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Common sense refers to the deeply rooted ways of thinking.

When something happens, people will naturally react to it with common sense and logic.

Therefore, when something happens that doesn’t make much sense, people react with shock, astonishment, or disbelief.

What was happening before everyone’s eyes were something that was out of the ordinary and it challenged the societal way of thinking.

A young man who was younger than 20 has brewed a perfect Foundational Dan, a Dan that normally can’t even be brewed by First Realm Alchemists. This, without a doubt, was something hard to believe.

However, Ling Xian was not someone who should be measured by normal standards. To have achieved something so heaven-defying was not that abnormal for him.

Currently, everyone’s brows were tightly locked together as they stayed in silence.

Ling Xian, too, did not speak. He teasingly stared at Master Sun, wondering how can someone so idiotic exist in the world.

Master Sun thought Ling Xian was admitting to this accusation with his silence. He couldn’t help it but show his complacency. Pointing at Ling Xian, he taunted, "What a liar! Why don’t you tell us truthfully who was the grandmaster that brewed this perfect Foundational Dan?"

"Interesting. There are still such morons alive in this world." Ling Xian shook his head, feeling far too lazy to debate with this idiot.

Even if this Dan was not made by him personally, with his capability and status, why would any foundational cultivator in the intermediate phase question him? Was this man tired of living?

Could anyone be dumber?

"Think whatever you want. I am too lazy to waste more time with you." Ling Xian faintly smiled, not really angry.

With his broad heart, he would not waste his emotions on someone like this.

Results will always back up the truth.

The tenth ranked Foundational Dan was brewed by him. This was a fact that will never change. Ling Xian would never truly be angry over some moron’s suspicion.

Though he wasn’t planning on making a big deal out of this, Master Sun did not take the hint and continued his questioning.

Without an explanation from Ling Xian, Master Sun thought it was because Ling Xian had a guilty conscience, he teased, "Haha, you feel conflicted don’t you? I knew it. How could a young rabbit like you make a perfect Foundational Dan? You’re only a little rabbit whose fur isn’t even fully grown. You probably don’t even know what a medicinal herb is, do you?"

Immediately, everyone frowned as their gazes towards Master Sun turned cold.

Though these people here could not argue with what Master Sun was saying, it did not mean they didn’t believe in Ling Xian.

Ever since Ling Xian came to the House of Zi Yang, he has broken many set rules of Taoism. Everyone at the House knew about this.

As time went on, more and more people chose to believe Ling Xian and even worshipped him.

Therefore, when Master Sun insulted Ling Xian in such a manner, they felt angry.

Zi Dong Lai was no exception. He frowned and stared at Master Sun the way he would stare at a dead man.

Master Sun, on the other hand, did not even realize the scope of the situation. Getting more and more arrogant, he pointed at Ling Xian and continued to irritate, "You are a deceiver with a false reputation! Why don’t you confess, who was the grandmaster that made this perfect Foundational Dan?"

No answer.

Ling Xian still refused to speak. However, his eyes were beginning to surge with coldness.

With his broad heart, he originally had no plans to dispute with Master Sun. But he really did not think that this person would not let this matter go and continue to mock him. This was starting to make him annoyed.

Seeing that nobody here was answering, Master Sun was somehow encouraged by it. Greed flashed across his eyes as he said, "Perfect Foundational Dans are invaluable. A small person like you does not deserve them. Give them to me quickly!"

When those words were spoken, the entire space was silenced again.

Then, gazes upon gazes shifted to Master Sun, a third of them were cold, a third of them were full of pity, and the rest was purely ridicule.

Ridiculing his stupidity.

Just how stupid and shameless someone had to be to say something that appears righteous, but was, in fact, blunt stealing?

"You sure do not care about your own life."

Ling Xian’s expression was indifferent. He stepped one foot forward. "You want the perfect Foundational Dan?"

"What kind of person am I? Why would I want the perfect Foundational Dan? I simply think that such priceless treasures should not be managed by a small person like you." Master Sun’s face was full of contempt. Though he tried to act in the shoes of a saint, the greed in his eyes betrayed his act.

"But, these are mine. Why would I give them up?" A cold grin smeared across Ling Xian’s face.

"Pooh! What do you mean ‘yours’? You obviously stole them!" Master Sun spat, his face appeared very pleased as he was certain that Ling Xian stole this.

"Stole it?"

Ling Xian’s eyes turned frigid. Gawking at this person’s ugly face, flames burned in his chest. He could overlook an idiot’s call to question, but he cannot bear his own character being stepped on.

Originally, he had no plans to dispute with Master Sun. But now, he changed his mind.

You want proof?

Then, I will give you proof!

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up as he laughed, "Master Sun right? Why don’t you tell me, how I can prove myself?"

"Prove yourself?"

Master Sun was startled. He has gotten used to the silence that followed his statements. All of the sudden hearing that Ling Xian wanted to prove himself, he didn’t know how to react. But very quickly, his expression returned to being pleased. He thought that Ling Xian was asking for humiliation.

"Good. You want to prove it. That’s good." Master Sun laughed, "The best way to test an alchemist is through brewing. How about this, let us have a battle of the Dans. If you win, then it will prove your capability."

"Battle of the Dans?"

Ling Xian shook his head, "You think you are in a position to battle me? And winning against you would prove my capability? Who do you think you are? Winning against you would only put down my own value."

Ling Xian’s tone was not intentionally with contempt. He was simply describing reality.

To battle with Master Sun in alchemy was a humiliation.


Master Sun was both angered and shocked. He was just about to curse when his facial expression drastically changed. The swears he was about to spew was stuck in his throat, and he was at a loss.

Everyone else’s faces also changed color. Staring at the unbelievable scene before them, their hearts shook.

This was because what was happening before them was far too astonishing.

Medicinal Dans.

Medicinal Dans were all they could see.

Ninth Realmed, Eighth Realmed, Seventh Realmed and many other realmed Dans were floating in mid-air. Each one of them was shining with colors and diffusing medicinal fragrances.

There were at least thousands of them!

Of course, this was not the only reason why everyone was in a state of shock. The real reason was the carvings on each Dan.

Most of them were carved with eight lines, a small portion had nine lines. Even the worst of them had seven.

What did this prove?

This meant these medicinal Dans, at the worst, belonged to the seventh rank!

Thousands of seventh ranked Dans. Just thinking about it was enough to shock everyone.

Before their eyes, the real scenario was playing out. How could they not feel astounded?

If thousands of seventh ranked Dans flew out of Ling Xian’s storage pouch, this was enough to prove one thing.

All these Dans were personally brewed by him!

Is it really a fantasy for an alchemist, who brewed seventh, eighth, and ninth ranked Dans, to brew a perfect Dan?

The proof was before their eyes.

At this very moment, everyone’s hearts were flooding with excitement that could not be concealed!

At this very moment, Master Sun’s face turned white, and his pride turned to ashes!

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