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The night was cold like water. The moon was high in the sky and was draping down silvery light.

On top of a hill that was mostly flattened by lightning, many cultivators of, or above the foundational level, stood. The atmosphere was as profound and majestic as the deep sea.

Everyone there was highly respected figures in the community. They were mostly Elders of the House of Zi Yang, who can startle a third of Shi Ao Island's population with the strut of their foot.

They were respected figures who enjoyed prestige no matter where they went.

At this moment, however, these highly admired big characters were making puppy faces and staring at the young man before them with the most modest smile they could muster.

One reason for this was because of Ling Xian’s dominating capabilities.

The other reason was that of the perfect Foundational Dan.

A Dan that could bring a cultivator to the Foundational Level without any consequences, who didn’t want one?

The possession of this Dan could help a cultivator walk further on the cultivation journey by flawlessly enabling the consumer to reach the foundational level. This concerned someone’s future!

Therefore, everyone was staring at it with both heated and pitiful gazes. They wanted to ask for one but could not bring themselves to it.

Even the leader of the pack, Zi Dong Lai, felt the same. He had a son and a daughter. Though his son already broke through to the foundational level, his daughter has yet to achieve so. He naturally wanted the perfect Foundational Dan.

However, he did not establish a deep friendship with Ling Xian. On top of that, the House of Zi Yang already owes Ling Xian plenty, it was not right to ask for more.

Feeling everyone’s warmth, Ling Xian laughed to himself. This was the invaluable Tenth Ranked Foundational Dan, why would he give it to people unrelated to him?

No matter how unselfish or well-off he was, he was not that generous. Plus he has already decided how he wanted to distribute these seven Dans.

Yun Yan and Yun Meng will each receive one. Ling Tian Xiang and Ling Hu from the City of Qing will each get one. Also, Su Zi, the girl madly infatuated with him, will receive one too.

As for the other two, he will keep one for himself and give one to Liao Cang Qiong.

Seven perfect Foundational Dans were so easily allocated by Ling Xian. If others learned of this, they would only stare into the sky helplessly and remain silent.

A perfect Foundational Dan was of great value, who would be charitable enough to just give it away? Every family would treasure this Dan like it was their life and would not even allow others to take a peek.

But Ling Xian was benevolent enough.

Or, to better describe his mindset, he did not care that much.

In others’ eyes, these may be priceless Foundational Dans, but to him, they weren’t much. Since he has created them once, he can brew them a second time. There is no need to be so concerned with them.

It was deep into the night. The full moon in the sky was embraced by drizzles of stars.

Under everyone’s hopeful stares, Ling Xian grinned. Then, he dusted his sleeve and collected the seven perfect Foundational Dans into his storage pouch.

Immediately, everyone’s faces flashed with disappointed. They knew then that Ling Xian was not planning on dividing up the Dans.

However, they did not give up just like that. Someone made a statement that soon triggered another tide of compliments.

"Master Ling really is the phoenix of the bunch, someone who is capable in all trades."

"Yeah, not only does he have the capability to survive a God’s Trial, he also possesses great ancient array skills. Then, even a Dan is brewed so exceptionally by him. He is just like the blinding Sun."

"Blinding? Not just that, he makes the world brighter and he overshadows all the lights emitted by other alchemists! Even a First Realm Alchemist pales in comparison."

"To have made a perfect Foundational Dan before the age of 20. Such heaven-defying abilities cannot be achieved by many in the entire world."

"I believe only Master Ling could break the stale ways the Taoism community has been."

Everyone continued to beam with the intention of flattering him in hopes of receiving something in return.

"You… again…" Ling Xian chuckled bitterly and gestured everyone to stop, "Stop praising me. You are all exaggerating."

"How are we exaggerating? We are not! Master Ling really is a monster who is good at everything!"

"Yes! Organic capabilities, amazing ancient array knowledge, and extraordinary alchemy skills combined into one. If this doesn’t describe what a monster you are, then no other words can."

"Yes, Master Ling, stop being humble. We really are not exaggerating."

Everyone complimented.

Ling Xian was drowning in praises.

He could only smile before everyone.

It was true, he could be considered a monster who is good at everything.

Extremely capable in Taoism, profound in ancient arrays, and unparalleled in alchemy skills. The owner of these three abilities would garner respect from thousands of people.

Ling Xian possessed all three abilities. If this doesn’t define what it means to be good at everything then what was?

Especially since he was only 19 years old and already possessed skills that people cannot achieve in their lifetime. How could he not astonish everyone?

