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"You Excellency, I… I admit my defeat."

Yan Ning Zhi’s statement silenced everyone.

Everyone there disclosed looks of astonishment as they questioned themselves if they’ve gone deaf.

How could someone like Yan Ning Zhi admit her defeat?

That… that is unbelievable!

"Sister Yan, did I hear you wrong or did you say the wrong thing? That is impossible!"

"Yeah, you are profound in ancient arrays, and you are the best out of us all. Many famous Masters aren’t even as good as you. How could you admit defeat?"

"Yeah, all he did was cast an ugly looking miniature Mingling Spirits Array, how can you not make the same one?"

"Yeah, this array is a joke. Any apprentice of arrays could do better than him!"

Everyone spoke their minds, unable to accept the result.


Yan Ning Zhi yelled and abruptly turned around to shoot everyone a death glare. "What do you know? What a bunch of blind mice. Though this array is nothing special, did you even pay attention to the process he used when he cast them?"


Everyone froze, not understanding why Yan Ning Zhi would be so enraged and not sure what she meant by the process of casting an array.

What process?

He brandished his arm, and an array was there, how could there be a process!

Feeling confused, they questioningly looked at Yan Ning Zhi.

It was normal for them not to know this. In this Alliance, Yan Ning Zhi was the only Heaven’s Favorites specializing in ancient arrays. This was because when the news spread that she had joined the alliance, others who specialized in arrays didn’t even bother showing up.

Therefore, people here, at most, have only heard about the realm Ling Xian was in, but have never seen it. Also, with their prejudiced mentality, they never believed Ling Xian would possess such insane ability.

"You idiots. Arrays take a long time to cast. Even the easiest array, the miniature Mingling Spirits array, takes at least half an hour. Ling Xian waved his hand, and the array was formed. Do you know what this represents?"

Staring at the mindless bunch, Yan Ning Zhi mercilessly scolded, "It represents that he is in a holy realm, the Instantaneous Formation realm. Do you know what that is? Only grandmasters could enter that realm!"

Her eyes shone with color the moment she mentioned the Instantaneous Formation realm. It was a realm she so badly wanted to be in but was too far away from.

"What? It’s the legendary Instantaneous Formation realm?"

"Oh my god, did I hear her wrong? I thought only true masters could possess such ability? Is he… is he already a grandmaster?"

"Unbelievable, I only saw a dash of white light and the array was there. He possesses such ability?!"

Everyone was astounded. They looked at Ling Xian the way they would look at a real immortal!

The Instantaneous Formation realm!

Such heaven-defying abilities were only possessed by those talented masters with decades of experience!

Therefore, they were now all seeing Ling Xian as a grandmaster as shock and disbelief overrode their faces.

A grandmaster at the tender age of 20?

This… this is the definition of heaven-defying!

Of course, this was their point of view.

Ling Xian did not achieve the grandmaster level. He simply entered the Instantaneous Formation realm early due to his natural talent and because of the array inheritance from the Immortal of Ancient Arrays.

However, with his talent, he will become a grandmaster sooner or later. And that day will most likely be soon.

"Your Excellency, I admit my defeat. I hope you have the kindness in you to not mind the way I offended you earlier." Yan Ning Zhi bitterly grinned. Remembering how she thought she could compare herself to Ling Xian, her face flushed in embarrassment.

Comparing herself to him? He was ten streets ahead of her!

The Instantaneous Formation realm was her dream!

Even her Master, Jiang Cheng Zi, the one nicknamed Father of Ancient Arrays, could only display it sometimes. How could he do it so casually the way Ling Xian did.

While she felt ashamed, she also admired and respected Ling Xian.

Without a doubt, Ling Xian’s action today had garnered himself a high position in this Heaven’s Favorite’s heart!

Not only did she admit to his powerfulness, all Heaven’s Favorites there admitted it now. They have now thoroughly realized Ling Xian’s terror and their own stupidity.

The so-called Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation was not only a giant joke, but it was also a dream that was harder to achieve than climbing up to Heaven!

"Aye, I thought I was excellent. Only after today did I realize I was a frog in a well."

"Yeah, I am too funny. I thought we could gain back some face with ancient arrays, but we asked for more humiliation."

"Yeah, we are laughable and stupid. How do we annihilate someone who achieved so much with Taoism and ancient arrays?"

"Annihilation? I don’t even dare to think about that anymore."

Everyone swallowed the pain they felt. Like a rooster who just lost a fight, they were crestfallen and dejected.

"At least you have some eyesight."

Ling Xian remained composed. Looking at the pretty lady before him, he said, "Since you admit your loss, then please leave."

"I…" Yan Ning Zhi’s face flashed with hesitation and stuttered.

"What is it?"

Ling Xian frowned then spoke, "I remember now, you wanted to annihilate me in a physical fight, arrays, and alchemy. Since the first two are done, alchemy is still left, right?"

He looked at everyone.

"Who dares to compete with me in alchemy? Stand out now!"

No answer.

A rather alluring woman appeared hesitant. She wanted to step out but very quickly, chased away that thought.

This woman was the strongest alchemist in the alliance. Originally, she was going to reveal herself to duel Ling Xian in alchemy. However, after seeing Ling Xian claim victory over every single person here, her intention of beating him faded.

Now that Yan Ning Zhi even lost, she cleanly stopped having hope that she might win against him.

Stand out? Stand out just to be slapped? What a joke.

The alliance all felt the same. Though they were being humiliated, they didn’t dare to speak anymore.

it was obvious that after battling with him physically and in arrays, these high-above-other Heaven’s Favorites have been beaten to the point of no return.

If they grant Ling Xian any more opportunity to disclose some other talent of his, then their weakened little hearts would not be able to handle the storm and would smash into pieces.

When they came, they were confident, happy, and certain that they could annihilate Ling Xian and use his head as a flag of victory.

But now, they were dirt-faced, sour-hearted, and did not even dare to think bad thoughts of Ling Xian. All they could think about was how to quickly get out of here and stop seeing this monster’s face.

Even a peek of his face made them feel terrified and powerless.

Remember, these were astonishingly strong Heaven’s Favorites. But towards Ling Xian, they felt dispirited.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how marvelous Ling Xian was.

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