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In the night sky floated thousands of Dans. They spun with spiritual energy and reeked of a mysterious smell.

Every single Dan had at least seven carvings on its surface, indicating the fact that all these Dans were highly ranked and were valuable Dans!

This scene shocked every spectator!

Everyone appeared lifeless as they stared at the thousands of Dans.

It wasn’t that they’ve never seen high ranked Dans before. It was that what was happening was beyond their wildest imagination.

Even though these people were all respected figures with high statuses, they never had the rights to possess thousands of medicinal Dans. Even Zi Dong Lai does not have enough wealth for it.

"Oh my god, have I gone blind? This…this is unbelievable!"

"There are at least a thousand of them, and they are all at least in the seventh rank. I can’t believe it!"

"Haha, Master Ling really is an alchemist. A seventh ranked Dan is very pricey, it is impossible that he bought all of this. The only explanation is that he personally brewed them!"

"That’s right! That is the only explanation! Someone who can make seventh, eighth and ninth ranked Dans is a genius alchemist who should be not questioned!"

Everyone exclaimed clamorously. Their heated gazes were mixed with respect, envy, and admiration.

The reality was before their eyes, there was no more room for doubts.

A seventh ranked spiritual Dan was basically priceless. Deducting the possibility that he bought it, there was only one explanation: Ling Xian brewed them!

In this very moment, everyone was getting more and more emotional. Staring at the thousands of Dans, their excitement could no longer be contained.

As for Master Sun, the second he saw those Dans, his brain went numb. No longer able to hear any voices around him, only one thought remained in his head.

[Dear lord!]

[How was I dumb enough to suspect an unprecedented genius!?]

With a chalky white face and hastened breathing, Master Sun’s body quivered as his eyes followed the moving Dans.

The reason why he stepped out to question Ling Xian was because, one, he was jealous, and two, he couldn’t believe it. Since Ling Xian gave him no answers to any of his accusations, he confirmed his negative thoughts regarding Ling Xian.

However, when Ling Xian swept his sleeve, and spiritual Dans filled the space, he finally realized just how stupid he has been. In his entire life, the best Dan he has ever brewed was of the fifth rank. Compared to Ling Xian, he was a crumb.

Or in other words, he wasn’t in a place to be compared with Ling Xian.

"If a monster of such caliber cannot make the perfect Dan, then nobody else in the world can achieve it." All blood had been drained from Master Sun’s face as he continued to gawk at the Dans. His mind was completely blank as if he was unconscious.

At this moment, other than regret, all he felt was bitterness.

"Master Sun, right? I wonder if this is enough proof?" Ling Xian’s expression was calm. These Dans were brewed by him during the three years he stayed in the Yun Clan. Originally, he simply wanted to practice alchemy, he did not think that these would become useful today.

Was this enough proof?

Master Sun’s entire body shook. He stayed silent. Though he was stupid, he wasn’t stupid enough to ask for death.

With what was happening before him, how dare he question Ling Xian anymore? Nobody dared to even suspect him.

Thousands of such high ranked medicinal Dans was deadly proof!

"It seems like you are now aware of how dumb you have been." Ling Xian shook his head after taking a glance at the shivering middle-aged man.

With his broad heart and his identity, he never felt a need to make a fuss about this. If this person weren't so pressing about this matter, Ling Xian would never have used this method to prove himself.

Feeling everyone’s stare on his, Ling Xian sighed silently. He knew that his house would soon be flooded with visitors.

This was something that was easily predictable. Ignoring the temptation of the perfect Foundational Dan, these thousands of Dans were enough to get everyone to visit him with gifts in hand.

These weren’t lowly ranked Dans that were found anywhere, these were expensive spiritual Dans. On top of that, Ling Xian’s alchemy skills were dominating. Who doesn’t want to be friends with someone who could easily brew a seventh ranked Dan?

"Haha, this person is a moron! Master Ling is a Heaven’s Favorite like no other. How is he someone you can try to trick?"

"Exactly. You dare to question Master Ling, then you try to take the perfect Foundational Dan. Do you even have any pride?"

"Such a shameless piece of trash! You don’t deserve the title ‘Master’. You dirtied my ears!"

Everyone began to insult him.

This time, Master Sun’s face turned even more white. He staggered backward with a fearful heart.

Now, he finally understood what a giant mistake he’s made. Ling Xian, who made it through the God’s Trial, was not someone he should’ve provoked.

In the entire Shi Ao Island, less than ten people had the right to aggravate Ling Xian!

This was also only based on cultivation. Counting those who mastered all alchemist, arrays, and cultivation, then in the entire Shi Ao Island, nobody would dare to say anything to Ling Xian. They would all treat him with a respectful smile!

After all, any political force needs ancient arrays and high quality Dans.


[How did I offend a beast like him?!]