Though everyone’s aim was to flatter Ling Xian, their actual statements were not exaggerated.

If Ling Xian was good for nothing, then no matter how thick-skinned these people were, they would not be creative enough to come up with those praises.

After this continued for another while, everyone here finally ran dry of compliments. Voices began to disappear.

"Phew… finally, it’s over."

Ling Xian exhaled deeply. Though he felt pleased listening to these sweet words, he was still embarrassed.

Plus, there was just too many compliments. Like tidal waves, they would not stop and kept on coming. Anyone would blush in this situation.

After he sighed, everyone’s eyes brightened. Then, he felt a bad premonition.

As expected, in the next second, another wave of compliments washed over him.

However, this time, nobody complimented Ling Xian’s powerfulness since people had no new vocabulary.

This time, everyone targeted Ling Xian’s mentality and temperament.

"A Heaven’s Favorite after all. Look at Master Ling’s extraordinary attitude. Look at his composure, calmness, and collectedness. Only people with high status could behave this way."

"Right? If this was anyone else, who achieved greatness in Taoism, arrays, and alchemy, they would perk up their tails until they’re sky high. But look at Master Ling, he is not arrogant but rather still very modest. Such mentality is rare."

"Yeah, if it was me who brewed the perfect Foundational Dan, I would be so overjoyed I don’t even know how I’d react. But Master Ling is so calm and collected. This makes me feel ashamed of myself."

Everyone reopened their mouths and threw out praises. It was as if this place was no longer the House of Zi Yang, but instead Ling Xian’s backyard.

Everyone was complimenting him and walking around him in an attempt to raise him to the sky.

Just then, in the midst of it all, an unharmonious voice rang.

"Were you really the one who brewed this Dan?"

In an instant, everyone was silenced.

Someone… dared to suspect Master Ling?

Everyone was in awe and searched for the voice.

A middle-aged man wearing a green robe slowly walked out of the crowd.

It was Master Sun.

This person here had a small heart and was easily envious. He has always believed that as a 40-year-old Seventh Realm Alchemist, he was already extraordinary.

But before him, someone younger than 20 years old has brewed a perfect Foundational Dan that was hard to achieve even by First Realm grandmasters. This was hard to accept.

Perhaps he would feel a little better if this was a grey-haired Elder who achieved this. Ling Xian was simply too young, young enough to make all alchemists hang their heads in shame.

Naturally, he was very jealous.

He was jealous that Ling Xian was younger than him, jealous that Ling Xian was more talented than him, jealous that Ling Xian created a perfect Foundational Dan!

In addition to that, everyone has been praising Ling Xian endlessly. This made Master Sun feel uncomfortable. The envy he felt turned into anger and made him stand out from the crowd.

He called Ling Xian to question.


Ling Xian slightly frowned and chuckled, "If I didn’t brew it, then did you?"

"Yeah, Master Sun, are you okay in the head? If this wasn’t created by Master Ling, then by who?"

"Master Ling is the only one living in this entire mountain peak. This is an obvious answer. Did water enter your head?"

"Yeah right? I believe Master Ling was the one who brewed this. Other than him, who has such ability?"

Everyone began their chatters and glared at the middle-aged man with despise.

Master Sun was somewhat well-known in the House of Zi Yang. Everyone knows of his envious nature. Without much thinking, they knew why he stood out to question Ling Xian.

"You… You!"

Master Sun’s face was in botches of purple and white. He wanted to argue but could not find any words.

He knew very clearly that more likely than not, this Dan was made by Ling Xian. It was just that his body was overpowered by his anger, therefore he stood out without thinking.

However, he cannot just step back into the crowd now. He continued to interrogate, "Hmmph, you all aren’t alchemists, you don’t understand how difficult it is to brew a perfect Dan. A little boy younger than 20 brewed one that even First Realm grandmasters can’t? How is that possible?"

His statement startled everyone.

There was some truth in his statement.

Normally, for someone younger than 20, even if he started practicing alchemy in his mother’s belly, it would be impossible for him to brew a perfect Foundational Dan.

A perfect Dan was a heaven-defying object that even First Realm Alchemists cannot brew!

However, should Ling Xian be judged by normal standards?

Has anyone ever seen someone who used merely five years to go from a mortal to the foundational level?

Has anyone ever seen someone who used merely two months to learn all the fundamentals of ancient arrays?

The answer is no, you can’t judge Ling Xian by normal standards.

The meaning of Ling Xian’s existence is to reinvent people’s perceptions and uproot all common sense.

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