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The Palace of Fortune is a place of mystery. Nobody knows who built it and nobody knows when it was built.

Ever since ancient times, this palace would randomly appear at some corner on the 36 islands. After a few days, it would then vanish without a trace.

Nobody knows where it would go and nobody would take all the treasures inside as their own.

According to ancient records, 36 powerhouses once formed a collusion in an attempt to keep it materialized. However, the result ended in blood.

After that, nobody tried to take advantage of the Palace.

All they could do was to silently and patiently wait for the activation of the Palace, pass the trial the Palace created, and snatch the fortunes from inside.

The Palace of Fortune is full of fortunes.

That was a statement agreed upon by the public. This means, once someone enters the Palace of Fortune, they can take the fortunes from inside.

As a result, when the news that the Zi Yang House was opening its door again, every cultivator on the 36 islands went insane.

An infinite amount of nomadic cultivators crossed the ocean to pay the Zi Yang House a visit.

As for the political forces on the 36 islands, they were even more agitated by the news. Everyone sent their favorite descendent or their Elder to discuss the matter with the Supreme Headmaster of the Zi Yang House.

There was only one goal.

To convince Zi Dong Lai that everyone should have permission to enter the Palace at will.

In an instant, the Zi Yang House fell into a stormy situation!


During the period of time when every political force’s representative converged in the Zi Yang House, Ling Xian’s life was not affected. He continued to live peacefully.

His cultivation journey was put on hold due to the bottleneck. Unless he acquires the Fruit of Mystery or lifts the Immortal Trap seal, he cannot advance.

Therefore, he solely focused on ancient arrays.

Every day, other than enlightening himself with Feng Qing Ming’s inheritance or help refine Yun Yan and Yun Meng’s training, days went by without troubles.

However, his peaceful life was interrupted after merely ten days.

When Zi Dong Lai finally reached an agreement with the different forces, he released a statement to the 36 islands.

It was composed of only one sentence: [The House of Zi Yang will not single-handedly take over the Palace of Fortune. When it activates, any cultivator can enter and try their luck.]

When the news circulated, the rock in every nomadic cultivator’s heart finally dropped. After all, these people were without a central governing body that could support them. If the Zi Yang House decided to take over it by itself, they would have no way of resisting, given their capability.

As for the various political forces, they were satisfied with this result.

Even though the temptation of the Palace of Fortune was gigantic, many cultivators wanted to take it over themselves. However, they were all aware that no political force could dominate the Palace.

If they did, then what awaits them was the attack of everyone else. And they would, without a doubt, diminish from the islands.

Therefore, the nomadic cultivators and the political forces from the islands were beyond excited and happy.

This relaxed atmosphere made everyone remember the existence of someone.

A heaven-defying monster-like of a man!

These political forces have learned that Ling Xian had defeated the Alliance by himself. What especially shocked them was the news that he reached the Instantaneous Formation realm!

Instantaneous Formation was not only an insane ability, but it also indicated the entrance to a holy realm.

The grandmaster realm!

Know that with every profession, it was extremely difficult to reach the grandmaster realm, especially for array masters. In the entire 36 islands, there were only two grandmasters. One was a mysterious figure who hasn’t shown his face for decades, the other was the prominent Jiang Cheng Zi.

But before their eyes, another one has appeared. This time, it was a youth who was younger than 20! How unbelievable was this? How could people not get tongue tied?

Then, Ling Xian’s peaceful days were over.

Every political force’s representatives who established camps in the House of Zi Yang while waiting for the activation of the Palace visited Ling Xian, exasperated him.

This was not the thing that gave him the worst headache. The worst was Yan Ning Zhi. This person, many guys’ goddess, seemed to have decided to rely on him.

Everyone else was easy to deal with as they would leave after he makes up an excuse. But Yan Ning Zhi was very keen. Every morning at the same time, she would arrive at the foot of Ling Xian’s mountain peak and request to see Ling Xian.

However, no matter how much he rejected, she would not leave. It’s been half a month already, and Ling Xian had become helpless.

This morning, Yan Ning Zhi came over again.

Right now, the Sun had risen, and soft golden lights shone down, creating a golden halo for the mountain peak.

Yan Ning Zhi wore all white, and her hair was jet black. Standing at the foot of the mountain peak, she waited for words from above.

Her skin was powder white, her brows were painting-like. Her alluring face was without emotion. There was no joy, no sorrow, and no impatience.

However, she felt very complex on the inside. There was anger, helplessness, and unwillingness.

Remember that Yan Ning Zhi was a true nobility’s daughter and the ideal lover of countless male cultivators. No matter where she went, she was followed by pursuers, just like how the moon is forever surrounded by stars. This shaped her into someone aloof.

But now, she was waiting for a man. And she had been waiting for more than ten days.

If this news were passed around, many people would go blind from shock!

