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"Who’s next?"

Ling Xian glanced around the place with vigor.

After he sent Long Zhan flying, his majestic vigor became denser and denser. Like the befall of a celestial being, many Heaven’s Favorites became timid.

At this moment, the entire place was silenced.

Everyone subconsciously tightened their fists, feeling a strong wave of humiliation.

Who’s next?

Such simple two words exposed such a strong wave of contempt from Ling Xian and made the alliance realize just how little he thought of them.

How could they not feel humiliated?

Growing up, they have always been the best of their generation. In their entire lives, they’ve only contemned others, never the other way around.

No doubt, this phrase infuriated these Heaven’s Favorites.

With their puffy red faces, they began to curse.

"God damn you! I am going to kill you!"

"Screw you! You dare to see me so lightly. You think you are the number one Hidden Dragon?"

"Even if you are a beast, you have no right to disrespect us. Who do you think you are!"

Listening to the waves of insults, Ling Xian’s expression remained dark. He had no enmity with them, yet here they were, seeking trouble and behaving as if they could kill him any second.

Anyone would be enraged!

"Shut your mouths!"

Ling Xian cried out loud, shaking up even the Ninth Heaven. Glancing around, he snickered, "What a bunch of brainless morons. Using your background as your pillar, you think you have the right to bully others, but others can’t do the same to you? What kind of logic is this?"

"Fist is my logic! My fist is stronger than yours, you deserve to be humiliated!"

"Yes, that is the iron rule of Taoism!"

"That’s right. In our world, we only ever humiliate others, but nobody can degrade us!"

These Heaven’s Favorites shouted out with an arrogant expression on their faces. Their tone was so matter-of-fact, it was as if this was a law of nature.

It was true, in Taoism, fist is logic!

The weaker ones were always on the receiving end of humiliation.

But why?!

Just because one was higher than the others in terms of capability, one can kill anyone one wanted?!

Ling Xian disagrees!

Therefore, he wanted to break all the unfair rules of the community!

"Alright. So fist is logic? Then me degrading you all is only natural. It’s all because you are too weak." Ling Xian curled up his lips. Though he was smiling, he made everyone shudder.

"It is useless to talk more. Who dares to challenge me, bring it on!"

Ling Xian swept his sleeve around. A terrifying amount of Qi poured out of him and brought the entire battlefield into a state of stillness!

Everyone there boiled with rage. Who has ever called them weak in their lifetime?

But right here and now, Ling Xian had said it. He said it so nonchalantly and with such ease. How could these arrogant Heaven’s Favorites handle this?

"Come at me. You can choose to come one by one or come all at once. I will stand here regardless."

Ling Xian stood with his arms behind his back. His stance along with his white robe made him appear like a Master.

Against unreasonable people, his way of dealing was always to be even more ridiculous than they were!

He will contest their challenges gracefully and finish them all off and crush their confidence!

"Let me battle you!"

A voice pierced across the space and along walked out a youth in black.

He didn’t waste any time talking. Right away, he took out a long sword from his storage pouch and sliced towards Ling Xian’s throat.

Within one breath, the battle ended.

The blade of the sword snapped in two, and the sword soon disappeared!

His face drained of color as he noticed a bloody red sword against his neck. The murderous intent of the blade chilled his entire body.

The victor and loser had been decided!

"Was it wrong for me to insult you? With your ability, killing you only dirties my hand."

Ling Xian displayed another cocky smile. Retracting his Sword of Execution, he slammed the person’s chest with his palm and sent him flying.

Once again, the battlefield was silenced.

Instant knockout!

Yet another knockout!

Remember that these weren’t regular foundational cultivators, they were Heaven’s Favorites who have reached the foundational only after achieving the tenth level of Qi!

How unbelievable was it for them to be knocked out by Ling Xian with one move?

In awe, they began to realize Ling Xian’s horror a little. But the fury in their chests was the stronger emotion. A fury so strong they’ve never felt this way!

"God damn you! Die!"

An olive-skinned young man formed a hand seal, and the ground beneath his feet began to shake. A gigantic mountain was beginning to materialize right beneath Ling Xian’s feet!

Such terrifying demeanor was impossible to block!

However, towards this frightful technique, Ling Xian didn’t even take a peek. Raising a hand, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior howled and smashed the mountain into pieces!

Then, sweeping around his Halberd, he knocked out the olive-skinned young man.

Another Heaven’s Favorite defeated!

Together with the ones who were previously knocked out by him, four Heaven’s Favorites have lost under Ling Xian’s hands.

However, this was not the end of Ling Xian. He was determined to completely trash these Heaven’s Favorites’ arrogance, and he wanted them to shudder the next time they saw his face!

Similarly, the alliance did not stop there. In the beginning, they spoke of annihilating Ling Xian as if it was as easy as eating and drinking. But now, they have lost four members. How could they just bear this whole thing?

"Kill him!"

Another Heaven’s Favorite stood out. Before he could even summon a technique, he felt dizzy and was slammed into the ground. Passed out.

"Another one."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curved up as he began to sprinkle salt on these Heaven’s Favorites’ wounds, "If I’m counting correctly, this is the fifth one. You all dare to speak to me in such a manner with such weak abilities? Morons!"


Everyone tightened their fists in humiliation.

The fifth one!

The fifth slap in the face!

How unbelievably unimaginable was this whole thing to this group of people who have always stood on top of others!


Another Heaven’s Favorite made a move.

The result was indifferent. He was cleanly destroyed by Ling Xian.

Following him, more and more Heaven’s Favorites became infuriated, but the battlefield became less and less complex. As time went on, battles began to end in the blink of an eye.

Without exception, only one result awaited the Heaven’s Favorites.


Just like that, the air became heavier and heavier, and the place became more silent.

Nobody spoke anymore, and the only exchange of words was Ling Xian inviting the next contender and the sound of a body thumping onto the ground.


Another defeat!

Yet another defeat!

People have forgotten just how many Heaven’s Favorites have lost in Ling Xian’s hands. Everyone only realized that there were fewer and fewer people standing, but more and more people were lying on the ground.

As time went on, everyone’s hands formed fists as their bodies quivered. Staring at the monster-like silhouette, all there was in their eyes was fear.

Only now, did everyone here realize something.

The Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation was a joke.

An international joke!

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