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"All of you, come at once."

Ling Xian words dropped like a bomb, arrogant and impactful!

Instantly, the Heaven’s Favorites froze. Then, anger rose to their heads.

"How gutsy! You dare to speak so arrogantly! You think you are ranked number one on the Hidden Dragon List?"

"Who do you think you are? Since my birth, nobody has talked to me in such a manner. You sure do not fear death!"

"Young fella, you have successfully angered us. I promise you a painful death!"

Half of those easily-influenced Heaven’s Favorites became furious. Named the best of their generations and the youngest powerhouses, who dared to talk to them in such a manner? Who saw them this lightly?

Come at once!

Such short statement revealed just how little he saw of them!

"What. Only you are allowed to underrate me, but I am not allowed to belittle you?" Ling Xian’s expression was frigid. His white robe danced in the wind. Staring at the Heaven’s Favorites before him, his anger climbed higher and higher.

These people didn’t see anything of him and behaved as if they could kill him any second. Even now, they remained presumptuous and insulting. Who wouldn’t be mad?

Ling Xian couldn’t stop himself.

He was infuriated. He wanted to unleash all his abilities and win against all of them!

"You son of a b*tch, you really are seeking death."

"Stop wasting your breath everyone. Watch me slaughter him single-handedly."

"Yeah, Brother Fang is very capable. If he attacks first, he will catch the prey right away!"

These Heaven’s Favorites discussed and picked out a handsome young man wearing blue.

This person’s face was delicate. His appearance stood out from the rest, but his face was full of contempt. Marching towards Ling Xian step by step, the horrifying atmosphere grew with each step.

"Fella, let me teach you a lesson today. In this world, there is an infinite number of people who are stronger than you. I am one of them." The youth in blue carried a cocky smile with him. His figure disappeared then suddenly reappeared on top of Ling Xian’s head. He smashed down!


The wind blew in all directions!

"Remember my name, I am…" The youth was getting more egotistic. He could already picture himself smashing Ling Xian’s skull open.

In the next second, however, his face changed colors, and he couldn’t even speak out his own name.

Because as his palm pressed down, Ling Xian lifted his head.

In that instant, the wind blew, and clouds converged. The Heaven and Earth changed colors!


Ling Xian’s expression was calm. Raising a fist, his movement was simple but dominating!


The youth man began to bleed. Like a meteorite, his body was flung backward and smashed into the ground. He stared at Ling Xian in disbelief.

Immediately, a needle drop could be heard.

Everyone turned to stare at Ling Xian. Most of the Heaven’s Favorites appeared surprised. Even those who have yet to speak out against Ling Xian was shaking a little.

One punch!

Just one punch sent a foundational Heaven’s Favorite flying! How capable was he!

Everyone’s mood took a drastic turn as they stared at Ling Xian with uncertainty. They no longer dared to see him lightly.

This young man’s ability was not weak. He was a talented cultivator heavily trained by a powerful family. However, he was not the best one out of the group - many could defeat him.

However, to finish him so cleanly was only achievable by a selective few!

Therefore, everyone decided to be more careful. The air became heavy.

"I told you to all come at once."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. Staring at the many Heaven’s Favorites, he said softly, "You just wouldn’t listen to me. You think you can defeat me one on one? I have to say, that was the best joke I have heard in years."

A joke?

Everyone frowned. A few hot-tempered Heaven’s Favorites tightened their fist, as they felt more humiliated than ever.

However, nobody spoke out, and nobody argued.

Everyone was still recovering from the shock brought on by that one punch.

If Ling Xian made his claim before he sent that youth flying, then this statement would receive an endless amount of taunting from these Heaven’s Favorites.

However, after witnessing his one punch. Nobody dared to snicker. Instead, they became more on guard.

"It seems like you believe me now."

Still, nobody spoke. Ling Xian grinned. "It’s better to attack me all at once. Nobody can defeat me alone."


Seven to eight Heaven’s Favorites felt angry but couldn’t find their words.

Actions set the truth.

From that one astonishing punch, one could see that nobody was Ling Xian’s opponent solo. Even within those 30 Heaven’s Favorites, only a few could tie with him.

Clap, clap, clap.

A woman in black around the age of 20 stepped out of the crowd.

This woman’s complexion was flawless, her beauty was soul-crushing and dream-like.

Looking at the handsome youth, she praised, "No victor is weak. You defeated the Demonic Fairy, you really are an extraordinary Heaven’s Favorite."

"You want to battle me?" Ling Xian raised an eyebrow, his grandeur threatening.

