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On top of the vast and endless ocean, floated 36 islands. On those islands, Heaven’s Favorites were born, and rare geniuses rose. Every single day, astonishing events occurred.

News circulated as to which Heaven’s Favorite defeated someone of the same level; who was close to becoming a foundational; or how a new record was being broken, etcetera, etcetera…

The conclusion was that there were many Heaven’s Favorites on the 36 Islands. Every single second, someone was accomplishing something of great shock and becoming the dinner table conversation starter.

However, when three consecutive news regarding Shi Ao Island was passed around, everyone on the 36 Islands fell into great shock.

If a Heaven’s Favorite defeated some rare genius, under a normal circumstance, it would become the talk of the town and resonate throughout the 36 islands.

However, at this moment, news about anything any Heaven’s Favorite did, received the same reaction as a small stone being thrown into the vast ocean. Not a single wave could be created.

This was because the three consecutive pieces of news were far too shocking. Any radiance from anyone was overshadowed by this monster.

The first piece of news was that someone defeated the third-ranked Hidden Dragon, the Demonic Fairy!

The first reaction from everyone when this news entered their ears was distrust.

How was this possible?

The Demonic Fairy was known to be undefeatable in her generation. Other than the top two Hidden Dragons, who would have such capabilities?

However, as more and more people discussed this matter, more and more people started to believe it.

Though hard to believe, everyone had to accept the truth. Everyone guessed that the mysterious young man who came out of nowhere was an inheritor raised by some hidden House or Clan.

However, when the second piece of news spread and his name was mentioned again, nobody could remain calm.

Utterly impossible!

For someone less than 20 years old, how could he repair the ancient array of the House of Zi Yang?!

Not everyone knew who Master Lin was, but everyone knew about the Array of the Purple Clouds!

The day when the war broke out between the islands and the continents, the Array of the Purple Clouds emitted giant waves of light that defended against hundreds of powerhouses. Out of all 36 islands, it was an array with a history and capabilities!

Naturally, when this news broke out, nobody would believe it.

If it were a respectable array master who restored the array, people would take it seriously, but if it were a less than 20-year-old young boy who achieved such feat, nobody would treat the news seriously.

Debates went on for a whole month, then the third news circulated the islands.

Along with the dispersion of the news, the entire 36 islands entered a state of chaos. The entire population, as if electrocuted from the shock, were numb and dizzy.

Even powerhouses like the Supreme Headmasters lost themselves in the news.

It was no longer whether or not they believed such news, it was whether or not it was possible for such person to exist!

A young man less than the age of 20 has brewed a perfect Foundational Dan and successfully survived a God’s Trial?

That… was simply not plausible!

There was no way such a human exists!

Everyone expressed their inability to fully trust the news, especially after they found out that the young alchemist was the same main character from the other two news. They were certain that these were all false rumors and that someone was simply trying to promote Ling Xian in order to make him famous.

It was a normal reaction from everyone.

How could someone younger than the age of 20 achieve glory in cultivation, arrays, and alchemy?

On top of that, what he did was not simply accomplishing, what he did could only be accurately described as heaven-defying!

Yes, heaven-defying!

Whether it was winning against the Demonic Fairy, restoring the Array of the Purple Clouds, or brewing the perfect Foundational Dan, everything has been heaven-defying!

Therefore, everyone indicated that they refused to believe in these news.

After this, everyone living on the islands began to taunt Ling Xian in every way they knew how including making up stuff about him out of thin air. However, outside of this group, stood a prominent original leveled elder.

This person, in order to enlighten himself, traveled the 36 islands and by coincidence was staying on Shi Ao Island.

Therefore, he was certain about the legitimacy of the three pieces of news.

When this person stood out and verified that the astonishing pieces of news were all true, everyone on the 36 islands began to accept the reality.

Though it was hard to believe, though many people still refused to believe, majority of the population began to accept.

Then, the entire 36 islands were rattled!

Because of the shocking, and then more shocking news, everyone lost their voice!

How overbearing did someone had to be in order to claim victory against the undefeatable Demonic Fairy and a God’s Trial?

How heaven-defying did someone had to be in order to restore the broken Arrays of the Purple Islands?

How much of a beast did someone have to be in order to brew a perfect Foundational Dan that nobody has been able to create in thousands of years?

No doubt, every single news was astounding enough to send a chill down everyone’s spine. Especially when the fact was confirmed that all three achievements were accomplished by the same man, the impact it had on everyone was unimaginable!

It was like an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, a catastrophe that threw the 36 islands into turmoil!

Ling Xian!

This name, for the first time, bewildered the 36 islands and became the center of all attention!

In a dominating and dazzling manner, the young man from the news became a Sun that never sets. He overshadowed all generations, including the most well-known powerhouses!

In an instant, Ling Xian’s glory engulfed all the islands!

More and more people found out his name. There was an older generation of cultivators who admired him, a younger generation who respected him, and there were those in the same generation as him who worshipped him!

But of course, the group that stood out the most was the group of Heaven’s Favorites who detested him.

Heaven’s Favorites... Which one of them wasn’t an arrogant character? Growing up, they were flooded with elders’ compliments and apprentices’ jealousy. They were taught to be confident, to see others as lower beings.

To believe they have the ability to suppress all opponent was a mindset they were taught to have.

If it were an elderly who achieved these three things, then these Heaven’s Favorites wouldn’t be withholding much negativity. However, when they found out Ling Xian was younger than 20 years old, these Heaven’s Favorites’ fighting spirits were ignited. They became curious regarding the type of person Ling Xian was, and they were determined to travel across the sea to challenge Ling Xian.

In the end, nobody knows who initiated an alliance that was highly encouraged and eventually participated in by a group of Heaven’s Favorites.

Within the alliance, there were Heaven’s Favorites who were known for their capabilities, there were also monsters of ancient arrays and apprentices of alchemy.

No matter where their specialty lies, without exception, they were all famous Heaven’s Favorites with talents that were considered insane and abnormal.

Then, these Heaven’s Favorites gathered with the same goal in mind. Hopping onto the ship that traveled to Shi Ao Island, they crossed the sea in hopes of finding and challenging Ling Xian.

During their journey, these Heaven’s Favorites discussed a potential name for their alliance. In the end, they agreed on a name that revealed their determination to claim victory.

The Alliance of Ling Xian’s Annihilation.

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