"Aye… It’s been half an hour. He is still unwilling to see me?" Yan Ning Zhi softly sighed, and a flash of anger appeared on her face.

If it weren’t for the ancient array problem she was facing and wanted an answer for, she would never forego her pride and wait here for so long. Yet Ling Xian still hasn’t permitted her to enter his home. She felt very wronged.

She grew up listening to praises and bathing in respect. When has she ever been treated this way? It would be strange if she didn’t feel wronged.

"Aye, I will wait for another hour. If he still insists that he will not see me, then I will give up." Yan Ning Zhi gritted her teeth. Her face full of helplessness.

As she muttered to herself, Ling Xian, who was standing on top of the mountain peak, also felt helpless.

"Master, that woman is here again. She sure is persistent." Yun Meng stood beside Ling Xian and amiably grinned. Mocking, she said, "You sure have great charm."

"Go away."

Ling Xian stared her down and sighed. "I bet she is here to talk about ancient arrays."

"Hehe, it’s all because you are charming. I heard this girl was nicknamed the number one of arrays." Yun Meng giggled, "But now, this noble’s daughter is enduring hardships and waiting for hours. It seems like you have dominated her."

"What a load of cr*p." Ling Xian scolded, "Don’t ruin her reputation."

"Psh, if she’s scared of people talking about her, she wouldn’t be waiting here." Yun Meng pouted.

"This woman sure is persistent." Ling Xian softly sighed. Watching the tiny figure at the bottom of the mountain peak, he thought and considered for a while. "Oh well, let her ascend."

"Hehe, Master, aren’t you scared she’ll depend on you and never let you go?" Yun Meng giggled again with ill intentions.

"If you speak anymore, I will make you practice alchemy for a month straight." Ling Xian frowned. Regarding the troublemaker Yun Meng, he couldn’t do anything but try and scare her away.

It worked. Yun Meng’s expression changed into a pitiful one as she looked up to Ling Xian, "Master, I no longer dare to say useless things. Please do not make me practice alchemy."

"If you do not want to brew more Dans, then go down and tell her to come up." Ling Xian shook his head. He really no longer knows how to deal with this playful apprentice who never wants to train.

He could only go with the flow. As to how far she will be able to go on this treacherous cultivation path was all up to her now.

"Yes, I will go now." Yun Meng nodded aggressively like a chicken pecking on food. She then flew down the mountain.

Yun Yan and her have broken through to the foundational level, they could now fly.

Seeing this, Ling Xian sighed. He went back to his room and waited for Yan Ning Zhi’s arrival.

After a short while, Yun Meng led Yan Ning Zhi back to the room.

The moment she saw Ling Xian, Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes brightened. All those negative emotions she’s been feeling during the days of waiting dissolved into joy.

She, herself, didn’t even notice this change. But one person noticed.

Yun Yan did.

She was a sensitive woman, and it was easy for her to notice the change in Yan Ning Zhi’s emotion. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a desire for war.

"Yun Yan, Yun Meng, you two go down first," Ling Xian waved his hand, ordering them to leave.

Yun Meng glanced at Ling Xian with her infatuated gaze, then dragged the unwilling Yun Yan out of the room.

Only Ling Xian and Yan Ning Zhi remained in the room.

"It sure is difficult to see you."

Yan Ning Zhi looked at him in a blaming manner, her expression was complex.

"I told you a long time ago not to visit me. But you didn’t listen," Ling Xian shook his head, "Come and sit."

Then, he took out a few Petals of Enlightenment and brewed two cups of tea.

"Greeting me with the Tea of Enlightenment? You sure are generous," Yan Ning Zhi was shocked.

Remember, each Petal of Enlightenment is worth a million spiritual stones. Even if she was the pearl on her parents’ palm, she has only drunk it once. Therefore, she was very shocked and no longer knew what Ling Xian was thinking.

Yan Ning Zhi was getting more and more curious about Ling Xian. Other than suspicion, there was also a sense of thrill. What would be the background of someone who could casually take out seven to eight Petals of Enlightenment? To have greeted her with this tea, did it mean he cared about her?

"It’s nothing."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. The nonchalant way he behaved made Yan Ning Zhi even more curious as to where he came from.

If he didn’t even care about the Petal of Enlightenment, how sturdy of a backbone did he have?

"Tell me, what is it you wanted to discuss with me?" Ling Xian got to the point straight away, not wanting to waste too much time with her.

"I have a question about ancient arrays and my Master cannot give me a clear answer. Therefore, I wanted to ask you." Yan Ning Zhi’s blooming smile made the flowers appear pale and colorless.

"I knew it."

Ling Xian softly sighed, speechless.

He knew that was her intention and it was why he didn’t want to see her.

Because even though he achieved Instantaneous Formation, he was not a true grandmaster. He was new to the field, how could he answer Yan Ning Zhi’s question?

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