Master Sun’s scrawny face began to cry out of regret. He pleaded, "Master Ling, I was wrong. I should not have questioned you. Please forgive me."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. "We’ll conclude this whole drama here. You need to be more self-aware."

Then, he recollected the thousands of Dans and flew towards another mountain peak.

Everyone was startled.

That’s it?

Master Ling was no longer planning to pursue this matter?

Everyone here was beyond shocked. In the cultivation community, those with capabilities kill those who offend them without blinking.

Even if there were no reason, in a world where there are no laws, random slaughtering happens everywhere and every second.

Even if there was absolutely no reason, the stronger party could kill the weaker one in any desirable way.

Speaking honestly, if anyone here was insulted the way Master Sun insulted Master Ling, nobody would forgive Master Sun. Therefore, everyone was astounded at how big-hearted Ling Xian was.

"Master Ling sure is generous."

"Yeah, not only did he spare Master Sun’s life, he moved on from this whole situation just like that. How forgiving of a nature does he possess? Normal people cannot do this."

"Right? If it were me, I would slap his cheeks off. Master Ling, on the other hand, let it go just like that. This makes me ashamed."

"You are only half correct. The reason why Master Ling did not pursue it any further was not only because he has a broad heart, it is also because he didn’t think anything of Master Sun. Even talking to Master Sun was a humiliation to him."

Everyone exclaimed Ling Xian’s generosity.

"He’s letting me go?" Master Sun was in awe. He didn’t believe that Ling Xian would just forget all this.

This made him feel rather perplexed. After a few seconds of happiness due to escaping death, he felt a wave of shame that made him want to crawl into a hole.

"Ling Xian did let you go, but I have no such plans," Zi Dong Lai suddenly spoke. Looking at Master Sun, his expression was cold.

To the House of Zi Yang, Ling Xian was a savior, and they were in debt to his kindness. Those who infuriate Ling Xian deserve punishment!

Though Zi Dong Lai knew that Ling Xian never saw anything of Master Sun, Ling Xian’s nonchalant ways didn’t mean he shouldn’t take any actions. He had to punish Master Sun to avenge Ling Xian.

This establishes his attitude on the whole situation.

"Supreme Headmaster, Master Ling said he forgives me." Master Sun’s eyes were full of horror.

"Yes, Ling Xian did say that," Zi Dong Lai revealed a taunting smile, "But, I never said I would forgive you. Based on your behavior today, you do not deserve to continue staying in my House."

Do not deserve to continue staying in the House of Zi Yang?

Master Sun froze and finally understood the meaning of this. He was being expelled from the House!

"Supreme Headmaster, please listen to my explanation!"

Master Sun lost his composure, he didn’t expect Zi Dong Lai to be so ruthless!

"What is there to explain? My House of Zi Yang has no room for someone so ignorant and crude as you!" Zi Dong Lai flapped his sleeve and a tornado was created that slammed into Master Sun.


Master Sun spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body uncontrollably staggered backward. The way he looked at Zi Dong Lai was full of mere grievance.

He grew up in the House of Zi Yang and has deep-rooted feelings for this place. At this moment, however, he was being shooed away. How cruel was this?

After all, if he lost the House of Zi Yang pillar, it meant he lost his ability to see others as lower than him. He will never be able to live freely.

How can he handle that?

"No! Supreme Headmaster, you cannot do this to me! I am a Seventh Realm Alchemist! How many Dans have I brewed for the House all these years? I am someone with merits and achievements! You can’t treat me this way!" Master Sun screamed emotionally. He was going insane.

"You dare to speak in such a manner?"

Zi Dong Lai growled. If Master Sun didn’t mention this, it would’ve been fine. But since he mentioned it, Zi Dong Lai’s anger flared up.

It was true that Master Sun brewed many Dans over the years, but that was the result of consuming a countless amount of spiritual herbs!

Spiritual herbs that could’ve been used to make five spiritual Dans only ended up brewing one. Where did the other portions go?

Master Sun claimed those herbs as his own of course!

Zi Dong Lai was enraged. His horrifying Qi dissipated throughout the place and once again, slammed into Master Sun.

Immediately, he puked out another mouthful of blood. His face turning even whiter, he quivered, "Headmaster… you… you knew?"

"Rubbish! Of course!"

Zi Dong Lai’s face was dark, "You think I am an idiot? I simply did not want to blow your cover! Not only do you steal from the House, but you also give me Dans that were not of acceptable quality. If it weren’t for your father, I would’ve punished you a long time ago!"

Hearing this, Master Sun’s body shook. Biting his tongue, he could not find another word.

Everything Zi Dong Lai was saying was true. He had no way of arguing.

"Hmmp! Less bullsh*t from you from now on. Since your father sacrificed his life for the House, I will spare your life. Get the f*ck out of my House!" Zi Dong Lai howled and flapped his sleeve.

Immediately, a giant door emerged in the space before everyone. Master Sun’s body was flung through the door, and within seconds, he could no longer be seen.

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