme Headmaster, stop watching this drama from afar. Show yourself already."

As soon as his voice trailed off, the space quivered, and a silhouette appeared.

The leader of the pack was Zi Dong Lai himself. Behind him were the various Elders.

These people arrived when Ling Xian was fighting against the first Heaven’s Favorite. However, they did not show themselves but hid behind a concealment seal in order to enjoy a great battle between a dragon and a pack of lions.

"Haha, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide from you." Zi Dong Lai laughed boastfully. As he marched towards Ling Xian, shock still remained in his tiger-like eyes.

Many Elders did not even try to conceal their astonishment. If there weren’t a large group of outsiders, they would be drowning Ling Xian with praises again.

All because he shocked everyone yet again.

Even though Zi Dong Lai and them learned about Ling Xian’s terror a long time ago, it was his first time demonstrating his ability to form an array without seconds. Of course this astounded everyone.

At the same time, these people here grew confident.

Before long, Ling Xian will be able to restore the Array of the Purple Cloud!
"It’s not that I am good at sensing spiritual energy. It’s that you never truly wanted to hide. Or I wouldn’t have found you." Ling Xian was being modest.

"Haha, stop flattering me." Zi Dong Lai laughed out loud. Looking at the handsome young man, he exclaimed, "Ling Xian, how many more times are you planning to appall us before you are finished?"

Hearing this, Ling Xian smiled but did not speak.

How could he answer? With his personality, he does not want to flaunt. Sadly, things never go according to his plans and people are always at his door asking for trouble, forcing him to show off his abilities.

Zi Dong Lai knew that Ling Xian does not want to linger around this topic. He shifted his gaze to Yan Ning Zhi and grinned. "You are the daughter of the Yan Clan?"

"Yes. I am Yan Ning Zhi, it is an honor to meet the Supreme Headmaster." Yan Ning Zhi smiled brightly, simple but natural.
"You are not pushy, but also not too modest. It is no wonder you are the proud descendant of the Yan Clan. You are also born so beautiful and graceful. Truly extraordinary," Zi Dong Lai complimented.

A faint beam climbed up Yan Ning Zhi’s lips. "You have flattered me."

Under a normal circumstance, a foundational cultivator barely has any rights to speak with a completion leveled cultivator. It was also impossible to speak so calmly and smoothly.

However, Yan Ning Yan was different. Or, one could make the claim that all Heaven’s Favorites from a respectable Clan or House are extraordinary.

Every one of them was a favored descendant of a different political force. If things go smoothly, they would definitely grow up to be important characters.

On top of that, Yan Ning Zhi and them were representing their Clans. They naturally had the right to speak with Zi Dong Lai.

"Headmaster, the reason for our visit today was to discuss the Palace of Fortune with you." Yan Ning Zhi grinned. Her voice was soft, like the spring breeze.

"I heard what you have said. How about this. I bet you are tired from your journey, why don’t you come in and rest up? We can discuss this after," Zi Dong Lai suggested.

If this were before their internal meeting, they definitely would be kicking these people out the door right now. But since they agreed on giving up the Palace of Fortune, he cannot anger them.

After all, these people were powerful. Offending one or two of them is not a big deal, but to offend a group of them would give the House a headache.

Yan Ning Zhi smiled and asked the group behind her, "What do you say?"

"Everything is up to you."

They said in unison. It was apparent how highly they thought of this woman.

Hearing this, Yan Ning Zhi smiled to Zi Dong Lai. "Then we thank you for your hospitality."

"Miss Yan is being too polite," Zi Dong Lai said and extended his right arm, "Please, this way."

Seeing this, Yan Ning Zhi no longer behaved carefully. Walking onward, she crossed the golden door hanging in midair.

The others followed.

In the next second, they arrived inside the House of Zi Yang.

"Headmaster, I will bid my farewell then." Ling Xian smiled and walked away to the mountain peak where Yun Yan resided.
He was stopped yet again. The one who spoke was still Yan Ning Zhi.

"Master Ling, please wait."

Ling Xian frowned. Even his body was getting too lazy to respond to her, "What more do you want? I warn you, don’t think that just because you’re a woman, I won’t hit you."


After getting stifled by Ling Xian, Yan Ning Zhi was beyond angry but could not do anything. Suppressing her dissatisfaction, she said "I have nothing else really. I just wanted to ask you, can I go visit you sometime?"

She stared at Ling Xian’s back with anticipation as her cheeks flushed with color.

This was the first time she wanted to visit a man.

Faced with this Heaven’s Favorite’s request, Ling Xian continued walking and did not turn around.

Only one faint word rose into the air, making Yan Ning Zhi stomp her feet.


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