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"Everyone, are you waiting for me?"

A ripe laughter ripped throughout the air, alerting many Heaven’s Favorites.

The space before them quivered and a gold door emerged in midair. An extraordinarily handsome young man in white walked out.

This person’s brows were like swords and eyes like stars. He appeared pressing and charming with an Immortal-like temperament.

It was Ling Xian.

Watching the ten something Heaven’s Favorites, his brows furrowed a little in surprise due to their imposing vigor. The stronger emotion in him, however, was curiosity. He made no enemies on Shi Ao Island, why did so many Heaven’s Favorites suddenly want to annihilate him?

How weird.

How would Ling Xian know that after the news about him circulated the 36 islands, everyone has learned of his name? It triggered a wave of praises from the older generation.

Simultaneously, it ignited rivalry from the younger generation.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to think that other than the number one and two Hidden Dragons, no Heaven’s Favorite could remain collected in the face of Ling Xian.

Ling Xian has simply done too much - enough to make these Heaven’s Favorites drown in denial of his existence.

It was only natural that these people formed an alliance and crossed the sea in order to annihilate Ling Xian.

"You are Ling Xian?" A good-looking young man wearing a gold robe suddenly spoke, his eyes fixated on Ling Xian.

Others too, were gaping at Ling Xian and evaluating this Heaven’s Favorite who acquired fame overnight.

"That’s right." Ling Xian nodded and questioned, "I wonder why you are looking for me? To annihilate me? I don’t remember having this many enemies."

"We have never crossed paths. But that doesn’t mean we can’t give you trouble," the young man in gold put on a cold snicker.

Ling Xian laughed. "But, there has to be a reason."

"Are you faking it, or do you really not know?" The young man in gold frowned.

"I really don’t know." Ling Xian shook his head.

"Interesting." The young man in gold smirked, "Ling Xian, who astonished the world does not know what he’s done to bring such chaos to the islands. Could it be that it wasn’t you in those rumors?"

"Haha, this young man’s brain is damaged. He doesn’t even know about the three shocking events."

"Interesting. He doesn’t even know that what he did has been passed around all 36 islands."

"I am almost positive that those things weren’t done by him. They were all rumors."

Everyone spoke tauntingly.

Hearing their laughter, Ling Xian frowned. After pondering for a moment, he understood.

Honestly speaking, he really didn’t know that what he’s done has circulated all 36 islands. He thought only everyone on Shi Ao Island knew but didn’t expect the news to travel to all islands.

"I get it now. You are here to fight me." Ling Xian smiled.

"No, you are wrong." The young man in gold shook his head, "We are here to annihilate you."

"Haha, nicely put. The goal of our arrival is to kill you!"

"Yeah, do you know the name of our alliance?"

"Hehe, let me tell you, we are called the Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation. The meaning of it is that we are here to destroy you!"

"That’s right. Aren’t you known to be a jack of all trades? Perfect. Our alliance comprises of many Heaven’s Favorites, alchemist geniuses, and ancient array beasts. We will repress you in all three areas!"

Many Heaven’s Favorites joined the taunting. Their smiles were arrogant, their tone was confident.

They were confident that they could suppress Ling Xian.

Hearing all the different unwelcoming voices, Ling Xian frowned. His heart was beginning to burn.

He has never met these Heaven’s Favorites in his entire life, and he has done nothing to offend them. Yet here they are, provoking him and even expressing their desire to annihilate him. If they were here for friendly battles, it would’ve been fine. But they went as far as forming an alliance. It was obvious they were here to cause trouble. Anyone would be annoyed at this.

Ling Xian was no exception. His gaze turned cold after glancing at everyone. "You are here to annihilate me right? Then come at me. I sure want to see what your reasons for your presumptuous behavior are."

"We are presumptuous because we have enough confidence in our abilities." The young man in gold laughed and marched forward. He was ready to be the first attacker.

However, before he could begin, a youth in black stopped him. "Let me go first."

"Why? I want to be the first one to tell him who’s boss!" The young man in gold raised an eyebrow. "Lu Chao Xian, you want to compete with me?"

"Lung Zhan, others may be scared of you, but I am not." The youth named Lu Chao Xian snickered and shifted his gaze to Ling Xian, "I will be the first to repress this person."

Ignoring the man in gold, he stepped towards Ling Xian.

After merely a few steps, seven to eight silhouettes blocked him.

"Go away. I will be the first to annihilate him!"

"With your skills? Let’s not. You are going to lose face for the alliance. Let me."

"F*ck off! I should be first!"

"Haha, you should all back off. Why kill a hen with a butcher knife designed to kill a bull? Me alone is enough."

Everyone fought and cursed, all wanting to be the first to defeat Ling Xian.

Their arrogant looking faces revealed how little they thought of Ling Xian. It was as if they thought of him as dead meat already.

Ling Xian’s face turned colder and colder as the flame in his heart boiled.

Ignoring the fact that they were here with the sole intention of causing trouble, they were now behaving as if they would easily repress him and were looking to be the first one to do so. How lowly did they think of him?

A soft persimmon that could be squeezed by just anyone?

"Shut your traps!"

A loud shout rumbled!

Immediately, many Heaven’s Favorites were alarmed and stared at Ling Xian.

"What a presumptuous group of people." Ling Xian’s expression was cold. Ever since he began his Taoism journey, when has he ever been treated so lightly? This made him feel incredulous. He was ready to make his move and kill all those in his way!

"Haha, we are presumptuous because we have the right to be. What can you do about it?"

"Yes, everyone here is a Heaven’s Favorite and has impressive battle records. Compared to us, who do you think you are?"

"That’s right. Just because those rumors of you shocked 36 islands, doesn’t mean you have our respect. Even if the news were true, you don’t have my admiration!"

"Haha, everyone, just ignore him. Let us continue our discussion about who should be the first to attack. I think anyone going first is fine. The result will be the same regardless. We can go in turn to hit him. Isn’t that a good plan?"

"True. No matter who goes first, we can easily slaughter him!"

Once again, these Heaven’s Favorites chimed in with their opinions.

Then, just as these people were about to pick someone, another enraged shout exploded!


Ling Xian’s rage had caused his hair to stand up on his head. Coldly glaring at every single person here, an arrogant statement was made.

"All of you, come at once."

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