"No, I do not want to engage in a physical fight with you." The lady faintly beamed. "Let me introduce myself. I am Yan Ning Zhi, my Master is Jiang Cheng Zi."

"Normally, people don’t introduce their Masters when they introduce themselves." Ling Xian frowned and understood her intention. He chuckled. "You are showing off your Master? I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of that name."

"You’ve never heard of him?"

Yan Ning Zhi raised an eyebrow and anger flashed across her face. The reason why she spoke her Master’s name was not to gloat, but to scare Ling Xian off.

Because she thought, the moment she speaks of her Master, Ling Xian would know the area she wanted to challenge him in.

She really didn’t expect that Ling Xian to not know who Jiang Cheng Zi was.

He must have done it intentionally!

Gritting her teeth, she stared at Ling Xian with her beautiful eyes, almost spitting out fire.

Everyone was a little startled. They didn’t expect Ling Xian to say what he has said.

The ancient array master, Jiang Cheng Zi, was famous across the 36 islands. He enjoyed fame in every nook and cranny. Some people even called him the Father of Ancient Arrays!

Such a famous grandmaster, how could anyone not know of him?

"Don’t look at me like that," Ling Xian snickered, "Is it rare to not know who Jiang Cheng Zi is? Do I have to know who that is? How hysterical."


Yan Ning Zhi heard mockery in Ling Xian’s voice and was immediately angered. She was ready to attack.

"What about me? If you want, then make your move. Don’t think that I won’t hit you just because you are a woman." Ling Xian chuckled coldly. He had no positive feelings towards these people.

"Well, well, well."

Yan Ning Zhi gritted her teeth. Growing up, nobody spoke to her this way. This really made her mad.

However, as she stepped forward, a man blocked her path.

"Sister Yan, why don’t I teach this person a lesson first to avenge you!" The man in gold expressed his desire to kill Ling Xian.

"Okay, Long Zhan, I trust you," Yan Ning Zhi murmured before stepping back.

"Sister Yan, don’t’ worry. I won’t disappoint you."

Long Zhan’s expression was stern. He knew that Ling Xian wasn’t an easy opponent. However, as the strongest descendant of the Long family, he had enough confidence in him to think that he could repress Ling Xian!

"Good. Someone finally jumped out," Ling Xian tauntingly laughed, "But, are you sure you don’t need a supporter? You will get hurt."

"Less bullsh*t. Watch me defeat you in less than ten moves!"

Long Zhan growled and instantly reappeared before Ling Xian. He then slapped forward!

"Such easy tricks aren’t enough to battle me." The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Stepping one step forward, wind began to blow!


Without another exchange of words, both parties attacked. Their eyes met and sparked a battle fire!

"Long Zhan made his move! He is at the peak of the foundational level and the best of his family. He definitely can stop Ling Xian!"

"Yes, Long Zhan is very overpowering. He will defeat this arrogant fella!"

"Haha, Long Zhan, make him crawl within ten moves, and I’ll treat you to drinks!"

Everyone was getting more relaxed. That punch just now gave them too much pressure. Like a rock that weighed a ton, they found it hard to breathe.

Now that Long Zhan is making his moves, they could breathe again, as they were very confident in him.

Because Long Zhan was one of the best of the generation!


One was a never before seen genius who appeared out of nowhere. The other was a well-known Heaven’s Favorite. The rebuttal of the two was powerful, intriguing, and satisfying!

After a few short moments, the two have exchanged nine moves. Only one move left for Long Zhan to fulfill his promise!

"The Rise of the Dragon!"

Long Zhan howled, his black hair crazily tussled in the wind. Displaying the secret technique from his family, a gold dragon with five claws emerged. Wrapping around his arm, it emitted a giant wave of terrifying power!

"Ling Xian, watch me defeat you with this move!"

Shouting, Long Zhan extended his fist towards Ling Xian. The dragon howled!

It was the secret technique from the Long family. It was undeniably powerful and frightful!

"You aren’t good enough. Let me defeat you instead."

Ling Xian’s lips curved up. Facing the domineering dragon fist, he dialed up his Qi until it boiled!

Then, he too smashed forward with his fist as a simple counterattack!


Instantaneously, the space shook, and the ocean bubbled!

When these two fists came in contact, a giant air bubble was created and swallowed this entire area whole!

In the next moment, the wind calmed down, and the dust dispersed. A gold shadow lunged backwards onto the ground and began to puke out blood.

Long Zhan!

The battlefield was silenced.

A calm and arrogant statement rose and snapped everyone back to reality. All the Heaven’s Favorites tightened their fists subconsciously.

"Who’s next?"

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